Are Gigi Hadid and Tyler from “The Bachelorette” Boning? – Lights Out with David Spade

Are Gigi Hadid and Tyler from “The Bachelorette” Boning? – Lights Out with David Spade

Uh, oh, great news
for sloppy seconds. The Bachelorette runner-up,
Tyler Cameron, was seen leaving
Hannah’s Los Angeles apartment on Friday morning. Just days later,
he was seen on a date -with model Gigi Hadid.
-(Leggero gasps) -(audience whoops, gasps)
-Whoa! You don’t care. They know when to “whoo,”
though. They’re like, “Ooh!” She invested nine weeks
of her time only to have someone hotter
take him away. What do we think of this?
Is it fair? I mean,
they have matching eyebrows. -(laughter)
-They do. So they’re off to a good start. I can’t believe Zayn
is out of the picture. -This is… I didn’t know.
-KASHER: No, I know. -I’m crushed.
-How is this a story about Tyler and, you know,
and his comeuppance and not a story about Gigi Hadid
hitting rock bottom? -How? How?
-Yeah. Yeah. -Also… -How do you go
from dating Zayn Malik to a runner-up on The Bachelor? She’s headed in one direction: -downhill.
-SPADE: Yes. (laughter and applause) No, can I just say… -every time I go to…
-Uh, downhill. Every time I go
to the grocery store and I see these people’s names
on magazines, I don’t understand
what’s happening. It’s like…
It reminds me of, like, when a ten-year-old
tells a story. They’re like,
“Claire and Jason took my ball, “and then, like,
Julie got really mad, and then Tyler (bleep)
Tyler Hadid.” Or what’s her…?
Couldn’t think of it. (laughter) -Tyler Hadid!
-I like it. That’s the name
of their love child. And with those brows,
their kid, you know, that kid could star
in The Chappo Swappo. (laughter) It’s back! The Bachelor is funny, though,
when, uh… Like, I love that they all fall
in love on these private planes, and then the cameras go off, and they all have to fly home
on Spirit. -You know? Like…
-(laughter and applause) They’re in an UberPool
on the way home going, “Wait.” “How are we going to maintain
this love?” They’re like,
“Is this love? I don’t know.”

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  1. That picture of the Tyler guy looks like a drummer from the 1950’s who was in a band that sang about polka dots and good girls

  2. Big fan mr.spade I've been watching you since I was a kid when you was on snl watched all your movies you are the man love the new show this and the jim Jeffrey show are the best one comedy central

  3. Oh no David! Please don’t tell me you’ve relegated yourself to sitting around gossiping about celebrities among C-list celebrities. You’re better than that. Go back to comedy.

  4. He had to fulfill his promise to Hannah before dating Gigi. He didn’t do anything wrong. If Jed didn’t have a girlfriend back home he would be history to Hannah.

  5. To that guy who said Gigi's hitting rock bottom by going on a date with Tyler, soooooo status is more important than the actual person? Got it! 🙄

  6. David Spade is hilarious, just imagine if Farley was still alive and they had a show together, sort of like the view but just those two with various guests.

  7. Dude stop harassing me on SoundCloud. You’re not funny, you have a boring voice and Id rather listen to more interesting music than the monotone cunt lipped voice on you. Fuck off.

  8. Tasha has really let herself go since moshe. Hey Tasha, when your ready to leave moshe let me know, HA HA HA HA HA ! ! ! !

  9. Dude you are a fucking ass hat. How many dicks do you suck for your lame ass show. Why are you still suck g corporate dicks? For real, you are a nasty fuck knuckle. Ewwwww

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