7 thoughts on “Architecture & Water documentary. Part 1: A river runs through it

  1. incredibly interesting subject. the facts of the matter are that Urbanisation and increased risk of flooding to our urban areas mean that cities are erecting large areas of barricaded waterfront, in an attempt to reduce damage, this can be seen as a temporary solution but ultimately doesn't solve for the long-term. what will happen to our historic cities in a hundred years? how does the urban landscape evolve to house an increased population? this topic should be among one of our most talked about problems as a society not just as architects.

  2. Water is very important element in building a structure. Even most of the architects build their shelter with water or next to it. As an example Frank Lloyd Wright build Kaufman (falling water) with the water fall. Water will give sense of relaxing & satisfaction feelings for the client….

  3. A missed opportunity. It might help if architects understood the word 'navigation', residual waste from Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, Lambeth, Wandsworth and the City of London goes downriver by barge, aggregates come up river taking thousands of lorry journeys off of London's roads . Passenger transport in the shape of Thames Clippers is thriving.

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