Apartment Fight Scene | Venom (2018) Movie Clip

Apartment Fight Scene | Venom (2018) Movie Clip

Do not open that door. Huh? Stay put. – Hey, Eddie.
– Who the hell is this guy? I’m gonna need
Mr. Drake’s property back. Whoa. – What are you doing?
– I’m, uh… I’m putting my hands up. You are making us
look bad. I… No, I am not. Yes, you are. – No, I’m not.
– Yes, you are! – No, I’m not.
– Why would you do that? ‘Cause it is
a very sensible thing to do. – Eddie…
– I will take care of this myself. – What?
– Eddie, where’s the bug? Take him down. I’m so sorry
about your friends. – What is that?
– Not “what.” Who. Oh. Shit. Outstanding. Now let’s bite all their heads off
and pile them up in the corner. Why would we do that? Pile of bodies, pile of heads. What the shit, man? No! No, no, no! – What the hell?
– Dude! How did you do that? Apparently, I have a parasite. Mr. Drake, our subject
is carrying the Symbiote. Connecting you
to the feed now. He’s achieved symbiosis. Are you seeing this? Are you seeing this?
He’s achieved symbiosis! Treece… Treece, bring me back
my creature. Eddie. You’re not even here, are you?
I’m just seeing things. It’s not real.
You’re in my head. ‘Cause you’re just a parasite. “Parasite”? You have a brain tumor, Eddie. I got him. He’s in the alley
behind the Schueller Building. I am sorry that I
called you a parasite. We can discuss this
like two men. What is that? What is that?

12 thoughts on “Apartment Fight Scene | Venom (2018) Movie Clip

  1. "What are you doing?"
    "I'm, uh…putting my hands up."
    "You are making us look bad."
    "I… No, I am not."
    "Yes, you are."
    No, I'm not!"
    "Yes, you are!"
    "No, i'm not."
    "Why would you do that?"
    "Cause it is a very sensible thing to do."

  2. How to not get killed by Venom

    Step 1: Don’t call him a “parasite”
    He hates that

    Step 2: Offer him Tater tots and chocolate

    Step 3: Don’t play loud music or have a fire place on in wherever you live

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