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  1. Hey ! I was confused a lot with the idea of 'concept' when it comes to architecture. This video made it absolutely clear! Thanx a lot dude! 🙌

  2. If i may butt in with my opinion btw i'm a 5th year arch student and my view of a concept is divided into 3 types: 1-physical/visual concept. example: shapes of something like a leaf or tree or a web or sth that u integrate into the shape, texture or color of a building or something that u want ur building to represent in the world we live in. 2- metaphorical/philosophical or functional concept example: a sustainable building, self cooling/heating, accessible to all, child friendly, connectibility between structures… basically something that solves a particular human need/want in a building or site. 3- is a combination of both of the two which honestly is hard to achieve outside of 'modern' architecture. Obviously u get more points in school when u use the 2nd and 3rd type because it requires more data gathering and measuring precisely what benefits your concept presents as opposed just what it looks like. The 3rd type is a more complete and livable choice and is usually what wins awards… although don't just take my word for it but rather find out more for yourself and good day!

  3. I am a student of 3 license and I lack concept for a project of end of study then can you help me found 1 please

  4. Hi I have to design a architecture school in my designing class I have to give concept about it and as I joined class late I don't know what a concept is and I cannot understand it because every person I ask define it differently and common thing was getting inspiration from something so I asked my professors about it but they said you should be able to give a reason why you are using this concept, can you please give me some of your ideas because am really confused

  5. i have to design a guesthouse at this site. The site the professor gave me is a parking lot area and a bridge……
    the bridge and the parking lot are my concepts, and i have to design a guesthouse with NO BEDROOMS, NO KITCHEN NO NOTHING. just a structure with three spaces……

    im so stuck

  6. I have a concept or an idea for my project design but i cant translate it on the paper ?!!!

  7. I am working on a huge final project in school right now, and I was having a lot of trouble with my concept. This video helped so much! It cleared most up a lot of my questions

  8. Am kinda stuck with a farmhouse design! Cant think of any concept! can i get a bit of help? :'( my review is 3days from now! and I have no clue about concept so literally I didnt even start my design! :/

  9. Hello, great video.
    That example you said of the 2 rectangles rotated. Peter Eisenman used in the HOUSE II Project.
    I understand what u saying and agree. But I believe that u can also do the product and then a concept to explain it. Because in this way the project founds a purpose and with more work can get better.
    I have a question. Do you believe a project can have multiple concepts?
    Thank you

  10. Drew, thank you for the video! It helped me to think more about my concept and my idea. I will let you know how it goes after this weeks presentation.

  11. I am worried that I missed a critical point in this video: Your architectural concept should come BEFORE you design the building. The point is for it to help you make design decisions. So it has to be clearly defined early on. "Bridging the gap between the creation of art and the public," is a good concept because it is actionable. You can do that. So then you work on doing that in different ways throughout your process. With the guidance from your concept, you can find a direction in your process. 

    So refine your concept and make it really clear and concise early on, and make it actionable. Then it's really not as much about explaining what you did to jurors when you're done; it's about telling yourself the story of what you ARE DOING while you're in the process of designing. 

    Kind of a critical point missing there, but I wanted to put out the vid anyway because I think it presented some other good ideas. I may expand more on this point in another video.

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