15 thoughts on “American Architecture Now: I.M. Pei, 1980

  1. Pei articulated his design philosophy very well: the ultimate goal of architecture is not functional but humanity (civil, in his words) . It is unfortunate that no one really understands or believes in him. Just look at the sorry state of landscapes in all major cities around the world. He could not do anything to change it when he was alive. Now he is gone…

  2. Mr. Pei. As you stated at the end of this interview, I think you will be known as an architect of your time. R.I.P..

  3. Mr.Pei is such a briliant architect, beyond description.
    He deserves more respect and admiration from people all over the world.

  4. You can see a picture of I.M. Pei and Kenneth Noland's collaboration at MIT here: https://listart.mit.edu/public-art-map/here-there. This comes up around 44 minutes into the interview.

  5. Along with Philip Johnson, Pei is one of the most overrated architects in recent memory. I'm reminded of the story of how Pei beat out Lou Kahn for the John F. Kennedy Library project. Pei's New York office was pristine and elegant and Jackie Kennedy loved it and knew he was her man. Of course, in stark contrast, disheveled Lou Kahn worked in a mess of a studio/workshop overflowing with creative debris.
    Today, Kahn is ranked with Frank Lloyd Wright, Corb, Mies and Aalto as one of the greatest architects of the 20th century while Pei's work marks him as an architect of considerably lower rank. And the Kennedy Library is a horrible building. It sits forlorn, on a wind swept oceanfront site south of Boston. Pei had much to do with the selection of the site; it offered an opportunity for his work to be unsullied by urban context. In truth, it is out of sight and out of mind; one could live in Boston for years without talking note of the Library's existence.
    Tellingly, Pei would do much the same for the rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, a project for which he was truly ill-suited. Offered an interesting site in Cleveland's old industrial Flats adjacent to downtown Pei rejected this it in favor of another grim, windswept relative nowhere of a site on the shore of Lake Eire and created another pristine, irrelevant monument to geometry.

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