An Overview of the updated Google Web Designer

An Overview of the updated Google Web Designer

Google Web Designer It’s time to bring your beautiful animations to every screen . . . The easy way [upbeat music] Create engaging designs that can run on any device. [upbeat music] With HTML5, your content will always look beautiful. No matter where it shows up. Focus on design while we handle the code behind the scenes . . . [upbeat music] You’re always in Full Control. [upbeat music] The sky’s your only limit! Tweak the code any way you want . . . Customize your design with more features than ever before Two ways to animate: Quick Two ways to animate: Advanced A 3D environment fully powered by CSS3 Publish designs to the web instantly with DoubleClick Studio and Google Drive integration. The sky’s your only limit! Fly with us today! Google Web Designer (

28 thoughts on “An Overview of the updated Google Web Designer

  1. There's a new version of @Google Web Designer available, including full 3D support, advanced timeline and more.

  2. Is there something similar for android? Something like PaintCode for Mac and iOS. Or is this suitable  for android apps too?

  3. Does anyone know if there is somewhere online to download some premade google web designer templates that I can play around with to get a better feel of it? Thanks!

  4. This is NOT a "professional grade" tool. It's not a proper Mac application. It looks like it's a HTML5 app within a window.  It doesn't even use the proper Mac menubar. And the Cancel and OK buttons are around the wrong way for Mac users.   Google, if you're going to do something, do it properly.  Mac users are NOT Windows users.

  5. I'm using the 1.3.2 version, i think is the last one.
    Is there any way to apply filters to the animations? I tried adding the filters on the css code and doesnt work.

  6. This is one of the most buggy pieces of software I've ever used! It's still in beta yet we are required to make our Html5 banners in it for adwords and doubleclick?! moving things in the stacking order freezes the screen 10seconds at a time. Publish preview half the time doesn't work and skips animations. Can't select keyframes with a click and drag… can't do half the things Adobe Edge can do… has made the last few days a living hell. Don't force people to switch over to HTML5 THEN force them to use this half backed product.

  7. I have download GWD from the website. after downloading and installation im getting white screen. I dont have graphic card. im running win7 64bit. I have read some article to in regedit and software and edit the value but not clear. Can u plz clear me and solve my problem to lauch GWD.

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