25 thoughts on “An Architect Reviews the RSI Constellation – Star Citizen

  1. During free fly, I kept going back to the Aquila, my ship. It is not great in combat, but the new flight model made it survivable, thankfully. I think it will get better with missle and armor improvements that are expected for the Constellation series.

  2. Nice video, Morphologis. Regarding the sick bay and the cargo bay, I think that, given the size of the ship, there is no room for a dedicated med bay but an existing zone should contain some medical equipment to serve such purpose up to some basic level (i.e. keep someone alive long enough). And regarding cargo bay, I'd get rid of the exploration dinghy on the back and dedicate that area to provisions.

  3. Nooo ships this size every where would be storage and anywhere you can put a medical kit would be sickbay. Stop thinking in terms of, "need a room for every department." To, "no space for everything improvise."

  4. About the cable it doesn't bother me at all. Mt time in the military has taught me to look down. I'm sure in the lore to get yer ship master license you would've learned to look down from time to time.

  5. I love this ship, well sort of. Yeah there are issue with the canopy. First you can see inside the ship. If it's possible, a two way canopy. The crew can look out, but cannot see inside. Second, the crew compartment, and living area is very small, tiny even. This ship needs to be wider, larger, it's a exploration ship. You might be out the the "Verse" for a long time. Now what if the ship has a neck that raise above the mid section. Kinda like Serenity. Your ship needs to be your home.

  6. I am an tester of this Game and i have the Aprilia. And i Love it because aquila doesnt has These bares

  7. i got caught up in how amazing everything looks from ship to ship, planet to planet that i never once considered the need for a sick/med bay <mindblown>

  8. First thing i thought seeing this thing : WTF no front landing gear ?? Haaaaa, the amount of stress my god

  9. Like all ships of a certain size, I think all spaceships for more han 2 -3 people should have a medical bay. It's just logical when you think about it.

  10. I just found this channel through sheer luck with Youtube recommending your Lorville business district video. I didn't know I wanted videos like these until I saw them. Great Job!

    In regards to the Andromeda. Too much wasted space, especially in the front of the ship. The pilots chair should be closer to the windows, as they are the ones needing to see. Struts are cool but when they are directly in the middle of your view they are harmful.

  11. i never understand angled walls for functionality, like why would someone do that? they would just use a straight wall.

  12. I don't know, it was the first ship I bought, but there are design things that I do not like.

    First the chairs on the sides of the captain, make it difficult for the peripheral visibility, a triangle distribution would be more efficient

    Second the chairs on the sides have few functions, the control of the turrets remotely, would allow the crew to monitor other systems while controlling it in addition to making the bridge more hermetic.

  13. Good series ! Agree entirely with canopy section needing a rework. Btw you appear to have part of a desiccated Geddon lizard attached to your shoulder.

  14. I mean a dedicated medical bay is nice because it's probably a bit more clean but really you don't need one so long as you've got an open space/bunk, medical supplies, and a person trained to use them.

    Besides haven't you seen Das Boot, they literally just stuff one of the casualties in the captains bunk bloody mess and all.

  15. The segment where you demonstrated the turrets, I'd kill all the lighting sources outside of HUD relevant panels and targeting displays. You're character was highlighted pretty brightly in the turret which to an enemy is like a neon sign screaming, "Shoot here". From a tactical stand point, the fewer lights, highlighting critical hit area's the less ques enemies have to determine where to shoot at.

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