32 thoughts on “architectural sketching house 3

  1. I can tell you have a lot of skill. I know it takes years of practice to get to this point. What I really wanna see is how you got to it. I think you should do a few videos of how to draw perspective, layout, aproximating distance and proportion, drawing to scale, and a bunch of stuff I don't know enough to know about. Like, have you always eyeballed it or did you start with tools? These are things i would like to see. Mainly because I source a lot of different skills and techniques to build and improve on what I have. My avatar is a stained glass cat I drew, cut, and built a couple years ago. This year I am working on arcitectual renderings and welding. I know. Ice cream and ketchup. Lol I need each skill for some projects I have baking in my brain. Anyway, I never have a chance to get what I don't ask or try for so, I hope to see more.

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