Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People

Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People

Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People

90 thoughts on “Affordable DUO75 A-frame House Can Be Built by Just Two People

  1. Is there no bathroom nor bedroom? I can see the no bedroom, but the bathroom is a necessity. Why did you not show it..

  2. Don't see a refrigerator, washer, dryer, or bedroom. I'm guessing the bathroom is behind the downstairs kitchen?

  3. Do you ship to America? If so, how does that affect the sales price? Overall, great work. Great design!😆👍

  4. I subscribed n liked your channel … any possibility that you could share the full plan of this house please

  5. I "must" have been nodding when I watched it the first time. I missed the stairs going up to the loft and the loft. I also did not see all that space behind the kitchen where a "Necessary Room" would fit. Thanx for pointing them out…

  6. What I wouldn’t do to retire on top the ridge, at the end of some mountain “Hollar” in the Appalachian’s living in this beauty.❤️🤘🏼🇺🇸⚡️⚡️. The pool included of course.😉

  7. What I saw I loved, but I NEEDED to see the sleeping area, and the bathroom. Otherwise, I need this house.

  8. What a great house in a beautiful setting. Obviously, this home like others, can be modified to suit one's needs/taste. VERY INSPIRING. CLEAN LINES! TWO THUMBS UP!!

  9. Highly doubt this house pictured was only $12k. $50-60k seems more realistic, but still– even THAT would be an amazing deal for all this.

  10. Serious buyers and builders need useful information, not just pictures and music. How about info on your company, buliding materials, options, build processes, etc?

  11. This is such a beautiful place the only thing I'd like to say and it's just an opinion is the lower Cabinetry should always be black…

  12. anybody know what kind of structure analysis should be use? is it a frame or a truss? because it is a triangle which is form of a truss structure.

  13. If A frames were such a great idea you would see more of them. There are disadvantages to them for sure. Not mention not being able to hang anything on the walls and have to deal with wasted space. A boxy cabin may not be as cool, but it makes a lot more sense.

  14. I would love to see pictures of an actual model of these homes. Please let me know if I could see some interior photos in an already-built model! Thanks so much!

  15. These videos are fun to watch. I was renting a single wide in the woods 500 yards from the lake for $450 a month. Man do I miss that, now I live in Spokane Washington in a massive apartment low income human filing cabinet basically. I watch these videos and they make me happy. Thanks.

  16. Very nice!!
    But what are the plans, where can we find them and what is the overall price for materials and construction?
    Without plans and the cost of the elemental materials to build such a wonderful place for someone to live in, more information is certainy required.
    You show me a dream, yet withhold the means to emulate that dream into reality in hard and realistic fashion.
    Why I wonder.

  17. i want to build one how get print `i live puerto rico if i by front you material treaty lumber thank le tuan

  18. I didn’t like it. Maybe with different decor. Would have like to see a bathroom and sleeping aera.

  19. You didn’t show the upstairs or the hallway past the kitchen. I really like this design but need that information

  20. with all those wide windows the sun will fade the crap out of everything.floors furniture counters etc. No Thanks

  21. about the soundtrack, did you use what ever generic clip there was available? Can you prove there was not more than 2 people thanks.

  22. You need to show everything, including bathroom, loft, storage, open drawers, closets etc. This was useless to me, allI saw was kitchen, pool and liveing room. And oh, I saw the outside too.

  23. so for for all those complaining about more information i found this from just copying and pasteing just the first half of the title of the video.

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