Aging & Oxidizing Wood | Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution (Easy) Stain New Wood To Look Old & Vintage

100 thoughts on “Aging & Oxidizing Wood | Vinegar & Steel Wool Solution (Easy) Stain New Wood To Look Old & Vintage

  1. Four days later and it looks as if she not even changed her clothes. Quite disgusting. :=)
    But the wood-vinegar-steel wool-thing is really cool.

  2. has the grayish color remain the same on the wood or has the color turned to a darker color. i an trying to achieve a greyish look on pine.

  3. FWIW,, that's a gallon, not a half-gallon jug – of water she added. There's no magic here with vinegar – steel wool will oxidize and make yucky gray and then orange water as it rusts – could have used all water, and could have use tea bags in water. If you want to chemically change wood you need to use something like ammonia which will actually react with the wood fibers.

  4. I am a complete amateur at this and attempted this process with a picture frame. It ended up turning a bluish purple. I did not add water I just did steel wool, vinegar, and coffee grinds. Is there anyway to save the plank picture frame? Also, do you know why it would have turned purple? I am trying to mod podge a picture onto 3 planks of wood but now I'm thinking I'll have to start all over 🙁 .

  5. Oh hai! Have you considered – Kezneks Awesome Woodwork Approach (do a search on google)? Ive heard some incredible things about it and my cooworker made some excellent things and made some easy money from it.

  6. Colour wise there is a difference but aged wood outside for example gets damaged.. which in art that's a good thing. But this sure beats many other alternatives I've seen. Great job!

  7. Something that I did this year. We had a witches house (pallets) in my circular driveway with fencing (pallets). Issue that I ran into, was all the fencing and house was made out of brand new pallets (yellow pine). With only 2 days left before Halloween, I was struggling with aging the wood. Having a background in carpentry knowing how stains and dies work. I went to my local Walmart an bought 3 bottles of black fabric die. I mixed each one of them in to vinegar at a different ratio, thus giving depth in my stain. I used a 2 gal pump sprayer that I have and applied the two lighter dies first and then came back with a spray bottle with the heavier mixed die to hit darker areas for deep aging. It turned out great. Total expenses$21.15, includes 25 6×6 (BED) pallets courtesy of Mattress FIRM (FREE), Black die(3), vinegar (5) and nails. Also, turns into great wood for our winter bond-fire get together.

  8. Hello! What kind of wood did you use for this example? Looks like a fence-slat but ours come pressure treated. Also, what species?

  9. Add Hydrogen peroxide and do the same reaction in an hr, produceds lots of heat. then filter the bits out because thats not what you want. its the iron 2 acetate which reacts with the tannin, not the rust…

  10. i made the mixture. I used with a whole box of steel wool and 2 gallons of white vinegar. Let it sit for 3 MONTHS. The mixture is still crystal clear…

  11. This process works much better on oak because it has more tannin.
    The results are much more dramatic.
    You can make a batch of strong tea & apply it to the wood to add tannins.
    Also using finer 0000 steel wool melts faster in vinegar.

  12. Can you use that on new pressure treated wood? And will it ruin treated wood and make it more vulnerable to outdoor weather?

  13. omg thank you!!!! this is the exact look that I've been looking for. I love this weathered look. I'm going to make some shelves in my bedroom

  14. So is this like a stain or is the wood actually decaying because of the mixture? I'm just trying to understand why this works. Looks cool, and I want to try it.

  15. Thank you for a quick easy video, without a lot of smaltz, music and drama!   I love this, and appreciate your efforts and expertise.

  16. Hey guys. I've tried to make my own solotion, but the wool doesn't
    dissolved in the vinegar… I used a #0000 steel wool, and white
    vinegar, but doen't work :/
    Any thoughts ?

  17. Any suggestion on what to use as a sealer? How stable is it when exposed to sun (indoors)? Will it yellow?

  18. this is perfect for cedar, not pine. best to use the black tea solution first on pine to bring out the tannin, then the vinegar solution.

  19. I tried this twice. Two different brands of vinegar two different packages of steel wood. Left both for a week ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAPPENED!. I could have [but didn't] pour the vinegar back in the bottle. I did dry out the steel wood [good as it came from the package] and put it back in the drawer. Any other ideas?

  20. I loved the colour you achieved, does the cool toned stain remain that colour or does it change over time like the solution does?

  21. So i have a project which is exterior. We added on to an old barn looking storage. This effect is the closest we have found to how the existing building looks like. I have a few questions. If we use this technique outside will the vinegar keep turning the wood darker with the sun? Can we apply a water coat sealer right afterwards to keep it from getting darker?

  22. I just tried this method….after 4 days nothing. So I cut the steel wool into tiny bits and waited another 4 days…still nothing. I did try to apply it to pine anyway, and it didn't change color at all. My non descript vinegar was 5 percent and steel wool from Walmart. I'm wondering if temp makes a difference as I had it in my cooler basement, not in warm California. I'm going to try again with Heinz Vinegar and wash my steel wool in dish detergent this time. And move it to a warmer location.

  23. Cool. I noticed that you used cedar, is the effect the same or very similar with other wood types? Spruce or pine? Thanks.

  24. Ugh…to forgo waiting FOUR DAYS for the conglomeration to set up, AND to forgo the stench of vinegar, you could simply use wood stain & accomplish the same thing.

  25. what if you applied it directly to the wood without mixing the water in? what if you only added half the water? anyway this is the easiest wood aging video to follow on here. great video and Great Job. consider me a subscriber.

  26. Hey i love the video. I did the recipe exactly as you said. White Vinegar, and 0000 fine steel wool. I'm on the 3rd day and the vinegar is still perfectly clear. No reaction at all. I was wondering if you might know why this is?

  27. Vinigar and steel wool worked Great !! i added a teaspoon of melted instant coffie and it came out awsome!! the texture is also very important so i made artificial cravases with a sharp knife and the vinigar darkened it amazing with greenish-brownish color like this ugly white pine was taken from an old forest cabin !!…

  28. Can I use a polycrylic on this for a protection layer or would it react with the vinigar/steel wool soaked into the wood?

  29. I thought you did a great job demonstrating this technique on your video, Hollywood. Word of warning: the vinegar-steel solution may turn some rough-cut softwoods black rather than grey (called blackstain by experienced woodworkers). I used wood (pine and cedar) from a cheap garden store trellis because I wanted the already-cut dimensions for a rustic-looking project. It ended up looking like I charred it (especially the darker cedar). I wound up having to use oxalic acid to bleach the wood and remove the iron pigment. Then went with Minwax wood finish stain in classic grey instead.

  30. What type of steel wool did you use? I've had some steel wool sitting in a bucket with vinegar for over 5 days now and i don''t have any murky water in it. It looks like none of the steel wool has dissolved.

  31. Juts make sure you dont use water based top coat on this. If you do the rust particles will eventually destroy the top coat's chemistry and the fiish will start cracking and flaking off. There are various stains that will achieve the aging result minus the wait time and without the risk of loosing the finish in the future.

  32. Iv Iv tried this on oak and comes out really good but when I try on pine I get zero grey colour just a brownish colour.. am I doing something wrong ?

  33. I have a few question about the steel wool and vinegar solution. 1st how many steel wool pads do I use? and does grade (Fine or coarse) matter? 2nd does the container have to be air tight? 3rd how long does it usually take? Thanks for your help…:)

  34. My main. ? Is how to age pine wood with out spending so much money? I tried vinegar and steelwool but didn't work I even did 3 coats.

  35. This is my favorite way to distress wood except I didn't use water in my vinegar/wool mix. Gonna add water next time to get a lighter appearance.

  36. That’s a great technique it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Question though, does the wood put off an odor or smell like vinegar? I’m looking to do this for a permanent indoor application?

  37. I found that some steel wools have an invisible coating that can prevent them from dissolving correctly, especially if you're using a diluted vinegar solution. If you're having trouble getting this method to work, consider doing something to remove the coating before adding the steel wool. You can wash the wool, but a faster (and flashier) method is to burn the coating off

  38. Has anyone ever tried this on teak wood? I’m replacing a slat on a outdoor chair and would like to try and get close to the weathered grey that is on the other slats. Thanks

  39. If you want a darker more aged look you can also boil some black tea and paint it over the ginger solution. It will react with the solution and add years to the aged look that you have already acheived!

  40. Did not work at all for me. Wanted to make a new section of fence look weathered. Two stores, gallons of vinegar, lots of steel wool, and hours, followed by days of soaking. Just made the test spots look wet. Guess I should have just bought a very pale gray stain.

  41. Thanks for your video. It worked a treat for me aging some pine timber. Even better on the hardwood.

  42. Thanks that was exactly what i needed!!!! I've got an old child's wicker rocking chair that's missing a portion of its seat and instead of looking for a whole peice of wood.

  43. Made this for a wood fence I made for Halloween. It's been sitting 2 days in the bucket of vinegar it's still clear. I didn't have a sealed lid on top does that break it down quicker?

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