39 thoughts on “Architects – Gone with the wind (live reading) sam speech

  1. dude at 6:47 looks how I feel every time I hear this beaut. Lump in the throat every damn time.

  2. Que gran voz la de este hombre , que autentica bestia , una de las pocas bandas que hoy en dia no se mueve por el dinero , si no por su musica , son increibles.

  3. Fuck me man. This really caught me off guard. I was sobbing for a good minute. Nice way to start off my day.

  4. Lost my dad last year, I come back here to think about him. Holy Hell was delivered to me during the viewing. The universe scheduled their album to help anyone who lost someone that week. Fuck sickness. Fuck pain. Live a valuable life.

  5. Just a beautiful day and performance for Tom, I know ur proud of your brothers πŸ‘πŸ‘I will see you soon πŸ‘

  6. My mom died of cancer when I was a teenager and I never really got over it. This band understands my pain and their music means so fkin much to me.

  7. I must say, even before seeing this beautiful display of realism and depth of emotion through their performance, this song hit me right in the chest. I've lost my own sister to cancer and all I can say is, that scar will never heal fully, as scars never do. But for the unfairness of it's unrightful occurrence to be so apparent in this band's performance; all I can say now, is I've found no other metal band that has let such a tragedy fuel the aura of a live performance like this. I love this band, I love that they are so connected. I love how real they made this song in particular send the emotion through me. All the love Architects!!!!!

  8. I've been dealing with depression for about 2 years now and when I started listening to architects back in December 2018 and came across this song. I couldn't hold back my tears and let out a good cry. I'm glad I came across this band. A lot of their songs resonate with me. Royal Beggars and my drug addiction but I've been morphine free for 4 and a half months now. Take care

  9. Despite this being one of my favorite songs, I can’t ever make it thru it without waterworks opening up

  10. I discovered this band last year after my mom passed away. This song helped so much with getting through it. Architects will always hold a special place in my heart❀️

  11. Rest in peace Tom, you were a fucking living legend, and you'll continue to be a mental motherfucker in heaven, one of the softest insane badasses there ever was

  12. ive only recently started listening to this band and it is the most moving metal band i have ever listened to period. i havnt genuinly been this emotional ever. i literally love this band with the amount of time i have listened to them and im not going to stop now. such a strong message in all of Toms <3 songs are just incredible, motivating and moving for everyone in the world.

  13. Fuck me this hurt to watch πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ only recently started listening to architects and instantly connected with there music on another level. Love this band and i wished i could have followed them sooner

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