A Small Kitchen Design Indian Style, in Bandra, Mumbai by Livspace

A Small Kitchen Design Indian Style, in Bandra, Mumbai by Livspace

Hi I’m Meenakshi Sabarad, an interior designer
working with Livspace.com as a Design Partner. This house belongs to client Benita Vaz who
stays in the US.She was very particular about her requirements and specifically the colour
yellow. She also mentioned that she wants the kitchen
in a vintage form and not a contemporary modern looking kitchen. Which is why we thought of introducing the
profile shutters, which have the grooves in them. But also to mention, this profile shutter
is only possible in membrane finish. How to recognize the membrane finish is that
the shutter and the finish completely travels till the end and you don’t see an edge banding
at all. When you open the cabinet the inside of the
cabinet is not frosty white which actually the internals of the kitchen is white, but
just to break the monotony and to add a design element, we thought of adding this hazel Cambridge
finish inside. Coming to the sink portion, which is a very
important area in the kitchen, this cabinet is specially designed, it’s supposed to be
put above the sink, which has a GTPT tray which means Glass Tray and Plate Tray. So after washing the utensils once you put
the utensils here the water can drip here, you can take out this tray, pour the water
here and put it back. So your kitchen remains dry, neat and clean. Drawer cabinets – the drawers have a soft-close
mechanism wherein if you push and leave, the drawers shut on their own. Near the gas, we have introduced a cutlery
tray. Another challenge that we faced was, she was
very fond of these Moroccan tiles. Keeping the size of the kitchen in mind (90
sq ft), and the colour combination being yellow and brown, we didn’t want to overpower
the tiles and the wall. Which is why we used a very tiny sized Moroccan
tiles which can also add as a design element, highlighting the wall and making the kitchen
look very interesting. Another element which we added here was since,
as you can see all the shutters are solid, we introduced glass shutters here which have
glass shelves for crockery storage. Coming to the handle part, since we already
know there are lot of design elements added, we thought of keeping the handles very minimalist
and sleek, which is why we’ve used this type of handle, which is just silver and sleek
and very graceful to see.

13 thoughts on “A Small Kitchen Design Indian Style, in Bandra, Mumbai by Livspace

  1. Talking abt the cabinet above the sink instead the lower section of the cabinet should hv been kept open so no botheration of emtying the tray everyday that would hv made sense.Big designer kitchens but no attention to small but vital details.This is very basic

  2. It is a good effort taken to design a parallel kitchen layout in a small space. The yellow shutters of the base cabinets are amazing and the membrane finish profile cabinet is giving a pretty look to the kitchen. The arrangement of the GTPT (Glass tray and Plate Tray) in the above sink cabinet is very useful to keep the wet utensils. The designs of the cutlery and basket are good. The glass doors to the upper cabinets are giving an innovative look. The design of the Moroccan dado tiles is giving an innovative look to the kitchen. The provision of the sink on the parallel counter top is useful and the soft open-close mechanism to the cabinet is offering more accessibility. I would like to ask you, did you provide any lighting effect to the upper cabinets? Also, why you didn’t installed a chimney in the kitchen? As, I feel it is an essential factor of the modular kitchen. If I am getting something wrong, please correct me. I will be waiting for your upcoming videos. I hope you will update my suggestions in your videos.

    Radhika K
    Thank you

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