Am I REALLY Blind?! (Lie Detector Test!!)

Am I REALLY Blind?! (Lie Detector Test!!)

John: Are you blind Molly: yes [Intro Music] So if you’ve been around this channel for a while now You’re probably aware of our little conspiracy theorists in the comments who believe that I’m faking blind So today, once and for all, we’re gonna prove it and I mean, technically, I could just prove it by showing my, like, binder of medical records this thick, but I thought a more fun way to do it would be with a lie detector test That’s right. I am taking a legit polygraph exam So we’re on our way to go meet John. You might have seen him in Shane Dawson or the Dolan twins videos who’ve both done lie detectors with him and honestly, I’m stoked. Like, let’s do this! Although, I’m slightly nervous because I know they’re like inadmissible in a lot of courts because They’re not like 100% accurate? So I guess Maybe we’ll all be surprised today Also I have to pee so bad cuz you’re supposed to drink a ton of water before you do it I don’t know why. John just told me to drink a ton of water so now my bladder is very full Let’s go find John. Let’s go see if I am really blind. Are you excited to find out Jake? Jake: Yeah, it’s super exciting. You’ve been my friend for a while. Now. What is your theory? Jake: I don’t buy it. It’s all fake. I read the subreddit. Gallup. Are you ready to find out if mommy’s blind? If you’re a real guide dog? Hmm? Jake: Molly just asked me if my shoe is untied, and it is. Molly: And can we testify that I was not looking in your direction when I asked. [Jake: She wasn’t] Jake: (laughs) She was walking ahead of me and saying “Is your shoe untied?” I could hear it. Also, I said, like, we were looking for the bathroom and I was like “I think it’s down this way I can hear the bathroom music.” I was like we got there and I’m like see. Sounds like bathroom, doesn’t it? sounded like a bathroom Jake: Using those ears. Blind girl always knows. So the polygraph is to prove that I’m actually blind John: Well polygraph is the best truth-telling tool. John: I’ve been testing over 30 years. I’ve tested over 10,000 people Okay, I guess. Jake: Seems legit. It seems legit I’m ready I’m ready to prove once and for all that I can’t–can you like sense if I’m lying just by looking at me? John: No, we’re taught to ignore everything we see on the outside because people can teach themselves the right eye movements and hand movements and lean forward to show you’re an honest person [Molly: Interesting]
John: So we ignore that and go by what we see on our screen. Molly: So what is it testing? John: A polygraph is reading microscopic changes to your blood, sweat, and breathing as you answer yes or no questions And it’s a comparison test. We mix in questions we know you’re telling the truth Like “do you have a black dog?” and you’ll say “yes” We’ll see what your blood, sweat, and breathing does. We’ll ask “is today Tuesday?” and you’ll say “yes”. If it’s not Tuesday, we’ll catch that as a lie. I can show you on a screen what it’s going to look like Yeah, I’ll have them see it. [Jake: All right] Jake, you can- you can be the test. You can tell us what it’s lookin like. [Jake: I’ll check it out] We’re gonna be reading microscopic changes to your upper breathing, lower breathing, sweat, And blood pressure as you answer yes or no questions If I ask if you ever ate at McDonald’s and you say yes And that’s truthful. It might make a 1-inch green mountain, your sweat coming out But if I ask you something important and you lie on it, it might put out a lot more sweat What if I’m just a sweaty or anxious person in general? That’s why we ask you baseline questions. [Molly: Okay right, to get our specific, like, individual baseline] So we can see no matter how sweaty you are, or mad, or upset This is what your body does when you tell the truth. This is so cool I’m really big into like crime. That sounds creepy [Jake: Really into crime?] I’m really into, like, crime shows and crime documentaries and, like, true crime I know they do polygraphs a lot with criminals or suspected criminals People who are trying to prove that they’re innocent but polygraphs aren’t admissible into court, right? Well, that’s not so. You mentioned TV I’ve done about a thousand episodes of TV either doing the polygraphs on camera or off camera or just Supplying the equipment. As far as for court, they’re always allowed in federal court So I do a lot of immigration polygraphs. Local courts It’s up to the judge or up to the two people involved if they both stipulate to a polygraph They’ll send someone to me as a neutral polygrapher. What are things that could skew it? Like what are things that if you did, would like [Molly: Mess it up?] There’s only two ways to fail: lie or move We need you to sit like a statue and answer yes or no with your mouth only. If you shake your head yes or no The sweat at your fingertips will go up the same as if you’re lying If I were to ask you “Is your shirt red?” and it’s white But I tell you to say yes, that won’t show up as a lie. Polygraph needs fear of detection Well, if I was caught lying about being blind, that would be real bad. So Definitely don’t want to get caught lying about that. Luckily, I’m not. Let’s do it. All right, I’m gonna wire you up It goes in a special order: stomach, chest, left arm, right hand. [Molly: Okay.] This one’s for your belly It lets us know if you purposely hold your breath or if a question takes your breath away Either of those would be a fail We’re gonna put the blood pressure cuff on your left arm for the same reason doctors do. Oh my god, I’m getting stressed! It’s said to be closer to the heart so it’s a little more accurate. Most important, the sweat at the fingertips. So you’ve done David Dobrik, the Dolan twins, Shane Dawson JC and Kian Lawley, Faze clan, [checking off…] Rebecca Zamolo and many, many more Just checking off all the youtubers. You did Kylie Jenner? John: Sure You got to meet Kylie Jenner? John: Yep. I have done other Kardashian work Last couple of months tested Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Garner, also. This is the business to be in if you want to meet celebs and youtubers Now you know what you should be when you grow up. This whole, like, sitting still thing’s gonna be real tricky for me Because everybody knows I’m such a hand talker. It’s like a very stressful thing even though I know I’m not gonna lie It’s just- is that normal? John: Everybody that takes a polygraph is nervous. Why do you have to drink a lot of water? We’re reading sweat at your fingertips and some people come in dehydrated. Ohh, so it’s a technique? Without moisture at your fingerprints, we lose the most important part of polygraph reading. All right, everything’s reading fine We can do the test. Jake: Oh we’re going! Look at that! These are pins: upper breathing, lower breathing, Um Blood pressure, and sweat. I’m going to pump her arm back up now, so we have blood pressure So with each answer, we’re watching the right edge. The smaller the green mountain, the better Molly: Are you gonna first ask some, like, questions that are true to get my baselines? John: Sure Do you live in California? Molly: I do. Oh wait, it’s only yes, right? John: Yes or no with no head movements Molly: I’m already not good at this. Okay. Jake: You’re already peaking! Do you live in California? Molly: Yes We’re watching her sweat output Made about a quarter-inch mountain. So I’m gonna Amplify it, make it easier to see. Do you live in Texas? Molly: No John: Good Jake: Whoa! [Jake laughs] John: It also says she’s holding her breath a little The breathing’s going flatline like a patient dying in a hospital and going- well now it’s back to normal Okay, so it’s time to start the real questions Do you have retinitis pigmentosa? Yes That’s true. Do you have nystagmus? Yes Are you lying when you say you have nystagmus? No True. Are you blind? Yes True. Did you grow up going to Sick Kids Hospital? Yes True. Do you have light perception? Yes True Do you have shadow perception? Yes True Can you read Braille? Yes True Have you ever stolen from a friend of yours? No True I’m a good friend. Did you lose most of your sight at 14? Yes True Can you drive a car on your own? No True Are you faking about your eyesight? No True Do you want to be cured? No Not so good, let’s ask it again. Interesting, this one I’m actually interested in because I believe I don’t want to be cured but, like, maybe somewhere deep inside me, I do Do you want to be cured? No True Were you badly bullied in school for being blind? Yes True Okay, that’s the series of questions. Jake: Seems legit! [Laughs] Well what do you think? Was it a good, like, strong reading? I’ve been testing over 30 years, there is zero chance you are lying when answering these questions Boom. Heard it here. Now everybody on reddit can calm down. Thank you! This was so fun I mean obviously, like, I knew I wasn’t gonna be lying so I was, like, confident but, like, you still don’t know. When you’ve never done a polygraph, you’re like, how does this work? Jake: Yeah. Molly: Maybe now we can all, like, squash the curiosity and confusion. If you want to see me do another polygraph And answer questions that you guys submit for me, I think John and I here would love to do that. Feel free to let me know if you want to see another polygraph answering your juicy deep dark questions You met all federal standards for a complete pass on the questions of importance. Look at me, I met all federal standards I think we can all now say that- I’m so glad you asked the question about me stealing from a friend I’m such a good friend. [Jake: That is a good question] That is a good question! Cuz that says a lot about a person. It was meant to be mildly embarrassing We ask it for a reason But it wasn’t embarrassing. John: You answered truthful. All unhooked! A truthful queen, we love a truthful queen! [Jake: Thanks so much.] Comment down below: Do you guys believe me now? Do you guys believe me now? [Jake: I don’t. I’m not convinced] The other day, my best friend Braden. You know Braden. Well, okay so I was telling him at Thanksgiving, cuz I spent Thanksgiving with his family, that I was gonna be doing this on Monday And as I’m telling him I’m doing a polygraph to prove that I’m blind, I fell down the stairs And he was, like, “Molly, do you really have to do a polygraph?” [Jake: Really have to do a polygraph?] People just need to spend time with you and they’ll be fine. Jake: There it is! John: This was a real test. [Jake: Certificate of legitness!] Molly: There it is Molly: I passed [Jake: You passed.] I’m a real blind person [Jake laughs] Jake: Ah, pull [Molly laughs] Jake: We’re getting there. Molly: Oops! He’s, like, “Glad to know I’m not just guiding this person around for nothing!” Jake: He’s glad he still has a job! Molly: Yeah! Jake: He’d be an out of work puppy! He’s like I gotta earn this kibble somehow, you know I want you guys to know it’s like after 3:00 in the afternoon and I have not eaten today cuz I’ve just been really busy and that’s so unhealthy, but Now, I’m just, like, I need this! So it’s really good and I’m looking forward to my broccoli and cheddar soup This is the Asiago bagel with onion and chive And it’s so warm and delicious so Not spons but highly recommend. Um, anyways now, that we know I’m not a liar and I don’t steal from my friends and I am blind I’m feeling good How do you feel about me not stealing from my friends? Jake: I was impressed. [Molly: Oh] It was good work. Gallup, on the other hand… Jake: He will steal from his friends’ plates. Molly: Yeah, he will steal cheese [Jake laughs] from friends, so. Jake: You should have seen him. The second you said “cheese,” he sat right up and looked at you [Jake laughs] Jake: He was, like, knocked out but he was like “What?” Molly: He was! He was knocked out. [Jake: You said what?] Sorry, I don’t have any. I’ll give you some when we go home [Scoffs] So high maintenance. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this video Like I said, let me know below if you want to see me do another lie detector test answering your, like, submitted questions Whatever you want to find out about me Cuz I’d be so down to do that. John’s a great guy and I feel, like, accomplished I feel like not many people get to do a lie detector in their lifetime, so. [Outro Music] I feel legit All right, I love you guys so very much! I’m gonna eat a bagel (Muffled) Bye!

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