An Architect Reviews the Aegis Hammerhead - Star Citizen

An Architect Reviews the Aegis Hammerhead – Star Citizen

it has been said that some of the most beautiful things in our universe are the most deadly and this well this ship is no exception hey guys morphologist here and welcome back in this episode of an architect reviews i will be taking a look at star citizen's first Corvette the largest and most powerful military ship yet added to the game I'm of course speaking about the ages hammerhead in order to begin though I must reframe the way I analyze ships you see the aegis hammerhead alike the constellation was designed from a utilitarian perspective that is to say that they were designed to be useful or practical rather than being attractive now in the real world that would mean that analyzing it as a designer or an architect would seem kind of weird but in reality we have to remember that it was designed by game designers who aren't aeronautical engineers they don't know exactly how to put together a spaceship and therefore their goal was to design a ship to look like a spaceship that would perform the functions that were stated in this case to be a warship so as you'll see in this video it is through this very important for framing as well as conventional architectural analysis then I shall measure the success of the design of the Hammerhead both inside and out we begin here on the bridge of the hammerhead on the interior and that's because it is one of the most controversial spaces at least to me of the design instead of mounting the bridge at the top or at the front like conventional science fiction designs it's been mounted on the bottom this makes for a very dramatic effect but unfortunately as you could tell severely limits of vertical visibility personally I subscribe to the philosophy of form following function but there are exceptions and I think that this bridge certainly is one of them and there are two things that come to mind that have led me to this conclusion one is that the space as I've said is very dramatic and that is important for the design of the ship to leave an impression on you the second reason is because the pilot in this instance does not need maximum visibility in order for him or her to perform their function and that is to provide a stable platform for the guns mounted to the hull the description of the hem read after all thus Reed gunship and it's for those reasons I find the space very successful but there's more to this space than just the form of it there's also the very important details which are made to convince us that this is indeed a bridge or a cockpit there's definitely inspiration of aircraft here with all these switches and toggles and screens on the roof but what's more interesting to me in this space is the design language that they've begun to employ here to convey to us that this is indeed a military ship note the exposed electronics the warning labels the color palette the graves the oranges the olive drab even the intentionally cooler lighting that casts hard shadows all of these are meant to compound to convey to us the message that this is a serious space meant for people who know what they're doing but now we continue our tour moving aft to the lift that will bring us up to the main deck here on the main deck you'll notice that the color palette is very consistent the design language has been continued here greens greys and accented orange colors as well as a very nice labeling system which indicates what space you're about to enter very important for this space we are entering now the airlock a true airlock with two doors for depressurization it has a different sort of lighting scheme and also employs a really clever blast door which conceals its location at the front of the ship well that makes the space interesting it's not what makes it successful you see the color palette here is very important the red that they use for the doors indicating that this is a special door that leads somewhere different somewhere where you should be careful and the yellow lighting inside of the airlock space saying caution be careful what you're about to do this is an airlock these subconscious colour cues are really important in architecture and in design to indicate a difference in space a space where the user should be cautious it very much says to me that they paid attention to every level of detail from the keypads on the doors all the way to the color selection the expression that they want to convey space is also very interesting with these mechanical components here in the harsh yellow lighting cast from below it definitely gives it a much more dramatic feeling and this space of course then leads us to one of the side turrets one of five which actually disconnects from the hull and becomes its own little pod this of course gives each chert a little bit more free range of motion this form driving itself purely from function rather than from design a pretty nifty trick as we make our way after though you'll begin to notice one of the very key features of the interior design feeling of the ages hammerhead that's the cylindrical shaped hallways this seems to be one of the things that Ages well CI G is going to use to show that this is an aegis interior something that has also borrowed from the idris also worth noting here is again the immaculate attention to detail the blast doors that will section off areas that have been damaged that padded walls that will protect crew mates during evasive manoeuvres that may throw them back and forth without proper inertial dampening and of course again the attention to detail with signage never ignoring the fact that crew members in disorientation during say a battle may need to look to signage to direct them to their next station or to where they may be needed most something I think we all can agree that the Starfarer desperately needs a well-designed floor plan is sure to make any captain happy as he or she shall know that their crew members will be able to navigate without issue what makes captain's even happier about the hammerhead though is that there is a whole section devoted to them I'm of course speaking of the captains quarters stepping through this bulkhead door reminiscent of old battleships we are greeted with one of the best design small spaces on the ship that's because it really recognizes the needs of the user the captain in this case a place to put knickknacks and personalize the space the lighting the desks position how it's slightly raised above the other part of the room you can just see the captain addressing their first officer what really makes this space exceptional though is that the designers understood the difference between public and private space this private rear area is different not just because there's a door separating from the other part of the captain's quarters but it's also different by the way it's sized and the way it's lit you'll notice that the lighting in here is a lot warmer and this is intentional you see warmer lighting that is lighting more around the 3,000 to 3,500 K range has been shown in studies to induce much more relaxation in those who are occupying that space versus the much higher frequency light such as here in the bathroom tend to subconsciously motivate the occupant to move much more quickly that's why a lot of fast food restaurants employ fluorescent light fixtures that utilize 5060 500 K light temperature lights try to encourage people to move much more quickly through the restaurant to clear the tables and having worked on several commercial restaurant construction projects I can tell you that this is definitely the case and has been brought up by my clients moving back out here into the hallway those of you who are paying attention to the light temperatures will notice that the hallways are also very coolly lit the consistency here is fantastic you know something that has really struck me every single time I've taken a look at this ship is just how consistent the color palette and design language are here again in the components section of the ship we see the color scheme the oranges again being employed to show caution and again here the designers really sell the space by introducing components which are necessary for the function like the engineer readout screen the pipes along the ceiling the ventilation the caution signs also note here not once did I say the space is either too large or too small that's because I really feel that the size of the hallways and the spaces within the ship are very well-done they seem just right for the crew that would be running up and down the hallway speaking of the crew though now let's check out the quarters that they will be occupying during long missions here we arrive at the crew quarters you'll note here specifically where the beds are concerned that the light temperature has once again changed oh this is no 600 i it does still need to take into consideration the occupants psychological health especially on very long missions and so I very much appreciate the softness of this room that's been employed the 45-degree edged corners the soft padding amines here of the bed and on the walls the much warmer color temperatures where the beds are all of these things are compounding to really make this area feel different and much more intimate than the other parts of the ship I also think it's noteworthy to talk about how the space is just sized correctly it's not too big and it's not too small it's just enough for the eight crew members who will be occupying it I also really appreciate that this shower room is separate from the toilet room on the other side it's something that I personally like to include on many of my residential home designs because I like to give the user the opportunity to use both spaces simultaneously it also feels subconsciously better to clean yourself in a space where you're not also using the bathroom and more practically speaking it does remove the smell of the toilet from the area where you're taking a shower also present here is the materiality that really sells that this is a military vessel the steel surface is really bringing home that this space could be hosed down in case they needed to clean it quickly so it's interesting that they employed a programmatically luxurious idea of separating both toilets and showers but the materiality still suggests a utilitarian and military vessel but it's always good to have some level of luxury even to the most suited Arian of designs but now we step into the most aft section of the ship the stern although the hammerhead is large it certainly isn't the biggest ship in the game and therefore some spaces had be hybridized this cargo room also contains the dual engines on either sides those big glowy things that are spitting off snow for some reason cancer inducing internal nuclear winters aside this space is very dramatic once again but I think the designers overlooked one major problem and that's if you open the door in this space you depressurize entire ship not sure if they're going to make these yellow blast doors operable in non-emergency situations but I really hope they would have doors like this that go over here into one of the turrets in every section where you can open a door to the exterior because although this is definitely intentioned for planetary use it's not always going to be the case that the planet you land on has a atmospheric pressure similar to that of what's inside the ship it just seems like an explosive decompression waiting to happen in conclusion though I do find this space to be a very special one it definitely is very dramatic and it finds its success through the again successful application of the design language established by Aegis again with the color palette here that's consistent throughout the entire ship but also the exposed mechanicals it's basically saying to you it doesn't care that you can see all these components it doesn't care about your comfort what it cares about is performing its duty and that is to be a warship and it does this very successfully again look at these warning labels again look at all these wonderfully detailed exposed mechanicals it really does sell the idea that this is indeed a space ship even if these things aren't actually real one of the things that really bothers me here though and that's a bit of cognitive dissonance is the idea that they have Evo suits here but again note your lock door if you open that big door on the bottom to have to use those evie a suits you depressurize the entire ship so I really hope that they do introduce some real airlock doors at least make those doors that connect to the hallways where the crew will be occupying presumably without EBA suits closeable the hell hey we don't vent the ship and I will remind you guys for those of you watching this and our new to star citizen that depressurization will in fact be in the game in a future update so having that happen will in fact kill you in the future but now we move to a really exciting part of the ship for those of you who are engineers that is of course the engineers station here overlooking the main engine bay and cargo bay design-wise it's very consistent again once again with the design language but also very much in form you'll notice that the ass that overlooks the bay is at a 45 degree angle this language of form very much echoes the hammerheads bridge as you'll remember that those glass panels are also 45 Don the second deck though you'll notice that there is an inconsistency of design there's a sealable airlock door here that seals off the crew area of the ship from the engineering section which could be decompressed why didn't they do this on the main deck I'm not entirely sure maybe they thought the mess hall was the more important space probably not this was actually a last-minute addition to the design they added this second deck because they realized they didn't have a mess hall and so I think these inconsistencies are because they realize they made mistakes earlier in the design and wanted to correct them for the last edition before they release the ship unfortunately it's somewhat left this space unresolved this mess hall area is wonderfully done the design language is great but the size of the space is probably a little bit too big it takes up a little bit too much real estate why does it do that might you ask well that's because if you've been paying attention you'll realize that we've come nearly to the end of this tour but you haven't seen a place for you to store weapons that's right there is no armory on this ship though I think that they could have reduced the space somewhere either below or up here to add in that armory it seems very strange to me that in ships like the 608 touring and exploration vessel made for luxury that it has an armory but not this military vessel that would presumably sometimes carry a small contingent of Marines and you might make the valid argument that there is no evidence here that this ship would carry Marines but then I would remind you that there's an airlock at the front of the ship and there is absolutely no indication from anything that that airlock is meant to dock with anything then as to say that the purpose of that airlock is for allowing people to EBA out to either retake or to board an enemy vessel this then is the biggest inconsistency of design for the ship it's a small one but it is a big one at the same time especially considering that some armory functionality has been added into star citizen recently yes you can in fact place weapons inside of your ship for other people to use so I really hope this inconsistency is resolved one last critique I'd like to add in here is the fact that they have very few windows onboard now I understand this is a military vessel but let's also remember that this is a space game and being reminded that you're in space flying through space while occupying the space ship is a great way to remind us where we are to give us a sense of place and really sell the immersion in this world like this ship already does so well one note to make though is that glass in this game is not made of glass it's actually made of a sort of carbon nanotube fiber and therefore is as strong according to lore as steel so having more is really not that much of a structural issue in the end though I have some closing thoughts I think that the design language of Aegis really has shown clear here I very much enjoy the way it looks the way it feels the way it really sells what it is trying to convey that it is a military vessel designed to perform a task I also find the floorplan an arrangement of program to be very successful the crew quarters are very closely located in the center of the ship so they have quick access to any of the battle stations in the event of a sudden conflict clear signage on the floors walls and ceilings are also a very welcome in needed addition to allow those who are crew to navigate the space during very stressful battle conditions where it's possible for smoke fire and explosions to temporarily disorient the user color temperature in the different program also responds very well to the specific programs use 9000 K in workspaces and low 3,000 to 3,500 K in rest spaces very well thought-out by the designers I also love that they chose the name hammerhead to define and inform the design it definitely made the ship's exterior hull design very aggressive looking and I very much enjoy the result a ship that will rightly instill fear and any so unfortunate soul to see it silhouette pass across their bow so what do you guys think let me know down in the comments section below what ship would you like to see appear on the next episode of an architect reviews if you're interested in star citizen and haven't gotten the game yet make sure you use my reference code which will give you 5000 UEC which you can use to buy either a ship or weapons in the 3.3.5 update if you want to meet me and get involved in my community also be sure to check out the arm code discord below it's a big community I share with two other youtubers where we play lots of games together and get you guys directly into videos we make if you like my video if you like me and if you'd like to see more also don't forget to hit that like and subscribe button and I hope to see you guys next time

33 thoughts on “An Architect Reviews the Aegis Hammerhead – Star Citizen

  1. I'm not any kind of architectural engineer or designer, but I really like these critiques. These little details make a world of difference, and I know you point them out because you want a better game to come from it.

  2. With all the care and positives in details and design you point out, Its still a 1980's design and lacks any sci-fi flair.
    Something the Polaris seems to have in spades – granted, that we only have JPGs of it.
    I love the exterior design, yet I'm disappointed with the interior style, because it looks like it was designed for current military forces, not for the Year 2949.

  3. as someone in the military even on deployment the toilet's are regularly separated from shower areas A due to plumbing and B due to hygiene so it makes since still from a military standpoint

  4. Great points but for a military vessel being so poorly lit… Imo there should be more light to provide a helping hand in fixing technical issues around the ship, or do they all wear special goggles to see in the dark? :))
    Imo you should be able to see, and another thing, Battlestar Galactica, they had a great idea with the bridge in the middle of the ship, imagine the bridge not having a window, or maybe mobile shutters that could open and close at will, and when closed the exterior should be projected on them, even the sceiling since you said they can't see up.

  5. The gaping useless whole in the middle of the ship should be an armory and deployment point for marines or, literally anything else that isn't useless. Being an owner of this ship and many others I can tell you that this ship was absolutely rushed and it shows. I.E., the last minute addition of the second deck probably squashed the entire ship which is your forehead drags against the ceiling when you walk down the halls. Lots of little things like this. The only thing really good about this ship other than the aesthetics you mention are the shear amount of guns. Actually a little disappointing.

  6. This is so well written! Im eager for more. But overall this video also sold the design of HH to me in such a fundamental level. Thank you for the hard work. Architecture is so interesting.

  7. Meanwhile in Star Wars, a ship of equal size would be like "CREW OF SEVEN THOUSAND" in the lore lol.

  8. dude can you please do a video on the aegis reclaimer. i would love to see your thoughts on it. i would even be willing to loan you mine for a video if you have problems finding one. but i love these videos you have done. and am anxious for more.

  9. Man i hate when ship reviewers use cuts to get around the ship. WE WANT to see a continuous walk through! Great script, good dramatics but i have the feeling that i couldve seen more of the ship, which ultimately is most important.. not a long monologue about the colour and the feeling that the airlock doors present etc..

  10. Armory Armory Armory!!! All anyone thinks about is what’s right in front of their faces, ignoring the aftermath of their actions.
    Another serious problem with this ship and almost every other mid size to large ship in Star Citizen is the fact that while we will in fact have medical gameplay mechanics, there is no medical bay on this and almost every other ship ever built by CIG. ?

  11. I feel in this ship the pilots duty is to assist the gunners in placing maximum firepower available upon all hostile ships a threat to them.
    Btw – The corner turrets have No life support (what air left in the turret and your tank is all there is (lower and upper turrets are unknown).
    Many ships are in a "damaged" state and when released to the public will not be (throw sparks).

  12. yeah the aegis hammerhead is fun but not when your just casually mining asteroids with your prospector and the ships just fuck you up

  13. I believe the turrets are too exposed and could take damage too easily. The mess definitely needs at least a second table.

  14. Also, why is the interior so dark ? I am not sure, but I think that many military vessels are painted white inside, to provide maximum visibility with minimal light power, in case power becomes limited.

  15. I don't like side looking turrets.. it would look a lot better if used the same turrets that are on top and bottom of the ship.. even if the user would sit turned on side.. Some ships turn shooters upside down and it works.. Why not turn to side? Or At least place the turrets to the side when they are in off stage.. for example: Side turrets on the front would look back, and turrets in the back, would look to front.. That way design would be more slick and not so spiky…

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