28 thoughts on “Architects of the West Kingdom Gameplay Runthrough

  1. You’re still costing me a fortune rahdo.
    Shem will be pleased.
    Kinda cross between pillars of the earth, world without end and raiders of the North Sea.
    I like all 3 so I’m in.

  2. 21:36 Rahdo states that Jen has to pay the full 4 coins when she recruits apprentices, but if he explained her unique power correctly, she only has to pay 2 coins as she can ignore all tax.

  3. I will back it because I am intrigued by this arrest and take hostage mechanism… But the game does seem to suffer from something that killed Raiders of the North Sea for me, which is the fact which worker placement only just gives you a tiny bit of benefit, so you end up having to take dozens of turns before you can actually do something meaningful and that is physically tiring for me… I prefer when worker actions are a bit more meaningful…

  4. Does Raider play good 2p without a dummy player? I'm more inclined towards the viking theme and you've said that it's better with expansions, than this.

  5. Hi Rahdo, again great video. I was wondering if there was a reason you never made a Scythe runthrough. I would have watched it 🙂

  6. Backers from Norway, all copies of Architects of the West Kingdom will be distributed via Grimfield Games! Place your pre-order here:

  7. That's going to be a problem for Jen going back to the States…."she loveeees not paying taxes" President T. does not approve of that Richard 😀

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