Architecture Jobs | Reality Check About Architecture Jobs.

Architecture Jobs | Reality Check About Architecture Jobs.

Architecture jobs. Architecture jobs are in rapid decline. Jobs for architects probably won’t completely
disappear. There will always be a need for architects,
just not so many. The vast majority of the annual 5,000+ graduates
from US architectural colleges cannot possibly find a job in architecture. Award winning veteran architects can’t even
find a job. There aren’t enough projects to go around. An architectural firm only needs one licensed
architect to stamp the documents. All the other jobs required for an architectural
project can be done by temp workers or outsourced via the internet to countries where an architect
earns about $13,000 a year and a draftsperson earns about $10 a day. This dismal state of the architecture profession
was predicted 25 years ago by sociologist and honorary AIA member Robert Gutman in his
book “Architectural Practice: A Critical View.” Gutman wrote that architecture was the poor
profession. Unlike law and medicine which can largely
create their own market, architecture is dependent on a market completely driven by outside forces. Like no other profession, architecture is
dependent on loans, sometimes massive loans. Usually a project can’t begin until somebody
borrows money. Because of this dependence, architecture is
among the first to feel the pinch when the economy falters. Much of what shaped the modern architecture
profession was the easy money and endless projects after World War II through the go-go
days of the 1990’s and early 2000’s. But even in these times the economy cycled
through ups and downs. Architecture felt every bump. The recession of the early 1990’s culled a
majority of mid-level architects out of the profession. They were replaced by entry level architects
who reached mid-career in time to be driven from the profession with the crash of 2008. The slaughter continues. Gutman could not have anticipated the impact
a rapidly shrinking global economy would have on architecture. Neither could Gutman have imagined how the
internet would eradicate so many architecture jobs. Entry and mid-levels architecture jobs are
now easily outsourced to countries where the work can be done for a fraction of the cost
of in-house employees. Architecture, as we know it, or thought we
knew it, is a dinosaur. Economists around the world are warning of
a coming economic disaster. Loans are tighter now than ever and very few
projects are getting funded. This probably will not change for a long time,
if ever. It’s not fair and it’s not fun, but it is
what it is. To pretend otherwise is delusional. You can continue to search for an architecture
job and hope someone will save you, or you can calmly assess the situation and realize
jobs are drying up everywhere, not just architecture jobs. Doctors and lawyers are getting outsourced
too. Architecture jobs may be heading the way of
the dodo. While the old economy is collapsing, a new
economy is emerging like a phoenix from the ashes. This new economy is based on the internet. It’s time to adapt. The future belongs to those who can leverage
their smarts and their creative juices with the internet. http://www.AdaptAndThrive.NET is an easy introduction
to how the internet works and how you can use the skills you already to create an online
business. You might need to learn a few more skills
too, but that’s what http://www.AdaptAndThrive.NET is all about. You’ll see when you get there. You’ll also meet a friendly guide who’ll show
you the way. It’s easier than you think and it’s fun. architecture jobs
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  1. I'm finally changing careers…Architecture is a dead profession in this country. It's a luxury now, not a necessity. The architects who kept their jobs are the only ones needed.

  2. Man this is all lies my mate just finished is architecture degree and in the matter of 2 months he got a lamboghini and huge house and even his own plane ye like WTF and he's only 21 but since september 2013 the money value on jobs have gone up he gets 80k to whatever in a week so its all about trying if you don't try you will not get your degrees and this video is such a lie no-offence and do you know anything about architecture John your just getting this of the internet and not actually looking in about what the jobs about it's not all about designing building it's the structure,outside,gardens,frond gardens and even house decoration inside i have got 1 year left in uni even my teacher said all that what I said so ye

  3. you idiots, you cant see that the video it talking shit to convince you to go to his site… architects are needed in developing countries… no shit there are no jobs in america, go overseas… why call urselves architects if u full for stupid shit like this

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