Amateur vs. Pro: Furniture Assembly

Amateur vs. Pro: Furniture Assembly

Those are the outside knobs. There are inside knobs? I’m here today for a
furniture-building contest against Arturo.
Hello. You’re goin’ down.
I think I should be fine. Good luck.
You too. What’s with the bell?
Don’t worry about it. You’ll find out.
(air horn bleating) Plus 12 hidden cams. Who’s Cam? Am I allowed to help her?
No. Sorry.
Please? (upbeat music) Help! Okay, we have to tighten four
of these cams right here. Wait, who’s Cam? (ringing)
Help! Come on, guys. So here’s
what we’ve gotta do. Steal the screwdriver. Yeah, all right.
(alarm buzzing) No, there’s an alarm. No, no no no no no, oh no! Next time I need to build something, I’m gonna hire a Tasker like Arturo. Actually, do you mind
grabbing my screwdriver? Yeah. (alarm blasting) God!

30 thoughts on “Amateur vs. Pro: Furniture Assembly

  1. Why, just why?! if you're gonna keep posting videos like this one i'm just gonna have to unsubscribe, this is not the content that i was looking for at all

  2. One of the very few videos i hit the dislike button on..

    The videos that i usually dislike i just hate on without hitting the dislike button, but some of those videos really deserve that dislike..

  3. well that was outrageously short, unentertaining and definitely not sponsored. You can do better, Nifty!

  4. If I wasn't disabled now I'd do this job. I'm a beast when it comes to IKEA furniture. I put together everything myself, multiple times cause I move almost every year.

    Art J. You did An Amazing Job!💥🔥
    You also Look very Handsome
    I will always support you.
    -Your Wife Elune

    I'll Hire you Anytime 😘✨

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