Art Challenges! Fun Art Video – Draw Disney Princess as MODERN GIRLS! | Mei Yu

Art Challenges! Fun Art Video – Draw Disney Princess as MODERN GIRLS! | Mei Yu

hey everyone this is mei yu and welcome to fun friday every friday i try to do something new fun or challenging last we got your famous characters head swaps thank you for supporting by liking and sharing a video I’m glad you have fun with this challenge today I’m going to draw some Disney Princesses as modern young ladies some of you have been suggesting this and I wonder how they’re gonna dress like today I think this is gonna be a fun challenge and I wonder how they’ll turn out comment below to let me know who’s your favorite I challenged myself to draw some Disney Princesses as modern girls and show their different personalities through their outfits and expressions this took many many hours for me to draw these princesses in today’s video I can draw all of them in one video because it would have taken me too long if you want to see more princesses please like this video and let me know i might do other words in the future I’m starting with area as how i imagined her if she was from today’s time . when i designed by modern area i took her personality into consideration just like in the movie she’s brave curious and left to explore I thought a cute corset top with shell designs on the bus would be a nice fit I also gave her mermaid tail tattoos on her arm I think skinny jeans will be a nice addition to her outfit I had to include the fork I think it’s a nice tie to the movie and it’s a great symbol I’m trying to use similar colors for her outfit to connect with the original i really like area because she knows what she wants and goes for it does area looks pretty cool as a modern team ok here i’m turning a brave young woman into a stylish modern lady I thought determine lon into a tomboy because I felt this reflected the story pretty well however there are so many different types of tomboys and I did lots of initial sketches to see which direction I wanted to go after some initial sketches i decided to draw modern long as a stylish young lady like this I love me long because she knows how to kick some serious butt oh so she has a dragon I love dragons I designer with a trendy overcoat and then layered her shirts underneath for her pants I drew them slamming street and I love her cute ankle boots I wanted something different so I gave her stylish hat I was wondering which hairstyle outfit and color scheme I should go with because she has a few different ones from the movie in the end i went with this hairstyle and outfit’s colors because i think it’s a nice symbol for what she achieved in the end she looks like a classy lady in a big city ok now i’m drawing bubbly Rapunzel as how she might look like today I love your puzzle because she’s very artistic and creative and also she’s very good at using frying pans for other means here I’m imagining here in our clothes just drawing away her hair looks dangerous I had lots of fun drawing it Oh guess who she was drawing on her sketchbook the i love the new modification I decided to give modern Rapunzel acute schoolgirl look with a collar shirt vestil top and skirt I used by different purple and pink workers to get a look that’s similar to her original colors i also gave her that flower in her hair I think it’s pretty touch I would love to be with her an art class here’s someone who’s not afraid to challenge the norm and this is how i imagined era in modern times I gave my Merida this expression to reflect her personality after some initial sketches i came up with a short open blazer layered shirts and shorts leading into rip types i think she looks bold I gave her a white belt with a simplified Celtic design on it also gave her plan to suddenly connect with their background this is not the first time for me to draw Merida I was like your head is new world agency me dry meter ariel and other Disney characters on the spot in my second travel with the artist video I try to give various shades of dark teal for her outfit makes with other colors for variety I like Merida for her individuality and also for her skills at archery i love our tree but I’m only good at hitting the ground now I’m reimagining Pocahontas in modern times I can’t Pocahontas is necklace and made her top into like a stylish one shoulder crop-top the neckline reminds me of her dress I love her because she can look beyond boundaries and she has a free spirit I really like how her hair was designing movie like how it flows and everything I just think it’s so beautiful i try to draw her hair in a similar way oh my god sorry I love Meeko was like one of my favorite disney animals i am fangirling always fun coloring Pocahontas hair with a black and the blue lines inside like how she had her hair in the movie I love she looks as a modern young lady alright here comes a queen I wanted to include her in this video I had a lot of fun imagining how else would look like as a modern woman ok I like Elsa because I feel connected to her she has this special skill but is misunderstood sometimes I gave else acute open shoulder top to reflect her gowns opening then I designed her in a fun mini skirt i like how gave her a person phone like she’s a busy professional on the way to her office or on a date I feel she could be one of the top managers at a company curious what kind of company do you think she should work out in my 1 million subscriber special video some of you suggested that we should have a name for our furniture community and I think that’s a brilliant idea i think it’s wonderful you find your fans want a name to call ourselves and I like to reach out to you guys so if you have any name ideas please share them in the 1 million subscribers special video in the comments and only on that video so we can keep all the name suggestions in one place and like the ones you like and let’s see where we can go from there thanks for your help for her alpha colors i use light and darker blues to connect with her original dress I thought it would be fun to match her top with her shoes and her purse with her which modern princess reflects your personality or personal style the most if you like please share in the comments i love how they’re all so different in individual if you want to see more modern disney princesses like this video and let me know in the comments if more people want to see more than I might continue the series in the future and thank you for supporting art in my fun2draw channel with your likes subscribe and share my videos with your friends and on social media I’ll see every week on tutorial Thursday and Friday till next time bye guys

100 thoughts on “Art Challenges! Fun Art Video – Draw Disney Princess as MODERN GIRLS! | Mei Yu


    why am I so clueless?!

  2. "I like Ariel because she knows what she is and goes for it…..(whispers) and she doesn't listen to her dad >:) "

  3. Thank you for properly portraying pocohantas’ shade because wreck it Ralph did a horrible job lol

  4. Mei I’m going to do a drawing for you on my channel pls watch it and comment on it!

    It will be called “My fave youtubers as Disney princesses | D.I.Y.W.F. | Hausler Family Fun”

  5. I love the rapunzel picture you did such a good drawing of my favorite princess keep up the good work Mei Yu

  6. I am most like Mulan, because I am a tomboy and a rebel, plus I will stand for what is right, I am also underestimated and strong.

    Ps I did not say this because she is my favorite princess, my favorite is Rapunzel

  7. Your direction with mulan was actually quite different from where I would’ve gone. Personally, I’d probably have done her as being in the military. Probably would’ve looked up what the Chinese military uniform is like and done that. As for Elsa’s company…I’d say a Ski resort Franchise

  8. So, Brave is probably my least favorite Pixar movie because of Merida. But now that I'm older, I am very relatable to her. Your modern Merida looked punk. Ariel did too, and I can relate to both of them more. Cause I'm punk. Punk gang, where you at?

  9. Ariel: Anthropologist because human fascination.
    Mulan: Military officer for obvious reasons.
    Rapunzel: Animator because she likes art.
    Merida: Politician.
    Pocahontas: Vet because she loves animals.
    Elsa: Owner of a snowplow company because I love irony.

  10. "I really like Ariel, because she knows what she wants and go's for it… also she doesn't listen to her dad.." I lost it 😂

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