ART DECO - Visual Learning Period Design

25 thoughts on “ART DECO – Visual Learning Period Design

  1. Minute 6:07 "….Art Deco was purely decorative". This is impossible. It is not possible to separate ideas from materia….perhaps in 2030. The attraction to pure geometrical order is more than simply "decorating". The abstraction process in Art Deco, after Art Nouveau preceeding floritures , was perhaps announcing the Rationalism Architectonical movement, with its nice intentions and its shoe-boxes houses for the masses.

  2. Wonderful video. Art Deco got a huge boost from ocean liners which began to adopt it for their interior decor starting with the legendary SS Île de France in 1927. The French liner Normandie is regarded by many as the apogee of Art Deco.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful and historical video! I did enjoy it very much!!! Congratulations! 👌💗

  4. Hi ! I would like to know ithe title and the painter of the paintig (at 20:55) of the woman with the red apple. Thanks for your help !

  5. Hey Michael! Thank you very much for going to this effort. I learnt a lot from this video. Really appreciate your effort. It is a really fascinating style that exudes optimism. Greetz from Western Australia.

  6. The art deco period was so elegant! We will never see it again but I wish it would return.If I had the money, I'd live in an art deco house, drive an art deco car and wear art deco clothes and I wouldnt care if people thought I was kooky.

  7. Art Deco…as if a party was going to happen any minute. Art Deco…the sound of champagne corks popping…Art Deco….carpe diem….

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