1. Its so easy to watch how u made it but when i try to draw sometimes im missing the point. This is so disappointing for me since im thinking of taking architecture in college 😂😂 maybe more practice will help to enhance my drawing skills 😂?

  2. Wow! I like how you did the leaves, I’m going to keep it in mind, it’s so simple and effective without being overpowering. Perfect!

  3. Muy buen trabajo. A mi esto me funciono muy bien para dibujar pespectivas https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.ar/MLA-777267899-libro-perspectiva-hecha-facil-dibujo-arquitectura-regalo-_JM?quantity=1

  4. You make it look so easy. I'm an architecture student and your channel helps a lot since arch. schools don't really teach as detailed as your vids. Thank you! 🙂

  5. Without being a critic this artwork is amazing but if you use your shoulder instead of your wrist to draw the lines it'll help give it a cleaner look

  6. I'm a computer engineering graduate and works as a software engineer, but architecture is one my interests. Thanks, now I think I can start off drawing houses as a hobby.

  7. Where can i buy marker or colors like almost similars to yours sir? As they dont sell similar to yours here . Can i use sharpie?

  8. Love seeing people use their talents>
    Could you please tell me how much this whole set; paper and pens and all used would cost roughly

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