A Very Robeson Christmas 2018 | Christmas Tree Decorations

A Very Robeson Christmas 2018 | Christmas Tree Decorations

hi I'm Rebecca Robson welcome to another Christmas edition of ropes and design this year I am showing you different tree styles now with over a hundred Christmas decorating videos on YouTube over the past 10 years that I've been on YouTube I've done just about every kind of Christmas tree you can think of so now I have something that I've never done before complete and total surprise completely different I'm gonna take you very glammy into the world of a Cinderella Christmas tree I bought this tree last year at the after christmas sales at HomeGoods and when i saw it i was like oh my god I've never seen anything like that I thought it was so cool so I sent a picture to some of the staff and they said no don't buy it don't buy it well I bought it this tree came with a red glittered body I wanted to change it up because I just loved gold and white once the spray paint dried Matt then sprayed adhesive glue on the body and sprinkled gold glitter all over her I don't think it was Matt's favorite thing to do so the first thing we're gonna do is what we do in every tree and that is fluff it fortunate enough to have a helper helping me with all of my Christmas trees this year not only here on YouTube but on the design sessions where we did three more trees and Matt that's Matt he's the guy I literally touch every single twig and you just make sure it's straight for one thing look at this one's super bent so I straighten it out I kind of think this is one of those things that people just don't know to do so you better know by now if you've been watching my videos now you should put us on a time-lapse are you ever going to live with an unflushed tree again yeah there you go I think he means that or you think he's just saying that cuz he's getting paid to be here my plan I'm gonna redo her necklace this was nice when she was red but she's not red anymore what I was thinking I would do is I would ombre her skirt here we go time to get busy I'm going to basically place this just the opposite so do you see what I did there's one here one here and then one here so where this green thing is that sort of tells me where my next one goes now I'm gonna move to another type of Garland and then I will still run some of these in so it's not such as a sharp contrast between the different kinds of picks that I'm using because her dress is up off the floor I want to make it look really full and long so I'm going to bring in partially covered garland I'm gonna lay it around the bottom and see if that kind of gives you the illusion the dress goes all the way to the floor like a real ball gown aren't these gorgeous okay so this is a fifth type of pick okay she's pretty isn't she I'm gonna add her sash her belt around her waist at this beautiful white velvet and gold ribbon thank you I need that awesome did you change your clothes yes I'm gonna make one of my custom-made bows where I take it here to the center and I scrunch it up you know we have a ton of Christmas videos here on YouTube been on YouTube 10 years 10 years of Christmas decorating that's a lot of glitter on my bow I'm gonna make one side longer than the other that always looks really pretty this is gonna go here oh my gosh because that is pretty out there as it is from here the guys tell me that I use the phrase just saying just just saying just saying oh there I go just saying I hope there it is so I was at my hairdressers yesterday and I was asking the girls for modern slang I need to learn some new phrases so here they are dead bet the word bet have you heard the word bet now it's time to put on our ornaments and baubles you really let them hang I like these I think these are pretty they're so wig that's funny my life is over that's another wise we had everybody in this salon coming up with Oh extra extra I'm like we've already got extra you're so extra I won't make fun of you for a bathroom that's what it is just sand how about that fellow pretty it's so fetch like time so these are the starry lights and they are fabulous and I'm just gonna take them and sort of run them down the dress like the bird it's a nice touch yeah I'd like to hang some birds from the ceiling kind of flittering around dressing her wait actually no go back down I'm taking these little tails and I'm making curly Q's and I added a clear bow up here by twisting it it kind of gives it a perfect little like he's actually got it in his beak so this is what I intended to put on her neck to finish her up the belle of the ball is ready and this has been super fun c'mere Matt I want to say thank you first off you took her from red gold yes and you even hung my birds which are now coming down with the ribbons kind of Cinderella ish don't you think yeah would you take a girl out who had this outfit on what do you think is this fun for a completely different look for Christmas she is pretty stunning is she not it's fierce it's it beat it's it's wig this tree is lit so if you know of any terms that I can use to add to my slang it would be very helpful and I'd love to know remember we have three more trees on the design sessions so go to my website that's where the design sessions are they are not on YouTube okay there's a link in the description box below and be sure to watch more of our Christmas videos we have a hundred and eight plus the ones we're doing this year so I think we got it going on for Christmas and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas to guys next time

32 thoughts on “A Very Robeson Christmas 2018 | Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. It's April and I'm watching Christmas tree decorating videos, haha. I love how creative this is!!!

  2. The dismembered torso topper is an interesting idea, but the sort of curiosity that belongs in a shop window, not living in your home.

  3. Hi Rebecca, I LOVE this!! Question, how would I go about placing a mannequin and tree together to achieve this look? Another slang… say "yassssssss!" 😉

  4. Rebecca Robeson You are an incredible person whom I follow. I loved the arrangements.
    I am severly sick recently as well as at bed for 1 month. In this 1 month evdry day I use to pass my time by following each and every design ideas of yours and watched all design videos of yours. I am a super fan of your personality and your work. Moreover , beside my job I use to follow your design ideas and apply those at my home…hahah my experiments of everyday on my home design…

  5. Beautiful as usual but those sandals!?
    Your feet look like a hobbit form Lord of the rings, not very flattering!

  6. Absolutely STUNNING, MAGNIFICENT, MAGICAL!!! LOVE EVERY BIT OF IT!!! Healthy, blessed Christmas & New Year!!!

  7. One of the most used slang words is "LIT" You designs and videos are alwayyyys LIT!! You are inspiring and Amazing!!!

  8. GORGEOUS!!!! I had to laugh when you started with the slang lol here's a few: Lit, dope, on point, slayed/slain, fire, golden. But in all truth your skills are too beautiful to even put a name or a slang word on it! THEY'RE SIMPLY BREATHTAKING…

  9. This design is so brilliant, I love how full you made the skirt. The birds are the perfect touch too 😘

  10. Beautiful girl TREE ! New one is SCUM GANG ! It means society can’t understand me . Perfect for you cause there are actually people who don’t understand Christmas Aholics

  11. Rebecca, I LOVE ALL YOUR WORK! The Cinderella tree is great & so beautiful. For my Cinderella tree, I would add more GOLD in the tree dress. Otherwise, yours is FABULOUS! 🙂

  12. Rebecca, your are the only I watched to get inspire for Christmas decorations and I love your gorgeous designs. Having watched you for many years now, I am going so say this tree is my favorite, one of kind, a statement to the value of women this 2018 year with endless possibilities. Congratulations for being super trendy, crafty, and funny!

  13. This tree is absolutely gorgeous and makes my heart sing! Love the addition of the birds dressing her. She's dressed for a Christmas ball!

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