21 thoughts on “Architecture Spotlight #84 | Living Walls by TruVine Design | Delray Beach, Florida

  1. This reminds me of the greenery covered buildings. In Sydney. How much for you to come redo my desolate back yard in Texas? (Houston) LOL, n Pleeeeese,, we have no decent contractors here at all.

  2. As a child I bugged my mom for a plant wall but she said it couldn’t be done. Now it can and it look great!

    These things have been on the market for a while now and although I like how they look, I don’t like how they work. As a plant lover, I want to see the plant happy and I doubt it ever will be in a small pocket with a tiny amount of soil. I imagine you need a lot of fertiliser to keep them alive. Also, if you get pest, you suddenly have a very big problem.

  3. You have the best job in the world! Dealing and caring for plants is so rewarding! In love with these vertical gardening walls 😍

  4. Wow, this blows away my Pallet gardens.      I'm in Clearwater Florida, and would love to collaborate with you Jeff if you are in the Tampa Bay area.   Lets meet for a bite to eat and good conversation 🙂

  5. A work of art! It's amazing….. The felt pockets are a brilliant idea. Guess what I'm going to do.

  6. So you wrapped the root-ball in a moisture-holding felt before you tucked it into the pocket. What is the name of the moisture-holding felt & where can I find it? Please. And thanks for the beautiful video! I tried making a living wall once before but it dried-out too fast; I want one so much and you have shown me how. Thanks!!

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