Architectural Drafting | College of the Canyons

Architectural Drafting | College of the Canyons

Most students come into this class not having a background in Architecture, not having a Drafting background, not having an art background. It’s our job to teach you those techniques. You may not feel comfortable initially with the lettering, and the sketching, and the
model building or even the speaking, but it’s our job to
help you feel comfortable, to give you those techniques. To give you the tools to be creative; give you the confidence that you need. And hopefully you’ll strive to look at yourself as a designer and become that person. At College of the Canyons we offer very specialized courses in sustainability. But all of our classes in the Architectural
and Interior Design Department have a significant component of sustainability in them. And we’re actually looking to develop further and enhance our sustainability course offerings. With the 2-year degree from College of the
Canyons you can get a well-paying job in Architectural or Interior Design; in 3D Computer Modeling, BIM, or CAD, Construction Management or as a LEED Sustainability Consultant. Here at COC we also help students prepare
their portfolio for transfer to a 4-year university. I’ve been accepted into the CalPoly Pomona Architectural program, second
year. And with my degree in architecture I hope
to design areas where people are engaged, where it transforms
the spaces, where it brings the community together, and really just has a positive outlook on
their lives. Some of the 3D Computer Modeling and renderings that our students produce is absolutely amazing
stuff. It’s definitely professional level quality. In this program we prepare you for success
whether it’s getting a job with a two year degree or transferring for a bachelor’s degree. I know I have students from the past that
are just going to be phenomenal and I cannot wait to see what they
will becoming up with in their future jobs.

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  1. its rare to see how things work in north america, in latin america being a drafter its a low paid work about, 500 usd a month, but at the time, me as a graduated architect, with low experience, i can build a house without trouble haha if i get the client sure, if the construction cost is 50k usd i get 5k, there is no much regulation here, of course a licenced engineer do the structural design, you need to everything design, draft and mostly do construction to have a life here

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