Answering the most searched questions about designers!

Answering the most searched questions about designers!

– Hey, everyone. Today I’m gonna be answering the most googled
questions about designers. You know how the Google
search engine works. When you start typing something it auto-suggests common phrases that other people have typed, so by searching for
things about designers, I’m gonna get to see what other
people have been questioning about us and about our history. Think it’s gonna be
pretty fun, and hopefully I’ll actually be able to
answer the questions as well. So, let’s see. I’m gonna start with why do designers why do designers use mood boards? Well, usually for gathering inspiration, and also presenting that inspiration in a way that shows a cohesive visual of what you’re aiming
for with the product. Why do designers use Mac? Because it’s the best. Don’t come after me, Windows people. I’ve had enough of that. (camera shutter clicking) Why do designers hate Comic Sans. Honestly, at this point it’s just kind of a joke
to hate on Comic Sans. It served its purpose. I think most designers hate it because it’s most often these days not used for its intended purpose. People use it when they want something to
look like a handwriting font, and it just doesn’t, and
looks ridiculous, but hey. Why do designers wear black? It’s really funny how, for me, design just means web design and UI, UX design, graphic design. That’s the world I live in, but obviously, looking
at these search terms, I’m reminded there’s many other
types of design out there. So, for the next one let’s
type what do web designers what do web designers use? Various tools and software. Whichever we feel like, to be honest. There isn’t a set one that
all web designers use. Right now, my favorite is Figma. What do web designers make? We make websites. (drum thumps)
(cymbal crashes) What do web designers charge? This depends, and I know
that’s a shitty answer, but it’s honestly true. It depends on your level of experience. Depends on exactly what the project is you’re making for someone. That’s why, if you’ve ever
experienced going to a designer and asking how much they’d
charge for a certain thing, they’re probably gonna come back to you with a bunch of different questions before they can actually tell you a price, and that is because it does depend. What do web designers do on a daily basis? We spend a lot of time
in front of computers, more than the working hours, and that is probably why you’ve noticed a lot of designers wearing glasses, because we keep hurting our eyes. What do web designers earn? Again, this one’s really subjective, and it does depend on a
lot of different factors, like where you live, where
you are in your career, what exact type of web
design you’re doing, and what company you’re doing it for. In general, though, web design
is a pretty lucrative career, and even outside of the
San Francisco tech bubble you can make a six-figure
salary doing web design. So, you earn enough, that’s for sure. Let’s try, how do designers get inspired? We get inspired, basically, from anything. When you learn design, and
you learn design thinking, you learn how to analyze things, and you learn how to pull
inspiration from various places. I’ve mentioned this
book many times before, but one of my favorites that I think every creative should read is Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon. There’ll be an Amazon link to it down below on the description
if you wanna check it out, but it basically talks about how to get inspiration
from various sources, and how to combine it
to make something new, and that’s my favorite way
to think about inspiration, is that I’m always looking for it. It’s always out in the world. Anything could spark an idea, really, and I wanna save it away for later, and combine it with something
else to make something new so I don’t accidentally
end up copying something. How do designers get paid? Well, someone sends money
into our bank account, and then we can spend it. (bell dings) How do designers make money? Okay, people really, really wanna know about making money, obviously. Basically, doing design
is providing a service, and so there’ll be clients or companies who will hire you full-time
to provide that service and to produce design assets, websites, books, brochures, whatever it is that they need designed. Sometimes, especially when it’s done well, design can look really easy and simple, and that can make some people question why designers are paid so
much, I guess, but basically, it takes a lot of years
of training and experience to get to that level where you can design
something quickly and easily, that looks beautiful and looks simple. It’s actually more
difficult than you think, so that’s why we make money
and that’s how we get paid. How do designers dress? Well, I work from home, so to be honest, I’m wearing
sweatpants right now, and that’s pretty normal
for me. (chuckles) Let’s try this with web designers. How do web designers build websites? This is an interesting one because, and I have a whole video about this, web design and web development are actually two different skills. A lot of web designers are able to also develop the
websites that they design, but not everyone does,
and not everyone needs to. So, the answer to this question is, a web designer might not build a website. To be honest, they might hand
it over to a web developer to get that side of things done. How do web designers use Photoshop? Honestly, I asked that question too. I used it for several
years to design websites, and then I discovered
Sketch, and then Figma, and honestly, yeah, couldn’t go back to
Photoshop, that’s for sure. I’m gonna try, why are designers so pretentious? (laughs) Why are designers important? Basically, everything
you see in this world has been designed, and that is why design is important, because if there wasn’t designers you’d be using things that
were really difficult to use, ’cause design isn’t just
about how things look; it’s about how things work, and also, though, the world would just be a
much less beautiful place, and so I’m happy we have
designers, personally. Why are designers paid so little? Interesting. I think this comes from a
race to the bottom in prices. Things like Fiverr and, what
are some of the, 999 Design. You know those platforms where you can just put up
a competition for a logo and pay someone like five bucks for a professional logo design? Those sorts of things are
really devaluing our industry, and I really just don’t stand by them, and that is one of the reasons why designers are being paid so little is because companies see that and think that’s a fair price for design, so that’s all they wanna pay you, but I promise you the right clients and the right exciting projects, they’re gonna challenge
your brain properly, those people will be interested in paying you what you’re worth. Why are designers creating
parasitic architecture? Let’s end this off with, are web designers becoming obsolete? I sure hope not. Are web designers in demand? People are really worrying about this. I can see why, because there’s a lot
of software these days that makes it easy for people to create things
like websites themselves, things like Squarespace, for example, but to be honest, the skill of design, the skill of design thinking,
is always gonna be valued. Sure, now it’s easy for
someone to make a page that has a big header space. Maybe it’s got three points. Maybe it’s got a block
of copy and a button. You know that standard landing
page we’ve all seen before. I’ve designed many of
them myself, so no shade. Those sorts of websites, it’s super-easy for people
to make by themselves now, so the challenge for us, as designers, is to make something different, to help brands and companies stand out and create something unique, create unique experiences that are highly readable
and understandable. There’s still plenty of demand, and room, and value in being a
web designer, I promise. Are web designers and
web developers the same? No. Well, this seems like as
good a note as any to end on. Seems like people are most
interested in how much we earn and whether our jobs should
even exist, so great. I’d love to know in the comments, what was one thing that you
were really curious about to do with designers
before you became one? What was something, I don’t
know, that maybe you had wrong, or were worried about unnecessarily? Me personally, I was really concerned about what designers wore to work. I thought I was gonna end up in this super-corporate environment, having to wear, I don’t know, a skirt, and a suit jacket,
and heels to work every day, which is hilarious now
that I’m standing here in my sweatpants and my long-sleeve T. Yeah, I was really worried
about that for some reason. Before I end this one, I give a shout-out to
my friend Jarvis Johnson who I copied this video idea from. I did ask him first. Don’t worry. It was really funny
and really interesting, so I’ve linked to his
in the description box if you wanna go and watch that next. If you enjoyed this video, if you liked watching me google things for the past however many minutes, then please give it a thumbs up, and if you’re new around here, then by the way hello, I’m Charli. I’m a designer in case you
hadn’t figured that out yet, and I make videos about
design every single week, so I’d love to see you
back here for the next one. Just click that Subscribe
button and I will see you then. All right, have a good week. ‘Bye. (throbbing music)
♪ Perfect, perfect, perfect ♪

27 thoughts on “Answering the most searched questions about designers!

  1. Something that I got really wrong is that I needed to know how to draw before becoming a designer and choosed my career around that! At the end of the day I studied software engineer, taught myself and worked with design since I can remember and today design is what pays my bills and my diploma is nicely hanging on a wall as decoration at my parents place.

  2. Super entertaining to see these questions!

    I think something I always searched for when learning design was a lot of questions around the design process and what others processes looked like; starting out, I was so worried I was doing something wrong in my process.

  3. Regarding Macs…..Depends. I'd probably choose a Imac over I dont know a PC for graphic design. Its in most studios and who doesnt love a grunt. I got an Imac that chugs and gives me crap but I dont complain. Probably the plus for PC is that it is perfect for video editing and doing Cinema 4D renders. CHANGE MY MIND

  4. Oh I loved this! Some interesting things popping up.
    Before working how to dress was deffo one of my major worries but tbh seeing your workwear videos way back gave me such a better idea! Plus it says it all that I've spent the last month practically living in cosy jumpers, black jeans and either my vans or boots every day!

  5. Awesome video 😄 I'm always so uncomfortable having the conversation about how much I charge and then the client brings up the cheap logo sites online. Gahh!

  6. unfortunately when they asking why do you charge so much? simply I am telling them it took 10 years of my life to make it with 30 minutes. 🙂

  7. My biggest fear is finding a job , the indestry is so saturated , I just want to go after it , struggle to get a degree and have to struggle to even find jobs. What do I do?

  8. Loving the tone of this video…
    Best reaction of Charli at “Why do designers wear black?”- pointing at your white skate kitchen shirt😂

  9. Your answers are always like perfect. Do you use templates for talking too? I think, a video about how you handle clients, how you converse with them should be an interesting one for many of us. 🙂

  10. When I was starting in design I wondered if I needed to be good at drawing. Thankfully now I know it's not necessary, although I'd love to be better haha

  11. In my Windows laptop I can draw on the screen and sketch as with a tablet, and after the prototyping I can code, also install any application that I want. Nowadays the best thing is a Surfacebook 2, it's superior you can do everything with it. Apple is not the best, maybe in the future regains his throne.

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