Architecture Portfolio / Unconditional Uni Offer

Architecture Portfolio / Unconditional Uni Offer

hello everyone and welcome back to my youtube channel so I'm so sorry I haven't filmed in quite a while I've been visiting University to offer holder days and I've been so busy with schoolwork but and finally back with you today to give you another video and today I'm gonna be talking through my architecture portfolio so to give you a bit of a background I use this portfolio to applies the universities of Cambridge Natyam Sheffield Queens and Newcastle and I've also be decided to take my unconditional offer to the University of Nottingham and I'll be giving you a show through of this my portfolio in this video which I use to apply and run a bit of background information is that I studied art at GCSE and in which I got an a star however I didn't study a level art so most of this portfolio has been put together with the combination of GCSE work and work I've done off my own back so I'll take you into the video so for my portfolio I purchased and I to black portfolio cave and I also used an a5 sketchbook and this is what I brought along to my University interview and submitted online so online when you open up my portfolio you're presented with ten different pages of artwork all of which I've stuck on the black card first piece I've decided to include by when you open up my portfolio you're presented with ten sheets of black card in which have stock Larry's piece of artwork and the first piece I've decided to include is an A to M picture of Taj Mahal which I did as part of one of my GCSE markets and I've since improved for my architecture of portfolio and in which I've used bio and a splattered dome effect and in my interview I just talked through each of my pieces for around two minutes and then if I flip over to the reverse side of the page I've just cast out a few of my experiments so I can talk through the different ways which I have experimented with my different ideas and developed college my side for the second page in my portfolio I've put a series of life drawings and during's of the face so the piece in the top right and the bottom left two pieces I completed specifically for this portfolio and the top right and bottom left piece I completed as part of a DV project in which I used art for my skills and I stuck all these pieces down and talked about the contrast between them all specifically the top left and bottom right piece in the way which I've used line in different ways to convey different form I decided to include some work of architectural nature in my portfolio so this is a project which I made first part of my art scholarship application in year 11 and I made a model of an eco home and I also made a floor plan of the Eco home and since completing this work I have now made a 3d virtual reality of the project which has been in the top left of this screen and I completed this using sinhala designer I think it was just like a web M site which I found what I googled it and I put all these pieces together to show that as I have real interest in eco home design and sustainability to show you that I have used 3d materials to make models as it is really useful for architecture school so for this nips next page I decided to include two pieces from one of my year 11 projects which I completed at school and this was two different Rembrandt transcriptions as well as the easel I think to do with architecture in nature just to show that I've got a variety of skills and I can paint with an oil paint and I can also complete quicker sketches of faces and this next pace page here unfortunately there's a bit of lights glaring on it I can't read anything about this this is three different images which I've taken to show the way in which I can engage in architecture in a photographic mediums so the top piece I particularly interested in the way much is drawn down the structure and for any of you was interested this was taken at Southend pier in Essex and then the bottom left piece this was taken from the London Aquatic Center and I was as part of this piece I was focusing on the ways the smooth curves are used and contrast the glass beneath and I also made sure I had the people in there to emphasize the scale of the building and to look at the sustainable qualities seen through the wood and the plants around the base of the structure and the bottom right piece was an photograph that other words also Southend pier it's of a cultural center there and this piece here I really liked the angles because the harshness of the triangles almost contrast against the smoothness of the weight as they crash against the beach so in the pier so I found that really interesting and they also used the timber on the base of the building was from the original piece this work here was taken as part of the year 10 projects in which I explored different animals and use different medians and I decided to include this piece in my project just to show how I could use a ride range of materials and it was more like a fun piece as I wanted to try and show a range of different materials within my project and also quite a range of different subject matter so this work here I undertook at New London architecture and there's a drawing course which they run and for year 11 12 and 13 students and if you want any information on that do let me know in the comments that I can give you more details but basically this is one of the projects which you run for a session and then which I send it at home so we had to create an eco design within London so the top and left is the image which we created when we were there which was the collage of a and bridge like we chose mendelian bridge in which we would fill it up with plants along the rails and then build rooftop gardens and then from this I just this one here I created a sketch of London and then covered it with the design and then I created a 3d model and sketch of the glass tiles which reflects on Paul's Cathedral which we had on the roofs of our design so this piece here was requested by Sheffield University however decides to include in most of my portfolios and in this I explored my local area as a thing was my street so I go down Stephens and so I decides to paste my piece on the map and using my road sign to kind of route the paste and then in the top left I have an image which is on tracing paper to show how the nature is blending into the surroundings and then beneath that I have a church in a light pencil to show how the significance of it is fading within our community then I have an image of my house which is done in buyer to again show has integral to my community and three further pieces on the right rather which again just developed different areas within my local area so these last two pages linked together with the top four images being all different experiments which I completed in year 11 to come up with the final piece which is below which was actually an a.1 canvas but obviously I couldn't bring that with me to my portfolio interview so I just put a photocopy of it on there and here I just explore different ideas to show how I could develop my thought process in order to come up with the final piece so that was basically a walkthrough of my portfolio and my best advice for this is to pick a set amount of pages and if you have to do a tangible portfolio which you can comfortably talk about in around 20 minutes and I will insert here I'll try to some images of my online portfolios which I submitted to my universities to show how I kind of took the tangible artwork and presented it in an online format and that many of the different university have requirements for how many pages you can submit for your portfolio if you just do it online so you have to make sure you're within the page limit or the artwork limit so now I just give you a little quick run-through of my sketchbook so this sketchbook has been ongoing for around I started it in the summer of last year and I finished it in around December so around four months or so and this was just to keep up with my art skills and just to observe a wide range of different and buildings and various different landforms around me and I took this to my Cambridge interview and I also included and some of the images from this within my online portfolios like not all of the pieces because most of the experimental but some of the pieces I was more pleased with I included within my online portfolios so I'll just give you a little walkthrough of that now so this here is my sketchbook and by no means is the best catch but this is like an experimental ideas which I've had so if we start at the beginning I just left a blank empty page and then I started off with a tiny pencil I draw and then I this is a texture piece that I acted on my Goldie the expedition and this piece here I decided to layer different materials to look at the banisters in my garden as this was completed in the summer and I then did a very quick watercolor and calligraphy pen a sketch of my garden followed by just a little toenail pencil sketching my house just to get used to drawing property this was taken when I was in holiday in sorrento and it was just a very quick watercolor piece and this was taken from the view of my hotel it was like a rooftop terrace and this was a mount vesuvius this is just a pot on a roof terrace and this was taken this one I haven't been to Sydney this is just an image which I found a soft pastel piece of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House and again more detailed tonal pencil of Sydney Opera House this here is a piece of shell works I did to work on my total pencil skills and this is a part of the work I did nods in London and earlier this year these are some perfume bottles and again some specific work looking at the ear this was taken when I was at South End and when I was doing my photography and this is at the Cultural Center and this was another one of the projects which we completed at New London architecture where we have to do some model drawing and this was a dystopian City idea which I had for my Anna Sheffield portfolio which I decided not to include in the end what I thought I'd put it my sketchbook and this is just a view from when the lakes I visited and this is just a natural garden little river this here was a tester for my images which I included in my portfolio as I've since improved days and this was very quick and I do in which I really use block colors to accentuate the form of the face and I also went to London for a day trip in order to just do sketching and so the next two images are from that of various landmarks in London this is at Stansted Airport before I flew back to Belfast right interview this is again another worked isn't New London architecture of course this was an expressive form in which you'd use building and your hobbies combines I'm very passionate about music so I combined architecture and form to form a music house and this is an idea I developed from that here I've just done something that's still life and let's rather some figure work of dancers to look at form and there's just a few sketches which I've completed just a random household objects so that is it for my sketchbook so I really hope you have enjoyed this sketchbook and portfolio tour – I is obviously not the best portfolio but you have to remember that when an architecture and missions places are looking for architecture students they're not looking for a perfectly polished portfolio they're just looking for a range of work within the portfolio and if you have any questions do leave them in the comments box and please remember to Like comment and subscribe if you have enjoyed this video and I'll try and be back doing a bit more YouTube documenting my journey throughout a levels over the summer and then as I begin architecture school in September so thank you for watching

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  1. Hi! Can you give any info on the drawing lesson at the new london architecture. How did you register for that? Also do you have any tips for extra curricular activities for architecture

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