23 thoughts on “Architecture in Helsinki – Heart it Races [OFFICIAL AUDIO]

  1. Don’t hate on me, I think this version is pretty good but I definitely prefer add Dog’s. The instrumental in this is fantastic but I just can’t get behind the vocals.

  2. It bums me out to see people saying this version sucks. If all I could say about this is "it sucks," I think I would be the one who sucked for not even attempting to appreciate artistic risk.

  3. Clearly musical "children" of Talking Heads and just as enjoyable for that influence in this particular piece. I love both this original and the Dr. Dog cover, for different reasons. I listen to them depending upon my mood and what energy I want to experience.

  4. I heard dr.dogs version first and I love that band so so much. Then I heard this version and it's grown on me very slowly

  5. I don't know why, but when I first heard this song, I was VERY adamant that there is something special about it. I stand by that.

  6. YOOOO scratch the lyrics and "awful singing" pretentious AF IS ANYONE LISTENING TO THIS BEAT??? I'm feeling it no shame. appreciate goodness where it's due! lol this is THEIR song! Dr. dog's version is great too!

  7. Personally I find the versatility in this song amazing, I really love the upbeat happy feel it gives. It is definitely a really fun song and the weirdness totally suits my style lol

    Dr. Dogs version is equally great just a different vibe 😊

  8. everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I heard the Dr. dog version first and I like it more than this. Maybe because this sounds so scattered to me. I just can't get into the rhythm something like that

  9. Dr.Dog basically stole this song from them. This is just so obnoxious and childish. Doesn't really seem very professional or entertaining. Horrible singing. Dr.Dog really does this song and its complex lyrics much more justice then this band ever could

  10. it doesn't matter if you heard dr dog's first and came here, or if you heard aih's version first, and then found dr dog. all that matters is that you now know of two great bands

  11. This version would be OK if it weren't for them yelling the "heart it races" part as obnoxiously as possible

  12. This version isn't bad but Dr. Dog made this song much better.  If not better, certainly more accessible and listenable.  It's a beautifully written song and clearly it took some real great rock and roll musicians to do it it's due justice.  

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