Architect Builds Drake’s $7,000,000 Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play

Architect Builds Drake’s $7,000,000 Mansion In Minecraft • Professionals Play

so we come up through here and then you get that awesome view of the grotto hey everyone I’m Andrew McClure and I’m back to tackle another project this time it’s gonna be trying to build Drake’s house in Minecraft I think it’d be fun to do something here that what my general style is and more minimalist and some architectural concept that comes to mind related to Drake for me is the hotline bling’ video you used to call me all my stuff in that video it’s super minimalist lots of whites and indirect lighting and colors and instead of do something that’s you know super detailed and classical this is gonna be like the opposite and hyper modern and you know crazy kind of futuristic look I think the best way to approach this is sort of from a conceptual standpoint and I think to me what stands out the most about this house is is the grotto the whole experience around this like really really crazy pool all the other landscape amenities you’ve got the basketball court you’ve got the volleyball court I really like this idea of these is really strong walls so those can all be sort of freestanding several here let’s hop into minecraft and see how this thing looks in 3d because of the scale of this project BuzzFeed gave me a little bit of extra time prior to the shoot just to try to get a site that resembles what we’re looking at for Drake’s house to start out I’m gonna try to lay out the building footprint like last time and you know I think that based on some of these landscape amenities we kind of get a general idea of how big this can be so now we’ve excavated for the building pad this will serve as sort of the flooring for the the primary building some material-wise we’re going with a quartz block that’s pretty much a neutral white and I want to try to get everything in there to just be a super minimalist you know white all white to tie in the grotto maybe all the walls are gonna be like a concrete I try to get in a lot of the cool lighting tricks that you know he’s sort of passive in video [Music] whether it’s great we’re just filling up the pool so now that we’ve got this football field-sized building pad we can move on to the rest of the house so now I’m just gonna kind of start building up some of the walls I think using this concrete texture to sort of resemble the grotto and you know bring that material inside those will all be the most prominent freestanding walls and then everything else would be white oh we’ve got our first two pretty cool concrete walls set up Todd oh and oh is like one of the kings of minimalism and the use of concrete in Japanese architect so this is kind of does these types of big walls that has exec throughout the entire project and they just start statements on their own this will be the garage doors probably is not big enough Aries barrage but that’s why there’s them a record up there for all the other parking I love how this color is actually more solid than it is a texture I think in the end when you light it it’s gonna I think we want to tie into some white now white it’s getting to be gray I’m just filling in overhangs no extraneous and details or anything just super clean super simple solid white now we’re gonna kind of start working on the walls for the rest of the house the main house and I want to again kind of create a hierarchy to these walls right now they’re all the same height and they’re kind of leading you in different directions all the way into this space I want to have these walls be larger taller and really open up the space to the outside you know kind of defining each of those spaces so they’ll all be parallel to each other and kind of create the really cool architectural experience so that you get sick news every single in these spaces at the grotto so now there’s that symmetry you can kind of see those walls and those walls die into these walls here in the master and put the master over here I think just because you know this is probably some of the best real estate on the property close to everything we want to be able to walk out of your bedroom and jump in the pool you can do that so since the idea that all these major rooms open up to the outside you know I want them all as open as possible from the inside and taking the roof plane and I’m kind of bringing it in and then aligning everything so you get that really cool access down at the entire length of the space and then we’ll do some kind of pop-up ceiling detail right there [Music] so right now I’m just adding that last layer of white glass to the master and then we’re gonna jump into the living room and the kitchen and dining room main space [Music] we’ve got pretty much the the structure all dialed in so now I’m going through and just trying to get a lot of the lighting in place and then start to detail it out a little bit more so you can see it kind of gives it that wall washing effect and what I really want to do is do that everywhere so all the walls are just like you know feel like they’re like floating almost I’m gonna just kind of light up the court as well do some corner lights [Music] and what I kind of want to do is take a white wall but leave a gap and then put colored glass surround and then illuminate that so you don’t get this light right and color display that it’s kind of boring there’s no space so that’s like all centered on everything you know and I love I love that this structure is just super clean super minimal very like neutral tones all white and gray and then you just have these like highlights of all right so it looks pretty good I think we’ve tackled just about as much of this property as we can after our last go-around with Minecraft I did a little research because some of the comments were suggesting to put some shader mods on to Minecraft to make the the graphics look a little bit more realistic it also is more like what the 3d software is that I use you know on a daily basis so as we come in through here you know we’re coming down the driveway this will continue up and go to the guest houses you can see the Sun coming down now through the trellis in the entry that’s the garage so we come up through here and then you get that awesome view of the grotto and the pool so now we through here you can see the house reflecting the sky and giving you some different hues and colors and the pool looking awesome this is kind of coming into the whole grotto experience and yeah I don’t know how it is in real life but it would be cool to like make multiple pools each one with different temperatures and different themes and maybe different colors so now we’re in the grotto kind of moving around you can see the water crashing down come back outside and you get kind of this nice view from coming up the stairs to the grotto we’ll keep going up and then now you kind of really get that aerial perspective of what the house looks like [Music] all right so now it’s nighttime we get to see the whole building lit up you know all these planes looking like they’re they’re floating and they’ve got a bit of soft glow too we’ve got our Tyrell hotline bling’ backdrop they’re across the water [Music] I hope you guys like my interpretation of redesigning Drake’s house I think we got a lot of the main pieces in the right location and then you know it just kind of took off from there so I hope you guys liked it [Music]

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  1. Ponganle los trucos de cleanweather y el de time set al arquitecto. No puede laburar en paz. Ponganle en pacifico

  2. Turn on cheats and type in chat /spawn mobs false to get rid of monsters and stuff. Or just toggle it in settings.

  3. You say they are a professional but there are actual people who’s profession is literally building in minecraft, some are architects but most are level designers and just people who are talented at building, not so much a traditional architect

  4. I'm sorry but why is his SMILE so BIG in the THUMBNAIL WOW I'm not being mean or anything but I couldn't help noticing it

  5. Bruh it looks good but it’s all just…

    Glass and rectangles.

    I guess he doesn’t have time for details, but he’s on buzzfeed anyways, so he has plenty of time

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    that's the whole point of playing this game im also just like him that's why i know.

  8. I would tell his good at building conpare to mine i am a 2013 player and still i cannot build great enough
    Btw his new at mc 😭

  9. I can't build on my own coz I don't have ideas on the building designs so all of my builds in minecraft are all from tutorials. Like the exact copy of it.

  10. this and the last video with this guy are p cool, but the way the footage is sped up is literally giving me motion sickness, no joke.

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