Amazing space saving design – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

Amazing space saving design – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

small space certainly has its challenges. But one thing I really like
about working here is that I have a very personal
relationship with the customers in our store. I’m David Vanderhoff. I’m the manager of
Van Alen Books. We’re the only bookstore in New
York City that’s dedicated to architecture and design
publications. This is our 400 square foot
storefront on West 22nd Street in Manhattan. Van Alen Institute is a
nonprofit organization that’s devoted to engaging the public
to think about the role of architecture and design
in civic life. So this bookstore is
a pretty clear extension of our mission. And we also are addressing the
very serious need for a bookstore devoted
to architecture publications in the city. Because when we opened in 2011,
there was no space of that kind left in New York. So Van Alen commissioned the
architectural firm LOT-EK to design this installation. And this is a firm that’s pretty
well known for using recycled materials
in their work. And they had a kind of
interesting challenge when they were approaching the
concept for the space because in this very small square
footage, they had to incorporate a more or less
traditional bookstore with something which could function
as an event space and could accommodate an audience. So LOT-EK decided to use the
strategy of stacking 70 solid wood doors to create this
incredibly strong structure which can accommodate up
to 30 people sitting. So they’ve built upward
this amphitheater. And they’ve taken advantage
of the very high ceilings. The doors were actually donated
to Van Alen by an organization called Build
it Green in Queens. They’re an architectural
salvage yard that’s re-purposing material from
demolition sites. The bookshelves are actually
made from planks from construction scaffolding. So it’s another recycled
material that’s become a structural component
of the bookstore. So these cables sometimes give
people the impression that that’s what’s holding
up the structure. But in fact, that’s not
the case at all. They’re really just there
because we don’t want anyone to fall off this installation. It’s really these bolts that
are fastening the whole structure together and anchoring
it into the roof. You’ll also notice that while
most of the installation is painted yellow, the architects
decided to leave some of the edges a little more raw
and unfinished. And this came from their desire
to evoke some of these less polished spaces that were
more typical of New York maybe two or three decades ago. Another interesting element of
the design is the lighting. We have fluorescent lights,
which are mounted onto the back of the installation. And it really gives a striking
effect, because the whole thing is backlit. So when you’re standing on the
street, particularly at night, the whole space just emanates
this yellow glow. So there’s this moment when
people realize that, yes, they can actually walk up on
this installation. They can have a seat. They can just grab a book and
get into it and take their time to browse the things
that we have here. In a lot of ways, it’s the small
size that makes Van Alen Books so unique. People feel very comfortable
just coming in, engaging in conversation. And I don’t think that’s the
type of relationship you can have in maybe a bigger, more
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43 thoughts on “Amazing space saving design – Tiny, Eclectic, Amazing Spaces video

  1. This amazing! I think my son and I will have a mom and son day out and visit! Im trying to get him to develop a love for reading. This spot is perfect!

  2. In an economy where bookstores are struggling, this guy opens a bookstore that only sells one type of book. And to have it be architecture nonetheless. This business won't last.

  3. I thought it had something to do with an architectural museum near by. Also, he sells the kind of books that Artists and Art Lovers would rather have as an actual text; they wouldn't translate as well in ebook format on a Kindle or Nook.

  4. Is that what it's called? lol you're right on, I've noticed that same silly speech pattern with many people, male and female alike and find it annoying and a very immature way of speaking. Many 13 year old girls speak like that and for their sake I always hope they outgrow that affectation in time because it's ridiculous.

  5. It's actually got a few names. Use that term in quotes and go to the Wiki page to see more on that. I have bowed out of conversations with people who speak like this because I find it terribly affected and annoying as you mention. I couldn't finish watching this video because of this "Australian question intonation". Also search for the Taylor Mali video/poem "like you know".

  6. actually, this past year has been a great year for bookstores. there was even a story in the nytimes a couple of weeks ago about how well small bookstores are doing. i would also say a specialty is great. hennessy and ingalls bookstore specializes in art and architecture books and it's been around for decades in the los angeles area.

  7. oh..I thought the steps pull/roll out from the wall and locks in place, and could collapse back…but it is in one place all the time..hmmm

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  9. Hi There.
    I am a Carpenter/Builder, living in the U.K.
    What I would like to do, is to learn to Sketch and Draw my Ideas without an Architect. Do you have any Books, that I can buy to Teach Myself.    Thanks

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