Affinity Designer Repeating Pattern Tutorial

Affinity Designer Repeating Pattern Tutorial

hello and welcome to another affinity
designer tutorial today we’re going to be learning how to make a repeating
pattern so first we want to go up to file and new we’re gonna make the
document size 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels it’s up to you what the DPI is but we’ve
got to do 1000 pixels okay and take note that up here on the
top left-hand corner you can see 0 and all the way to here is a thousand that’s
our pixels okay this is something I created earlier just to make it easier
for you guys to see the pixels when we’re placing down our images okay so
let’s make an image so at the moment I’m just gonna create a really simple
pattern I’ll make it one color just anything will do really just there we go
and I’ll just put something behind that as well there we go make that a
different color let’s make it blue there we go alright so I’m going to group
these two shapes and this is gonna be our image okay now you can do it with
any of the images you have okay so first we’re gonna want to put it in the
left-hand corner and there we go it’s locked in next you’re going to want to
copy this so we’re gonna press command C that’s copies it and command V that’s
going to duplicate it now that we’ve got a duplicate
which you can see here this is the new one we’re going to I’m going to name the
first one one so you can see and second one too
all right so this is one we’ve just created down here we’re going to want to
go up to here X think of X as as right and Y as down so we’re going to want to
stick this one number two we’re going to want to stick it over here 500 now you
can drag the image over like this until it gets to the center and you can see
it’s down on the line but I like to do it
through here as you can be very precise and less chanting messing up so we’re
gonna put plus so hold down shift and then plus in here and we’re gonna put
500 500 and then you want to press return now you can see that number two
has gone directly into the middle now the next one we want to do is we’re
going to press 1 again to go back to the first one we’re gonna copy this and
duplicate it again so command C command V is created our third one I’m gonna
name it 3 and I’m going to put it in order here just so it’s easy on the eye
okay so now we’re on the third one we want to duplicate it and make it go all
the way over here now as our document is 1000 pixels wide we’re going to want to
to copy and duplicate it right over here so again we go up to the X which is
right hold down shift press on the plus sign on your keyboard and press 1000 so
that’s 1000 pixels okay gonna press return and there it is 1000
pixels so we’ve got them all at the top here
I’m going to group these so they’re all in one group here and I’m going to press
command C for copy command V for paste next we’re going to want to have these
three items here doing 1,000 pixels down now you can see on the side here where
it says 1000 or you can see the ones I’ve created how many pixels down we
want to go so let’s go to Y over here remember which is down basically and we
get a plus and 1000 there we go it’s gone all the way down to the bottom
there okay so I’m gonna put this name you up and name this one down just so we
know which one’s there okay so now we’re going to want to copy
this one into the middle so that’s going to be 500 pixels here so we could do the
same thing again command C command V that’s made a copy with a go up to Y
which is down I’m going to press plus 500 press return and it’s in the middle
now okay so we could keep it like this if we wanted or we could add the same
shape in here to fill these gaps and that’s what we’re going to do so I’m
just going to quickly name this middle and gonna have everything yeah there we
go up middle down okay now we want to fill in the gaps here and here you could
leave it like this if you want to but today we’re going to fill up these gaps
with more of the same so let’s go back to our grouped images and I’ll just grab
any of them command C I’ll close that and command V
that’s copied one so we want to push it 250
Souls across so we’re gonna go to X again I’m going to press + + 2 5 0
that’s 250 press ENTER and there it is in the middle now we want to push that
down 250 pixels so it’s right in the middle there so we’re gonna go to Y
which is down we’re gonna + and we’re going to put in 2 5 0 to 50 let’s enter
and now it’s directly in the middle okay so now we’re gonna want to copy that
place it here so basically we’re just redoing everything we’ve done already so
I’ll go ahead and do that command C command V made another one press it here
ok so now we want to push this item over to this location here so that would be
500 pixels across so I’m just going to press + 500 return and there we go now
the last step is let’s group these ok they’re grouped now we want to copy and
paste so command C command V and we’ll go up to here Y which is down again and
we’re going to press + 500 enter and there we go okay so this is our pattern
and let me get rid of the measurements that I created so you can see you get
rid of that and here it is so to make sure that it is a repeating pattern
we’re gonna want to open a bigger document and we’re gonna want to copy
what we’ve made here and paste it into that document that document is going to
be bigger okay so let’s make the bigger pattern alright so file new okay so our
document was 1000 pixels squared let’s make this one 3000 squared okay all right this is our new document
it’s three thousand blank page ready for our pattern so if we go back to our
pattern I’m going to place all of these shapes here everything in a box and I’m
gonna nest it in that box so you don’t need to do this but I like to do it just
to make sure everything is contained within a square so APAR go I just
pressed on the square tool and I’m just gonna click and drag to make that there
we go there to get rid of the stroke on it and I’m also going to I’ll stick a
white background in there drag it to the bottom okay so we’ve got a white
background it can be anything you want any color you want but I’ll just go with
a white background okay so let’s select all of these shapes
so select the first one then press shift and select the last one now they’re all
selected click and drag down and to the right slightly so it’s there now they’re
all nested inside okay so there they are so we can either copy
this and paste it into the new document or you if it’s gonna be a JPEG in the
end anyway you can also copy this layer and then you can go to rasterize that’s
gonna make it a little bit smaller for a finicky designer to handle even though
it can handle a lot so you can either copy this one or this one in I’m just
going to copy the pixel one in for now so command C let’s go over to our new
document we made that’s 3000 pixels wide and now we’re going to press command V
and there it is in the corner this is our shape so let’s see if
it repeats when we tile it let’s press command C command V again and there we
go we’ve created a new one remember to turn on the snapping tool so there we go
it’s locked in looks like it’s repeating nicely command C command V there we go
yeah it’s working nice okay so now we’ve got those three at the top let’s just
copy it from the side here select all of these command C command V and then drag
down also you can just keep your finger on command and just drag and it will
create a whole new layer there we go so this is all of them so now that we’ve
completed this one as I said before I was making them pixels this means you
can’t change anything about it it’s just gonna remain like this if you want to
change the background or any of the images or elements that you have in
there you can’t change it but if we get rid of this again and we head back to
our original patterned file which is 1000 pixels we’ll get rid of the pixel
one I’ve made here and here it is so I’m gonna make the background none here so
if you look down here in the little thumbnail image there is no background
there so we can copy this command C go over to our big file 3000 pixels file
and command V so this doesn’t have a background in there at the moment so I’m
just gonna quickly do what we did before and copy and paste it I’ll show you what
happens next okay so I’ve copied them all over here
now and it’s it’s got transparent background if you want to change that to
anything you now you can make a background so let’s go over here and to
the square tool and we’ll just drag out so it’s the full square there we go
let’s get rid of the stroke and here it is here’s our square let’s drag it right
to the back and now we can decide what color we want so let’s go to fill and
there you go you can choose any color you like yeah once you’re happy with it
you just press file and export to whichever file type you’d like so that’s
one way of doing it but still I can’t change the elements that I’ve created so
we’re gonna go back again to our original file and I’m going to delete
all of these and I’m just gonna keep one of them here we go so we’ve just got
this one here now what we want to do now is we want to use the symbols option so
let’s go to view go down here to studio and then go to symbols we’ll click on
that now we’ve got a symbols panel here so this item we’ve created here it could
be anything that you have made not necessarily this one all you have to do
now we’ve selected our image is press create now you can see that the image
we’ve made is within the symbols panel so now this means that if we copy and
paste this anywhere we can still change the elements inside if we want to change
something after we’ve made the pattern so I’m going to go through the whole
copy and paste procedure we did before and I’ll quickly do that
then I’ll show you how you can change everything okay now that we’ve copied and pasted
all of the images which are now symbols we can go ahead and transform manipulate
them however we want we can change the color we can change the shape and each
image will change with it so let’s go down to the bottom I just choose that
one because it’s a top left one we started with and let’s choose this the
circle so look we can change circle to whichever color we want you can put it
to let’s leave it purple and you could do the same with
the rectangle as well make it any color you want just make it this way there we
go alright now I want to change something about the circle so I’m gonna
change it by converting it to curves and get a click on the node tool I’m just
gonna click somewhere here on it okay so I’ve made a new node
you see if I change it everything else changes too so this is just a random
shape it doesn’t mean anything it’s just just showing you that you can transform
anything once you have them as symbols I really love this feature let me change
it back to how I’d have it let’s just leave it like that and let’s change
something on the rectangle too to convert back to curves as well and I’ll
go over to the corner tool and I’ll just choose this corner tool here I’ll drag
them in a little bit there you go I’ll leave that on that all
right so you’ve seen you can change the color and the shape and you can add
things okay so let’s let’s nest it in a square again as I did on the previous
ones so I’ll just click anywhere let’s go to the square tool I’ll make sure
that the snapping is on and there we go I’ll just drag one out here I’ll drag it
to the bottom and I’ll make it some other kind of color this is a really bad
pattern but it’s just for an example there we go let’s just leave it at let’s
just leave it something like that all right let me nest all of these symbols
into the rectangle and there you have it now all you need to do is so you can
copy this and place it into our 3000 pixel document or you can go ahead and
make it into rasterize it so pixels this is basically a pixel I’ll copy it and
paste it into here and we go through the whole thing we did before of copying and
pasting and there we go there it is okay now
that we’ve made the simple repeating pattern you can then go ahead and make
more complex patterns here’s one I did earlier and you know it’s old school
sweets flying saucers the marshmallow and these violet things yeah so I just
created all these individual items here and I just copied and pasted them all
over the place now before we did it in more of a
grid-like pattern where there was like a set place they had to be but you can get
creative and if you see here so if you’ve got an image you just create one
and stick it on the side and then copy and paste it a thousand pixels across
and then it will get pasted to here and if you’re not happy with where it is
with the placement amongst all the other items you have you can simply select
both of them the left one and the right one and move them around like this and
it will still repeats perfectly so here I’ve done it with this one and if I go
down to a flying saucer see the flying saucer on the left and the right I can
click that if I wanted it to be a little bit more over here
and you can do that from the ones above also so you have let me find there we go
so you’ve got this one here and you’ve also got the one down there you can also
move them around like this yeah so just have fun playing around with making
patterns and you know they can be great for you know putting on websites or
printing on cards or clothing you know the possibilities are endless also you
can go a little bit more complex and this is another one I made earlier where
the background you can change the background
as well so there is part of it instead of just having a blank white background
or whatever you can create a background that repeats also so you see in the
background this shape here is the same as this a shape here so the left and
white will seamlessly repeat and you add flowers anything so I hope you enjoyed
this tutorial I hope you learn something I’ll see you again soon thank you for

18 thoughts on “Affinity Designer Repeating Pattern Tutorial

  1. Great tutorial! Thank you. Can these be turned into a swatch so it fills any shape with the repeating pattern automatically?

  2. TThank you for this tutorial. The clicking noise in this video is very distracting. Perhaps this noise can be eliminated in the future.

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  7. Hi there, I was trying to follow this but when I add them all to test it – it has a very faint white line along the sides. I've checked if there are borders and strokes but there isn't. Can you help? Thanks again!

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