A Tour of Mega Ship’s Engine Room

A Tour of Mega Ship’s Engine Room

This is the engine room (Workshop) This is the engine room (Engine Control Room) This is also the engine room (Shaft) Today ima show you around the ship’s Engine Room (Main Engine) As always we will need some safety gear most importantly earplugs because the Engine
room sounds like this There’s a few entrances; the most used one
is from Engine Control Room So lets start off from there
A good number of computer systems & control panels are linked to the Engine Control Room
so that the engineer can work their magic from here Through the fire door, we’re into the actual
engine space Let’s start off with main course, the main
engine The whole engine is massive, 4 deck high
It can produce 80,000 horse power, up to 25knots in flat seas
Forget about puny v12 Lamborghini engine, our ship is also v12
but the pistons rod alone are twice the size of a human
And you know what they say about large rods, that the cylinders are even bigger You might be wondering where’s all the crew? Well unlike the past or future
all cargo ships now days, except for passenger and military
are designed for minimum manning We are talking about twenty something people
here on a 400-meter ship. At the back is the fly wheel
All that POWER is transferred to the propellers through the shaft
And the big block is what we call a shaft generator
At a high enough RPM we won’t even need to use diesel generators at all to power the
entire ship Speaking of diesel generators, we ‘ve got
5 of them Theres numerous machinery systems in the engine
room As a deck officer, some of them I didn’t
even know it existed But I can definitely bring you to the few
important ones Remember my first vlog where I went into the
duct keel? As you can see the machines are placed in
a way with only economics and safety in mind There’s no decorations at all, no room for
luxury The systems are in their pure raw metal form
for simple execution And the engine workshop is no exception, it’s
big and its well-equipped With the workshop’s equipment we can cut,
we can weld, we can build anything we need while we’re at sea
Not to mention we already have spare parts for almost every machine on the ship
Now we’ve been to all parts of the engine room, except for one secret hidden passage
way Once the hero enter, there’s no turning
back The emergency escape is at the bottom deck
near the shaft and it provides another means of escape other
the entrances However! Its quite a climb Once you’ve made it to the very top you’ll come out onto the upper decks of the ship So that was a brief tour check out my Instagram as I travel around
world and you’ll see my live updates straight from the ship
Let me know down in the comments below if you got any questions
And as always see you next time.

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  1. A question for you jeffHK , do ships have EGR valves or DPF filters? if so would you do a videos showing me and ill pay you for your troubles , thanks jeff , good video as always

  2. My second favorite location on a ship, the engine room, after the bridge of course. Great production value again Jeff! You knock it out of the park every time. I'm going to have to save a couple of your videos for later and not binge on all of them at once. I'll check out your feed on Insta.

  3. Hay love what you have don, Im sharing the vids with my squad you sailors in Australia www.sailingschool.com.au www.blownaway.com.au

  4. Sir, may I ask, why is the engine room all green? It'd be cool if this would be included in the next video!

  5. I would love to give you a thumbs up, however, the way in which this video is stitched together/edited is extremely annoying, hard to follow, hard to understand….and it could have been so good!! Oh well..!!
    I think I'll subscribe and see what else you have to offer. Either way, appreciate the effort..!!

  6. I don't like this boats. Too loud for the submarine life, old 20th centuries tech, Ginormous amount of pollution.

    But the video is great.

  7. You mentioned that the crew was about 20 people. How does that break that down by job category and department?

  8. I am a bit afraid when I see a padlock above the emergency stairs.. just imagine a fire and it's closed 😨 …

  9. Hi! I'm in 8th grade and I am doing a project on ships like the one you are on. I need help getting info on weight distribution and how it is done. Do you think you could help me get info on that topic? Thank you!!

  10. JeffHK

    You are always doing things to maintain the ship when it isn't broken. How are these tasks kept track of? Is there a master schedule, or because someone thinks it's just time?

    I see you haven't posted a new video for a while. I hope you will when you can. Maybe because you're off, or nothing interesting, but I hope you'll keep it up. Thank you.

  11. I signed a contract with Saudi Aramco to work with them for two years after finishing the course .. I cant wait to visit this room ):

  12. What is the control system used on the ship to operate the equipments like motors generators boilers. Do u use scada or dcs

  13. Sir my engineer, interview is next week
    Can u please help me like
    what questions they can ask me about engine room?????

  14. Im an engineer, last thing if would do is let a cadet walk around and film next to machinery. I've been sailing 25 years, and unqualified people in an engine room, are more dangerous than you think. I'd never take advice from a 1 year cadet.

  15. So why double door the entrance to the engine room? I noticed the heat insulation in the "door room" which leads me to think that it is there either as an emergency contingency in case the engine blows or something and/or to keep the heat from the engine's normal operation out of the crew space. I also want to ask, what does the primary engine run off of (if it isn't diesel) and what the fuel consumption looks like for such a beast. I am more used to nuclear reactors that are super efficient and operate by themselves for decades without needing to be refueled

  16. great episode. first one ive seen. you got tallent, and humour, you're gonna go far. keep up the good work. thumbs up from me.

  17. I unloaded ships like yours at Port Manatee, Florida. It was a container ship called The Falmouth (real name). Those ships are not built for large people. I am a little guy so it never was a problem, but I have seen a big guy get stuck in a latter hole.

  18. Hey any one need jotun hample ppg sigma International ship paint just sms me.And i like u men i like you're all vdo…

  19. "This is the engine room, this is the engine room, this is the engine room"
    ;so what's not the engine room?

    -It's a engineroom tour after all lol.

  20. What is that thing that looks like a lock with a wingnut dangling from it (@4:56) attached to the escape trunk hatch? Wouldn't it be dangerous to be able to lock that hatch from the outside? Thanks for sharing and for the awesome videos!

  21. Very informative! I am interviewing for ACOE tomorrow and I wanted to see what the engine room looked like. Your a comical guy! Good video, loved the hand puppet looking out of the hatch….

  22. What the cargo holds look like empty? Are there any accessible decks below the engine if so what? I like the video and exploration of the ship I was stationed aboard a US aircraft carrier but it has higher security clearance to access sensitive levels so I didn’t see everything I wanted to.

  23. Nice video but ruined for me by the background "music." Yeah, I could turn down the volume, but then would lose the voice.

  24. Do these megaships just refuel at offshore drilling sites? Joking aside…where do they refuel? Ports? And how's it done…I imagine there isn't a little door you open and plug in a fuel pump lol…

  25. I was tired of watching aviation videos….finally a video where i can see inside a ship cabin…thanks for uploading such cool video

    And those who liked my comment please subscribe my channel i will be thank full

  26. I admir your effort as a marine engineer the greater responsibility and handle lots of stuff i can feel it a mechanical engineer. 😍

  27. When I saw the engine Scene in titanic the bolts holding the piston.s in are massive probably a human could stand in side of the bolt if it was on the floor and not attached. how come mr Andrews and the people making it could screw that on

  28. I work inland on river barges, could you make a video explaining the differences? We're gone for 30 days at a time while you may be gone for months, kinda makes ya think

  29. how long until shipping is fully electric and the bottom of the hull is lined with batteries .. imagine how clean and quiet ships would be

  30. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life John 3:16

  31. Man, I love you already, you're freakin awesome! Top-notch, decent quality content, funny AND cute omg lol. I search YT for 'engine room white noise' to go to sleep to and I sleep like a baby as it drowns out all/any background noises, it's the cosiest sound and I'm gone into dreamland.

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