Architectural masterpieces of Vienna and Otto Wagner  | Architecture | Showcase

Architectural masterpieces of Vienna and Otto Wagner | Architecture | Showcase

Vienna has something for everyone From its food markets to its shopping streets Centrally located in Europe the area was an early settlement for both Celts and Romans later it was the capital of the Holy Roman Empire and then the Austro-Hungarian Empire all of those influences can still be seen in its architecture today Vienna was not always a trendsetter but always very good in making something special out of something which already existed and this is also maybe in the Viennese modernist movement that’s why so much creativity was here in the city and it’s why here it was really a good soil to make something really special grow and that’s what is the speciality of Vienna I would say But perhaps the strongest influence in shaping the city came from one man Otto Wagner This is Majolikahaus which was designed by the architect Otto Wagner at the turn of the 20th century and as you can see here it’s a mix of tradition and Art Nouveau The distinctive tiling on the facade means Majolikahaus is still prime real estate today Wagner was commissioned to design the Stadbahn rail station in the centre of the city While it’s no longer in use as a transport hub His design has been repurposed The Otto Wagner pavilion on Karlsplatz is one of the most photographed tourist attractions in Vienna and now it’s also home to a permanent exhibition showcasing some of his most unique architectural designs The Austrian Postal Savings Bank is another feat of modernism by Wagner while the Secession artists association building was custom built byJoseph Maria Olbrich who was Wagner’s student for many years It was built by 29 year old architect it was his first building So it created quite a scandal a sensation and this really started modernism because this really started modernism in a way in Austria And what was architecture like in the post-Wagner era? Today’s Vienna is a showplace of innovation particularly striking is the apartment building Hundertwasser-Haus, which was opened in 1986 In honor of the centenary Otto Wagner’s death the city is expecting more visitors than ever to some of his most famous buildings Miranda Atty, TRT World, Vienna

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