79 thoughts on “Amazing Flatpack M.A.Di House Pops Up in a Matter of Hours

  1. I absolutely love this house I have a problem with the stairs though I don't think I could walk up and down them at my age to get to the bed but I'm sure there's ways you guys can fix that maybe like a chair that goes up and down I can sit and go up there? LOL!

  2. Although this is beautiful and probably aimed at the middle and upper classes…if this goes up in six hours…This could be the answer for people who don’t have houses..governments around the world pull your finger out get them bought get them built💪🏻👍

  3. Thought you were going to show the build process….
    But you showed a selling brochure….
    Makes on wonder what's wrong in the design that your aren't proud to show the process..

  4. Really high technology shelters why not use silk fabric produced by hagfish slime with banna plant cellulose mats treated with water activated ceramic like concrete canvas? Prefabricate shelters and vacuum seal them then design them to be filled with a gallon of hot water and the whole shelter will expand and erect itself and cure in one hour? Or even design compartments that can be connected together to form a larger structure a modular design of pop up builds? The hagfish produced silk fabric hards to a cement stucko with the banna plant cellulose mats expanding and curing in a fully expaned configuration giving the structure a bone like strength? That would be so cool to be able to order a whole house on line have it shipped on site then just add hot water erect the module's connect them then let everything cure solid then run all the utilities? A fire burns a home down to its foundation. Insurance company replaces the home in a few days not months? 😒😉

  5. I see much I would not require and the title is misleading when you know damn well what is shown did not take place in hours.

  6. Houses popping up in hours will spell the end of the environment as we know it.
    Too many people sucking down too many resources.
    Its really that simple.

  7. Nice with the production of some magazine photos and screen grabs from a website. Try to watch this or any of your other videos is a waste of time. No real information. Sales brochures have as much or more substance.

  8. Be honest, a little open well designed house is all we need. Save your time and money for vacations, dining out and retirement.

  9. Small flat solar vacuum tubes with polycarbonate sleaves designed like shingles each with a thermal electric generator connected in series like solar panels to dress the outside of an A frame home to charge up organic carbon power cell banks. Could even add in resivors of gallium that absorbs and conducts the heat for optimal thermal electric generation and to produce hot water and heated air. 😊

  10. This is a beautiful design, but in my opinion, the MiMo furniture concept in this presentation is too much. And too much modeling software concept vs. reality. It takes away from the actual house to show so much standard fake software driven furniture that the same is seen in so many software modeling presentations.

  11. "A" frames were a big thing in the 70's. But I can't figure out where the kitchen and bathroom are in the ones shown in the video; it all looks like enpty space downstairs.

  12. In the days of energy efficiency in new construction how do these buildings fare? Looks like a thermodynamic nightmare with all the glass.

  13. Nice heater, looks good, easy to use and set.>>>https://t.co/a7tQiytqk6  Heat output not as strong as expected based on prior experience with a similar DeLonghi heater model. But, it works well for a small room and will take the edge off of a larger room. Very good from a safety standpoint.

  14. Silly me. I thought I was going to watch a house go up in a matter of hours. Oh, well.

    And, good luck getting a mattress and box springs up those spiral stairs.

  15. Man oh man , we need a million of those for the homeless in LA, San Fran , Portland, Seattle etc… house those poor people

  16. That design was a 5 day high school class…required…1. Sewer/septic. 2. Water systems..3.foundation..4.framing 5 completion /gardening

  17. way too much i can build the same A-Frame for under 8000 no lie who are you crazy people overcharging by 400 percent

  18. I like the simplicity of the home I wonder if the company would like to have a coventure with my company in the northeast U.S. ?

  19. this shit is crap people, just pay the rent it's increasing for not only you but everyone else, the second you get in there you will be freezing and spending hand over foot to pretend like its a real house, dont waste your time and money

  20. Thanks for sharing! I love A frames and the full window wall and balcony were my favorite parts!

  21. First video that I've actually watched on this subject (Tiny homes) and not a single word, no building footage no specs…NOTHING. Sales must be fantastic to have missed an opportunity advertise to a willing audience. Nice job marketing person, nice job!

  22. This is a wonderful idea straight outta my head. He must be my twin. Cause i will definately be purchading one. This is a dream come true. Great price. I love to be able to look out over mountaims an pines an watch the snow fall an leaves change. Iam a true outdoorsman. In a different way. No harm. Natural beauty. Nice clay wood stove from 70s in a corner but a modern one. I say flooring diferent. Interior i migh adjust a bit. But perfect

  23. I definately want one with a balcony an big french doors on bottom. I got Champaign taste but beer money for now but next two summers my lifes changing. Bucks racing school. Oh yeah indianapolis motor speedway

  24. Excellent purchase if I do say so myself. Totally worth it.>>>ur2.pl/1116 I have oil and this drastically helps cut that bill down and only minimally increases my electric bill. We use it at night in a large bedroom. IF YOU PLAN ON BUYING IT, SERIOUSLY TURN IT ON THE HIGHEST POWER OUTSIDE FOR AT LEAST 4 HOURS to get rid of the smell.

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