A SECOND CHANCE For Felons And Furniture!

A SECOND CHANCE For Felons And Furniture!

I was in the streets dealing drugs. I did a couple of sentences. My first one was 3, no 18 months. I have been incarcerated quite a few times. Once you are incarcerated, and you have been convicted of a felon, it’s hard to find a job. The things that we have been through, we can change. That’s the whole point. We can change outside of the streets. The gunshot wounds, the stab wounds, the penitentiary. Outside of that, I stumbled upon Second Chance. The things that come back from deconstruction, I have the pleasure of actually overviewing it and seeing to it that they get placed properly, decent pricing, decent discounts and things of that nature. And we try to find it a happy home. Once it gets back to the warehouse, we of course have a receiving function, and then an inventory and a placement and a sale. So it has a life cycle that it goes through at the warehouse that achieves a lot of training opportunity for people along the way. It’s great to have people in the community who for environmental reasons, want to repurpose and save things from the landfill. The good thing about salvage is it’s unique. It’s old school. It’s fun. It’s things that people tend to just brush off until they actually get into the history of salvage and old antiques and vintage and retro and things like that. It has helped me tremendously. Financially, not being stressed or thinking things that I know I shouldn’t do but I might need to do because I have a wife, son, a baby on the way. So it has helped me stay out stay out of the streets. Now, sometimes it takes more than just one time in. It might take several. So you’ll hear stories of incarcerations that would take half a person’s lifetime, And that can take different periods of time for different people. The biggest stereotype is that because we have been convicted that we can’t be trustworthy or dependable workers which is not true. Second Chance gives you the opportunity to come in, build the skills, such as myself, management, receiving, warehouse work, forklift driving, I have all those certifications. So in the long run, this is just your stepping stone to get you out into this world and say, I’m here, Here are my credentials. I’ve been at Second Chance I’ve been taught a lot. This is where I’d like to go. For seven years now, I’ve been pretty much just a product of Second Chance And just talking to guys and letting them know that there is chance out there, outside of what we are going through in the streets. My father always told me you have to crawl before you walk. So I’m in my crawling stage. Hopefully I’ll be walking soon.

4 thoughts on “A SECOND CHANCE For Felons And Furniture!

  1. That's awesome. Obviously not everyone can get that kind of opportunity after getting a criminal record but anything is better than nothing.

  2. I love Second Chance…have bought many things there, and enjoy talking to the people who work there. It's a marvelous thing here in Baltimore…maybe as marvelous as ANYTHING else that tries to help people. Mark Foster is a man with great vision and dedication…he's been at this a very very long time.

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