[ADAview] Cradle of Life – W120cm Aquarium Layout-

I created this aquascape after being inspired by a composition material,
driftwood. I imagined how Rasbora kalochroma swim
when looking at the cool image of the old and decayed driftwood and decided on the composition by connecting images of
Southeast Asia to Lagenandra. ――Fallen trees and driftwood decay over time and eventually become earth. The theme for this aquascape is a contrast
between an aspect of driftwood covered by moss and gradually decayed, and the complete opposite of it, the glow of new lives. Please watch the production process. Staff: Is this assembly temporary? Right, but it would be just like this anyway. Done. Staff: So fast! It’s like a macro perspective. Because I want to plant as though the plants were growing at my feet,
I think I would go with Cryptocoryne and Lagenandra. Staff: It seems that the amount of materials has become really minimal.
How did you decide on the composition? Let’s keep the composition simple and make it with aquatic plants. Staff: Should we prepare Eleocharis acicularis first? Right, Eleocharis acicularis first. Let’s use 10 cups of those (BIO Mizukusa No Mori)
then Echinodorus tenellus… Staff: 10? Yes, prepare 10 please. Staff: Got you. And the next should be Lagenandra meboldii ‘Red’. Staff: Red? Are they turning red? It will be more like brown than Lagenandra meboldii ‘Green’. Staff: Do you mean if it’s only Eleocharis parvula,
it will be too short? That’s right. You won’t be able to see them. I’m going to create a natural feeling by planting the Eleocharis acicularis
between the Lagenandra. Do you have reddish colored Hygrophila? Staff: The red ones are slightly less than this. You are right. Can you bring it? I’ll try anyway. This and that… Staff: What was another kind? That was Polygonum sp. I wish we had some Ceratopteris thalictroides. (Looking at Polygonum sp.) It looks good. I think it’s just right. Where did the Pro Pinsettes Grip go? I’ll plant this, OK? Staff: That’s Hygrophila.

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