All Guns in Modern Warfare…

All Guns in Modern Warfare…

There are actually a lot of weapons that are visibly available in the modern warfare beta, I know not Everybody’s seen it yet because Xbox and PC is not until next weekend. So I thought it would be good to do a video going over every single weapon in modern warfare Right now. and I want to give a big shout-out to Elias who emailed me some really good information on a lot of these (guns) weapons That we are going to go over. Yes. I do Check my email every day, So big shout out to him. Let me know guys from what you’ve seen or what you’ve played so far. Are you team mini-map or are you team No, mini-map? me personally, I think the mini-map needs to be in the game. otherwise everybody and their mother is going to run ghost, and they’re going to run UAV, you might as well have those as locked perks and locked Killstreaks, that’s just me. You guys let me know what you think so far I’m gonna do a review of the beta probably Sunday or Monday But now we’re gonna go over we’re doing this as a live comm no face cam But we are gonna go over all the web so let’s kick things off with the M4a1 everybody knew it was going to be in the game and a lot of these names aren’t actual real names. They’re made-up names so keep that in mind, but this one appears to be a mark 18 cqbr, and that’s a shorter variant of the m4a1 now you can change it to the m16a3 or the m16a4 or even the m4a1 Sopmod so keep that in mind when you’re gonna upgrade this thing and the gunsmith stuff It’s not readily available You have to upgrade you have to level up your weapon to get all of these attachments and there’s not even that many attachments available right now There’s the perks you can see slide a hand takes weapon level 6 under barrel the angled for grip takes weapon level 4, so it’s not like you can just hop into gunsmith and the Go get these these Attachments to change your gun around but keep that in mind now the ak-47. I don’t really have anything to say about it It’s the ak-47 now the muzzle The laser is the optic the perk and the magazine are all available right now But there’s not many things available in there when we played the build earlier this year There was everything was unlocked that they had in there. So you had a ton of Attachments you could use in customization and that’ll be how it is. Once we are done with the actual Beta – once once we get into the launch, I mean look at this There’s all kinds of holographic sights. You know, they’re gonna take the the level cap off 10 It’s probably already done by the time this video is over You have a solo zero optics mini flex a px 5 holographic Scouts combat optics So there’s going to be all kinds of options When it comes to this now, the M 13 this weapon in real life is actually called the MC X Virtus, I like this gun. This thing has a Super super high rate of fire. I like it. I like everything about it It feels like I can’t remember the gun, but it’s in black ops 2 Super smooth gun. I can’t remember which one it is right now. It’s not coming to my to my head Got a lot of optics they seem to want to let us have optics heavy-hitter melee produces greater stun on targets That’s an interesting one. This one has two four grips because I’ve been using it and then you have two Muzzles that you can put on as well this right now, it’s not the most powerful gun, but this to me, I’m gravitating Towards this gun. I wish I could remember what that smooth gun is in black ops 2 But it’s just it’s not coming to my head right now Now one of the most powerful guns in the game if you asked me right now We’re not allowed to look at it because we’re obviously not level 21 we maxed out at level 10 Earlier as we go up all unlock them, but it’s the fr five five six now, of course This is the FAMAS. This version is the original famas f1 That we actually saw in modern warfare 2 which is a little weird because the black ops version is the modern FAMAS But this is the one that we saw in blotter in modern warfare 2 which kind of went underrated it wasn’t as big of a fan favorite as the one in black ops was but it was still a Super super stout gun three round burst bullpup. Everybody knows this this thing drops them fast I would say just off the little bit that I’ve played. This is a top two or three gun It may be the best gun in the game Now the Odin a lot of people want to know about this one The guns real name in real life is the a SH 12 seven and it’s a prototype bullpup assault Rifle I like this thing and it’s a fully automatic bullpup It maintains a slow cycle rate to help control hard hitting doesn’t feel like it’s as hard-hitting as the FAMAS But it’s still pretty cool Then we have the kylo 1:41 fully automatic assault rifle with the ergonomic design that improves handling and the steady fire rate to help stay on target I’ve never played with this one and this is actually the HK 433 it looks like an ACR if you look at it kind of looks like an ACR But it’s actually an HK and this of course is a nod or paying homage to task force 141 But we don’t even know if these are going to be the names of the guns Once we get into the actual launch, they could be placeholders They could actually change then we have the fowl which everybody knows is a semi-automatic battle rifle with a high Rate of fire and this looks very very familiar to a lot of people now I know there’s not a lot of fans of semi-automatic weapons, but if it hits hard enough Maybe some people will actually use it. Then we have the FN SCAR 17s now this appears to be the scar-h Even though the name is the scar 17s and it’s referred to as a civilian version of the weapon But this looks very very familiar. And I have a feeling I’m gonna call it now. I haven’t got to play with it Obviously, I have a feeling this is going to be one of the better guns in the game The scars are always hard hitting very accurate. They just always seem to go under the radar for some reason I don’t know. So that is all the assault rifles. Now. Let’s move over to the mp5 the classic Mp5, everybody already knows what this weapon is I’m gonna tell you guys a little bit about stuff that you can actually change these and do actually I’ll tell you right now So with the mp5 there are a ton of variations You’re probably going to be able to do with this you’ll be able to do the mp5 a3 that was in cod4 and the black ops 2 campaign You could also change it to the mp5 a2 the mp5 SD 3 the mp5 SD 2 and the mp5 10 there are gonna be so many ways to customize This mp5 once you unlock everything and you level up your weapon another one the mp7 It’s the same thing. I mean it really really it’s you’re gonna be able to turn this thing into the mp7 a2 as well I’m excited about this one I don’t think it’s going to be as good as the modern warfare 3 version Maybe more like the black ops 2 version. We’ll have to see I played with it in the early build It had a ton of recoil says compact by design this fully automatic weapon has a high rate of fire low recoil which is to come expected but you’re gonna be able to make some Nasty variations of this and this one. This is one that I’m excited about a lot of people are running the default I think it’s a nog with a suppressor on it So you’re going to see that around you can pick it up and experience it and everybody knows bullpup This thing is ready for mobility It’s in the SMG category not in the assault rifle category And there’s going to be a ton of stuff that you can actually do to this gun And then we have the p90 They have all the classics all the classics back automatic bullpup submachine gun a unique top mounted magazine ho-hold carry ample high velocity 5×7 Ammunition. There’s a lot of bullpup love in this game so far So I want to know would you rather use the aughh or would you rather use the p90 you? Let me know that we have the pp19 Bizon that’s right. The Bizon is back as well I mean this is going to be it’s gonna be fun and I told you guys before Send me your craziest gun bills But then I realized once I got into the beta that you have to really level everything up and you are Stuck trying to level stuff up and they don’t have all the attachments So it may be something we have to do when the game comes out But you can continue to send the stuff If you have it’s in your clips send your craziest gun builds, and you could make it in a video This one is going to be fun. This is going to have a fast fast fire rate. And the last one is The EZ now they save the best for last Call of Duty doesn’t usually do that everybody remember the fad being the last gun in modern warfare 3 it was not The best so I think the f2000 was a high unlock too for modern warfare 2 and it wasn’t the best So I am very very critical Its skeptical of the Uzi. We’ll have to wait and see now Let’s get in to some shot ease the model 680 reliable. Well rounded 12-gauge pump-action shotgun This is going to be everybody’s default carry it around Do your thing now? This is actually the Remington 870 mcs, which you guys will all probably remember I believe it was in black ops 2 So yeah, this is gonna be a fan favorite I feel it is I’ve seen some people say the shotguns are underpowered. I’ve seen other people just going off with the shotgun so I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they actually do these the 725 break-action shotgun With two round capacity a long backboard barrel and the centrical choke keeps spread tight and lethal over extender ages This is the shotty that you can kind of snipe with This is the one you saw I believe in all the 2v2 with the telescopic lens on it It’s gonna be crazy to customize this thing now we have an r9o shotgun Nobody’s used yet. Double barrels provide two rapid shots before each read chamber I’m going to assume the power drop-off is there with this we’ll see and this is actually a DP 12 pump action shotgun in Real life. Once again all of these with the gunsmith are gonna be crazy to actually customize them And then the last shot II we have is the origin twelve Shotgun semi-automatic shotgun with large ammo capacity allows for continuous firing effective at close range This is going to be a I think kind of like the striker for modern warfare 3 obviously maybe not as much capacity but you can see the maggot has and I guarantee you there’s gonna be some kind of big drum mag that you can put on this thing and just go to town you can See the side grip on it too, which is pretty pretty cool. Now. Let’s get into the LMGs the m91 This is actually the HK mg 5 in real life Robust light machine gun sacrifices mobility for stability high caliber sustain fire will neutralize targets at long Range looks familiar, right? Yeah. Let’s see what kind of sites you can actually put on this thing then I remember this one I don’t member what get over what game it was in but I remember this gun It had a different name the fully automatic bullpup light machine gun lower rate of fire in 556 ammo keeps this rifle stable Ineffective, this is the s8 or the SI 8 7 now, I don’t know. I can’t put my finger on what gun this was maybe it was in black ops or maybe it was in black ops 2 I keep thinking something with a cube and I’m not for sure then we have the PK in which we have seen in Call of Duty in the past as well fully automatic light machine gun 762 ammo just looks like a overall balanced version then the mg34 The mg coming back once again. Look at this old-school gun fully automatic high rate of fire punishing Mauser ammunition Salvage World War 2 machine guns are still reliable and Deadly on the battlefield so they are not afraid to go back my friends. That obviously does not fit in in the modern times But they’re putting it on there. Then we go over to marksman rifles. Let’s take a look really quick The EBR 14 was actually the m14. It’s not the MK 14 EBR. It’s just the m14 rifle once again Look, they’re giving us cool stuff a range of things semi-automatic You guys already know that there’s not really much else to say there the MK 2 carbine this weapon is really called the marlin model 1895 this appears to be the modern version of the Marlin which is the 1895 s BL highly accurate lever action rifle will neutralize an enemy with one will place round to the head or the chest There’s gonna be some people do some beautiful things with that one. And then we have the classic OG bolt-action World War two relic the kar 98k the car 98k there’s a lot of people smiling a lot of OG cod players smiling about this one Then we get over to the sniper rifles Which I know a lot of you want to know about the ax 50 hard-hitting bolt-action sniper with 50 Cal BMG ammunition Tungsten tipped bullets fast powerful. I don’t know what is going to be the go-to Sniper rifle yet, we’ll have to wait and see that’s obviously not what I do So yeah, then for some reason I want to pull the dragon and keep the dragon off in so it’s in the game It’s probably gonna suck. It usually does the HDR which is an anti material bolt-action sniper rifle No thick reinforced barrel helps control. We’ll have to see how that one actually works That one kind of looks kind of weird to me then. Let’s go over to the secondary weapons Obviously the deagle is overpowered right now. Everybody loves that the m-19 is back compact then we have the X16 which is actually the Glock 21 in real life, which is pretty cool and then check it out. Yeah, it’s back It’s there you are going to be able to use it Then we go over to launchers and we have the pilot or the pilla and this is actually a si 25 launcher Cool if you’re into launchers We’ve got the Strela and this actually in real life is called the carl gustaf m4 not to be put with gustav. Canada I don’t think okay. It’s not the strela-3 from blackops either then the RPG is back and then we have the Joker which is the fgm-148 javelin Yes, right. The javelin is back my friend. So there you have it Those are all the weapons that are kind of available not really available They’re available Visibly at least in the beta now with the m4a1 you’re gonna be able to do all kinds of stuff with that thing You’re gonna be able to make them 1683 the a4 Just all kinds of stuff, you know You’re gonna be able to turn the ak-47 into the ak-47 you or the RPK you are also going to be able to change the L86a1 into the l85 in field assault rifle the Ian field from from black ops. I am super excited about that So there you go guys once a minute once again big shout out to Elias for all the information helping me out with this video Let me know what gun you are gravitating towards the most there is a video up on the screen right now I need you guys to click on that if you made it all the way through this one you guys. Okay. You’re the real one

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  1. No Revolvers or M1887 shotgun🙁
    would like to see the M1887 or M97 Trench Gun be in the game. Along with the: M1 Grand, M1928, M1887, M97 Trench Gun, M16, 44 mag, 357 mag, and a Single Action 45 Revolver.
    a Benelli M2 or M4 also.

  2. No mini map and not because I'm campy I do lean conservative but I personally enjoyed the compass and didn't notice any negatives aside from the fact that I cleaned up campers by the fact they weren't paying attention

  3. Hey no offence, but I was expecting some other weapons like the…

    SPAS 12 Shotgun
    HK G36 Assault Rifle
    ACR Assault Rifle
    HK 417 DMR
    M110 Sniper
    UMP45 SMG
    M240 Machine Gun
    M249 Para LMG
    M200 Intervention Sniper
    and maybe even a Crossbow that just fires normal bolts.

    They are 'Modern' weapons after all.

  4. Sa87 is a rename of the sa80A2 which is commonly used by the British army and other nato forces, it was in rainbow six and quite a lot of shooters because its one of natos standard rifle

  5. I still want to see someone show gunsmith customize
    turning M4A1 to M16A4 w/ M203 3 rounds burst
    or AK-47 to AK-74 full size standard or AKS-74u carbine

  6. Not impressed with the shotgun selection I love Shotguns and I wanted more variety like the Mossberg, beneli hell even a serbu super shorty….

  7. I see Kar98k I leave a like. I am going to abuse the Ak47, kar98 and 1911, I can't wait for the beta code I'm getting tomorrow.

  8. No ump 45, some modern russian ar like ak12 or something like that no dragunov, no awp, no barret 50 cal sniper rifle

  9. I love when people like you talk about guns in video games when you probably haven’t even seen or shot any of these in real life lol. The FAL is semi automatic with a high rate of fire lol ok.

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