12 thoughts on “Architect as Developer: Taking Control of Design and Getting Paid for it, with Jonathan Segal FAIA

  1. как все просто…построить свой дом или взять кредит…в Украине и то и другое – сверх невыполнимая идея.

  2. I became a fan of both. Enoch and Jonathan.
    Thanks for the video. It`s truly inspiring ti see Jonathan approach, putting architectural quality in front and even so making good money.
    This is the future

  3. I met Jonathan in 2006 and followed his advice to build my house.
    We are about 50% done. You can see the whole process here:


    Thanks Jonathan!

  4. 10,000 hours of deliberate practice was a concept conceived by K. Anders Ericsson.

    Anyway, great videos! Very good resources for the industry!

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