Adult Designs A Malibu Barbie Dream House In The Sims 4 | Part 1

Adult Designs A Malibu Barbie Dream House In The Sims 4 | Part 1

hey everybody I’m Kelsey I’m single and we’re not doing that show today today I’m starting a brand new challenge in the Sims you might not know this about me but I am a huge Barbie fan I’ve always loved playing dolls and I love the color pink but essentially I’m making up my own Barbie challenge also I thought it would be really fun to utilize the brand-new Island living pack this is greatly inspired by my friend and fellow simmer and Allegra si de liquor Steve made so many different Barbie houses and made her own Barbie stuff so this is pretty much heavily influenced by that because I’m the big Barbie fan and I’m a big deal a cursive fan so I want to play Barbies in my own world that’s a little bit different we’re starting out with just the sisters will introduce Barbie’s friends and love interests as the Laker ghost my goal is to have the Barbie have completed as many careers as possible and also hold up as many skills as possible let’s get to it so I downloaded to my lot the Salani waterfront mansion it is literally stunning it is by Kate emerald but it doesn’t scream Barbie yet because it’s not exactly perfect for my let’s play and it’s also not pink we’re gonna adjust the house first this is Barbie’s dream Beach home it’s freakin cute as heck who we just appreciate just how pretty this build is on its own before I go and ruin it with my pink sunny aspect beautiful scenery make this place uplifting oh that’s super cute I love that so let’s definitely do that master the domestic arts Oh perfect okay I love that there’s too many options here but I do really like homey and I think I really like natural light so I think we’re gonna stick with that also know this is in no way connected to Mattel and also just one fan to a bunch of other fans let’s maybe go with the walls first Oh I think I want it like a light pink on the outside okay so we’re gonna do the top floor first yeah squeaky don’t Philly the sliding doors will have a white color oh do they maybe I’ll end up liking the like little touches of neutral tones but like not everywhere we want a good mix of Beach and Barb there’s so many windows gotta catch them all there will probably be a couple I’ll miss and it will make people sad also shout out to our friend that actually built this well you’re incredible whoo I like it or do I not like it it looks good with the the rest of it but okay I don’t know if this matches there’s a pink one is it weird that I like it like it’s kind of cute in a weird one yeah Pinkster I am really liking this we’re making all these little sito’s white yes okay so we did it so now we’re gonna go to the first floor and make sure that everything that meets our Barbie hopes and dreams okay so we’re just gonna filter a pink cuz that’s all we want in this home pink cool I almost want it to be more blue oh I like that we like her okay and then the the bottom floor I think oh yeah yeah what kind of matches the ocean – it’s just quite quite nice all right so that room is done but in here we got Barbies home gym why is there not a pink one Oh Barbie would definitely be a boxer as well yeah so why you sweat you’ll sweat in style you know what I’m saying oh look at this Barbie is a fancy gal I gotta like it it’s so much oh my god there’s so many things to play Barbie I guess we could do something really simple since is it it’s just like the gym let’s just do like a typical lighting situation so get those out get out we don’t want you can we have a bigger palm moment yes too big yes this big soft box Barbie must be lit by only softbox lighting or this one could you just or maybe a different room I love this I love this it’s like a little candles on it everything’s done this first floor is done good Channel we did it alright next four okay and might get a little bit more detailed here because we got the outdoor section is literally perfect so we’re not touching that but we do need to touch Barbies office work room it’s got a bathroom it’s got her office reading it’s got like every skill you can kind of ever want in a section like this so that’s pretty dope but we do need to change the vibe let’s do decorations let’s do rags let’s do Pig okay here’s the cute one that one’s quick do we want to go like fuchsia in this room do we want to go that ones wild that one’s like more of like when she went through her 60s phase would we all set again okay and then these chairs I think they need to be oh my god she gets a gaming chair haha this is not the style at all this is you Kelsey it’s not about you it’s about Barbie I want a powerful woman chair I think this might be it pink pink pink pink pink pink more pink hahaha everyone’s gonna like it one good this would be like wow is this a lot and I’m gonna be like yeah that’s it’s Barbie yeah that’s it that’s the stuff what about what’s cute oh it’s turning into a thing that I really like oh yeah she’s gonna get a lot done she’s gonna have her important Barbie business meetings because she’s a very important Queen yeah like just get everything into this color cuz I really like it actually yeah but we need more pink over here this area is not pink enough ooh that’s kind of cute but not the vibe oh so glad so too big too too too big you just have it go through the piano boom whoa what is this is that a shower that’s sick give it some Pig oh shoot it’s not the rug with look info oh this could be the moment where we use this that’s cute but we’re not putting it there or we can do this as if it’s like Barbies own like clothing line oh this one can be pink yes I think I liked this but I don’t like this that’s the move oh this does well cat out oh that’s a different that’s when she’s a fairy princess yeah I like it okay we’re moving over we’re moving on could it be more Barbie the answer may surprise you and the others yes apparently don’t love this I like it white this is done no this is done can I have a pink cute I like it so can I put this plant everywhere this is my favorite plant I will name you Charles everywhere I look I want a moment with Charles the plant I think I really do like this little pop art moment here very Barbie gotta have it we got a P frigerator and you know Barbie has like every accessory kitchen thing in the show oh she’s anna has an ice-cream maker like a little drink holder over here yes that’s too green oh yeah that feels right the room so dark why is this room so dark deletes every light in the room Wow okay first floor is done I really like it I’m pretty proud next floor all right let’s go into Barbies room first we obviously need to make it the most because this is Barbie’s room this is a departure of style but it’s so Barbie let’s go with the fanciest one if we hate it we can change it later how about that it’s like we could do like a marble moment like we could just do like oh here she is with her marble flooring really carpet or do we like the wood I think I would want a wood is this starting to look Barbie or is it looking ridiculous I can’t tell and the most expensive side table full Bobby Oh cute it’s like your little accessories on one side oh yeah that’s cute yes this is it this is the one I’m looking for okay so should we do just like the makeup table there or how am I gonna organize this yes it’s more of like a tree vibe not that much of a tree vibe roof plants this one’s kind of nice this one’s nice this one’s kind of like a balance in between all this one’s lit that one’s lit literally she’s got like a ton of shoes we stand she does already have a mirror but it is Barbie so she can do whatever she wants she can’t possibly have that tiny of a bathroom oh do you just pull the whole house out she needs more space I really wanted a master bath I’m gonna see if I can move this wall it’s still too small I hate I hate that it’s so small I don’t think Barbie would they be the type that be like changed the whole house for my bathroom like she wouldn’t do that so we’re gonna do our best here last year’s – oh I’m feeling this wait do I feel this for her bedroom oh yeah we’re feeling that’s right this is so much better looks your sassy moment let’s do it I want like a luxurious shower experience oh yeah that’s sick cool alright Barbie’s bathroom and bedroom are done yeah that’s nice very Barbie oh my god look at this pink guitar we need this in the activity room I forgot that we need to like literally put in everything don’t we oh these are cute aren’t they little guy why not it’s fun then these doors I need different colors here and maybe like I kind of don’t love those doors to be quite frank all the girls is rooms maybe we’ll make them over once we bring the girls in you’re gonna add more skills and stuff as we go for barbie to do but that’s the Barbie Dreamhouse I think we did it let’s do a final tour so at the basement here we’ve got Barbie’s dream gym it’s a little plain so we might add some art in the future but I think I really like it it’s kind of glam find here’s their lounge chairs for her and her sisters to enjoy and another outdoor area here so we got upstairs her pool with her lounge chairs a little bar area with some seating that overlooks this beautiful view of Salani wow what a prime real estate this Barbie is God we got over here like some like cute little greenery areas some staircase flowers this is Barbie’s learning skills area she’s going to be learning a lot of skills and her home office where she will be taking her important Barbie business meetings this is her bathroom downstairs this is kind of like the living room it’s pretty casual here this is the dining room and the kitchen up another floor we have the bedrooms these two bedrooms we didn’t actually get to finish but they are quite nice so I think they might stay pretty similar to what they are now I like there being a Blue Room in a purple room but I think one room will add an extra bed bathrooms here for the girls and then a Barbie obviously has her little hallway her kind of glam bathroom her balcony makeup area and her very like classic princess bedroom walk-in closet and shoe rack in the show she has like this huge closet so it’s quite fun that she has like this kind of closet she’s more compact I think in this in this version that’s pretty much the house I really love how it turned out and I can’t wait to build the characters next time and see all the sisters and start their island lifestyle I’m really excited to share it with all of you guys and kind of do something to mix up things you know you gotta kind of take some time away from the things that you love like the 100 baby challenge in order to love it even more so it’s gonna be fun but thanks for tuning in and I will see you guys in the next one

100 thoughts on “Adult Designs A Malibu Barbie Dream House In The Sims 4 | Part 1

  1. 7:50 Kelsey; is this starting to look Barbie or is this starting to look ridiculous

    Me;Its starting to look Rapunzel 😂

  2. You should do a jungle adventure series with Dora the Explorer and Diego as the matriarchs. Because it would be kinda similar to the tv shows.

  3. EV=ventually you should make a house and put different versions of Barbie in it (like Rapunzel, Annelise, Erika, etc.)

  4. This looks fun. Plus, after the last 100-baby challenge episode from hell with all those toddlers, Kelsey needs a break.

  5. I love Kelsey but I DO NOT love Barbie or the terrible romodel she represents for young girls everywhere so I don't know how to feel about this…. It kind of feels like Kelsey's way of rebelling against everyone for not wanting a blonde Kasey.

  6. I love Kelsey but I DO NOT love Barbie or the terrible romodel she represents for young girls everywhere so I don't know how to feel about this…. It kind of feels like Kelsey's way of rebelling against everyone for not wanting a blonde Kasey.

  7. I promise I'm not being a negative nancy, I love you Kelsey, but… this sounds an awful lot like the ultimate sims challenge…

  8. Anyone have Sims 4 on Xbox one s that can help me know how to be able to use the # hastags to fidtye things people make and Kelsey talks about

  9. I love Barbie movies but not playing with dolls I've never liked playing with dolls but I love watching Barbie movies Idk why 😂

  10. check out kateemerald's youtube channel, she's built AMAZING HOUSES! i love her, she's very creative with her builds. she's also super helpful, she also made several tutorial/tips videos!

  11. Yes queeen the English accent actually sounded English and I know it is because I live in England apart from the fact it actually sounded like every English female news reporter there ever wassss

  12. Barbie was my childhood lol! I played with Barbies for hours and hours and watched Barbie movies constantly! My fav is still Barbies Mermaidia and her other mermaid ones. And the island one I can''t rememver what its called. Now if you will excuse me, I am gonna go revisit my childhood and watch Barbie lol!

  13. rules for the challenge are maxing out careers and skills? I'm looking forward to trying this challenge!!! Way to go Kelsey!!! love all of your lp's btw

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