Asian Paints TVC (Behind The Scenes)

Asian Paints TVC (Behind The Scenes)

[Music] I [Music] I will [Music] Oh so sunny the key we’ve all been exposed to Indian commercials voluntarios involuntarily any moment they say enhance to love them sanic damage story beautiful visuals get a comedy take action in the key in there that’s okay drama island even at the same time I would look at Nepali commercial aru you know so I’m finally getting a chance to make commercials so sign is a decent America Asian Paints is the brand palagi Yoda in a Buddha in a entire home father at the last American Asian Paints we all helps you if she pays Riyadh pencil Asian Paints jr. hell she so the agency that we’ve been working with handed us the script and the script match it was a really simple and fun we were students room at there’s a pregnant lady and his husband is a clean freak and the sorry second ad matching that lady gives birth to a child and it thought I’d matches the child is any pros up a little bit the whole family you ever seen three part mats in two phases of the Moon opponent again I found it really interesting don’t challenge Ronnie cuz I school I see it clearly I’m like too low to the said one on the punt until they were over at pianola said one oh no cognitive and time income wait for a young singer like around five days time to so I approached producer with you is an interior designer slash an architect named analyzing devious to feel my city or just it’s the feel matching rumor to be anyone but it is Molly one on Tulum boy what’s he saying I could actually visualize the its tombstones are sunny so and this uh bitches are the plan very sacrifice it was so much easier for the set designer to build the set based on the design game hakuna is the opposite of e now it’s gonna could at the Buena honey I’m so booth is not our direction of are directed into sick about this and I think one of the dial attempt like gone Indra Jimmy dico Nam recommend gonna work and Molly five dudes Murata rod come where if you notice a trade upon again okay amber life and he’s like so good at his work and every sort of a layered in a Oliver do my number come bass her so one of the major highlight is you you project a liability first name was working with Peabody so my Lisa Marco did have already Bauval plead everything and right on that moment I knew I wanted to work with him and this project dining was a perfect fit so we need needed mid-30s cause any good-looking husband and this was Heidi for his wife role we needed someone to look really pretty and he at the same time someone who could pull off family motherly figure cope character pupil of oneness at me while looking beautiful at the same time so to Markkula getting we approached my scapula and it was perfect casting we got to work with senior actress dramatically al it’s Rossano that he is a drama the hirako face and he Sunni rock hours so he was right in front of us and then he made a memory suppose in one normally burden but so do everybody appreciated the whole cast screen misawa’s honor they were looking beautiful like a happy and healthy family and I think we did a great job podcasting a crucial part of any production is pre-production and if you production company arrived ami important part because you workshop oh they have been realizing Mike couple of projects and so yo pal opinio I didn’t want to take chance to I asked the actress to meet up a gardenia so few days already a competitor of his main aim we off the setup and suicide I asked him to do the whole thing and there’s an empty pot see it was really easy on the student itself so day one man when I reach the location and I saw the sets to the wall here at u8p database announcing here when we put all the props in this is aqua colors in this was an actor in their wardrobe and this was Adi old lighting or by Sega by C Matthew Perry through Cobra happen the hydrants and Bob our lighting man again so tool boy Sega talker when I saw the first and then it before recording the apne him on boy and sorry you saw the set and he was really excited to muscle on well first of all anybody see shake my Buddha here is him a model of planning they could have let them crucify and one money more it to give any cushy I think you know any jazz folk a mere a second products I know you team later kids it had your name property boy when you see a traveler him a triple a camera murim dicks of a nuclear whenever like be a negative lambda Bakugan like them cushy where I got it on cushy by say together his team is super amazing to work with subways and half how my people I did the Apple anything odd words mamiru team by community i Montana the can burn open sucked innama mirror team more coherently in mirror camera work Ram Rosa what actually did is you know guarantee actually sorta mala is Tehelka frame Ivanovich email okay dad listen male have a boozy lighting or Gordon a ff10 notice a tornado or the hair is in molecular don’t sorry Timothy company lighting setup our own pocket it was really dangerous at times K mother oh my god I’ll give you two at or even ragged him but the how do you like a team him and his team are super efficient for amazing for lovely people to work with for the makeup male Sunni mogul and go in my makeup artist also premier will be inside if any oh boy the my number come with your campaign you like or wrong more than the sort of project McCumber sales online and it comfortable win feelin so a bus let’s go come so good key company China and dispersed a wardrobe Co like it’s a peppy albani Rose Terry soon and taking my lady Instagram hooray Savannah Marissa a diary and IRIAF Rodin money on this tiny sensor semi debating for water of styling ecology so this lugar cool a Glee some weighted alkali I like it exam in Arabic ambasa we are Co sunikhosa bezanika so as a suit progressed a name everyone got into the NSE any anticipation are we wait you got really excited about how the products it is angles the reason it all came together so well keep we all got pumped up and in day one when the smooth as in like you very much unless a time where there is a rocky Rama collaborative inner-city Wiley wallop on haiku concept my wallet to have an open back II whole whole team lining I’m gonna social only racer one you could has I am NOT a rapist event a pie a la cupula Senora abaca Tammy Wynette Erica they had a mosaic I’m impressed by any beautiful if enough time were insula [Music] cameraman Lee athlete psycho Sid nickel durability convenience is gonna suck security was cuckoo vo afternoon thirty college asceticism two lanes or the use Garza so it’s my Rommel I saw Julie give a tunnel air in the ethical lanes there you little Akuma Sardinia to a smile you calculate light integer I mean you you you help me to move over and while I stopped which is Melissa D to clear Gordon they make them so jealous and gamble at it and well unlike or Gramlich would active enlivening as a director of all the civilian Minds him and cetera Valley I feel like I’m live I live on the valley milady remand knows I haven’t team later my own answer is this so they died heroes miramanee owner amber experience time but Emily whose yes didn’t second day might same I was really anxious about it – kini okay for ignant around over a second ahead of a possible new lands any issues articles in a maroon of course I even if I taught you any when we started building set together especially second day machine I could see tackle a design Manzana top users to the grotto location say seems is a materialized inside Hydra it was like I need to or 3d printer Lee said no necessity liner together exactly the same when it comes to time here at the color and everything was so well [Music] [Music] once the actress we’re on flu and he supplies on a course I enter when the talk so I was to penny or a challenge they I never worked with an animal for I mean so they get suni rather they once you work with when you when you’re working with animal sector media written answers any short my degree technically versus almost people so most directors before using puppets but they all it must mean a damn dude III I don’t think that was possible so we gotten real dogs and you know to happen at this decided once what’s he suit gun even mother even the dog was on character gave it as an action movie so called it so yeah secondary suffering to some of my team we were so excited it is a scramble to get at and [Applause] yeah we had a full second day and then came day three okay day three man say I was the most anxious so it was the last day to make it to pull it off so – Dean Martin by nominee I had we had no choice queso de amor Sun God neighbors away Matthew and also photoshoot pony late lead in my planner at her so simultaneously kiss her sister died he was amazing at his sobs and he came like Tok Tok Tok said you were no black that bad blood and the subway sued Albany muds alibi didn’t work he knew what he wanted and we provided with if we provided him with the props and everything that he needed I needed a super-efficient he photos of money for Volvo again and I’m really thankful to survive for being on word and helping us this project so photo shoot around I think we got time to plan the production properly just so aptly dining table Co set the parameters on of colors was the Heder at the carpet and then the light window the walls the inside of the kitchen so sup which is I’m like the mother I plan on a vehicle to period might say and I think that to made a lot of difference in the final product I mean this was aa dd3 cool I can say or Putin’s and when he goes in output challenge 1 equals a so we had cast watching we had two year old child styled actor again was another huge challenge but since she was my sister made admits an opening with his I like trauma so see did an amazing Sebastian I’m the most proud and who later I’m acting as if we said we didn’t but you let her hear us as I was good tickly the hey thief phrase for the camera like the chemistry when you come Rama be here at again baby good money ah Somali kill after I meet the Saudis I will to love and say Busan event say last moments when I Rambler acting or I am Ruth arrest plus point name buzzer / smallish so I think tell Dakota a recent the throw to add is has to do now a bit so everything was coming together so well and so Messiah the old three days of food so some design could walk local like you saying this time we started creating sound before and Salman Khan offer amazing job at the sound random initially I thought to make a song jingle how the one on a banana so China but then money one of my friend Nikita gesture with we actually started working on the song she wrote the lyrics and the same day we recorded song it turned out to be the video came out really nice enough but that is really to know about to team Diadema say there was like narration gasps so narration mark ladies take asks for you so I’m saying last Margaret saying we like replaced the dataxe with the voice-over so we’re still like sound design wise I am they say – they do get born again sound like background music use got it wrong so for sure I’d my family you could a little ignore my basic string used got our first act like it’s a to music use where a second much all you got the pillow your guitar advocacy position and you got your third partner saying it will go to rob sock idea again so it was like three different article I could say like every family my boy I go to music my use got it all this’ll execute go to I think I did it came out really well as in any TV commercial project which he had very limited time to finish the post-production so Jenny come a hectic you until another special sorrow to whistles angry by Mira gums an oxygen on it unlocks – dramatic one camera angle user cost of camera movement hoon Lin’s he saw a detail information they lost side majority max when everybody big lebackes banana they and can say yes or say configuration spoons of watching eating my cam locks a lot denominator money the Remax funnel Akira the block said they gotta have a say as he post-production matches of a dilated guarana Maha Sabha clipper every second checker and polyurethane Okinawan dachshund areas Adelaide caucus on our people and once they are salty the one their fastball great specials are owed to Mumbai for a great job at maintaining the continuity in the film as well so Munson is in pins to Admiral continuity like era knows when I say more a Fe it’s actor who eats action like object placement scenes bar animals in your recording fee later when we do the scene again I I would check the photos on cameras encounter obvious a good placement of a cigarette money they said you know the value of was away from the girl finding Kuwait picked Sudan Musacchio this myth is a key data is to Christy like everyone in the crew did an amazing job sobs and I they were all stand by sorry together you know listo chicken lamb Leviathan Obadiah more cut it he’ll burn down today’s production a good team near Amazon a good teamwork Ranbir’s her no good team a minute when the mindset Lamberson agencies melt and borne upon it and cards another one so your project machine you know all the people that are forcibly is a team assemble the hezmana key realized when we actually have all the necessary resources the teams and in manpower we have everything available to make a great product yeah there’s a lot of potential um they also paneer like subway they unlock glorious I not I think it we can take the ad seem to next level okay oh you never need I think we definitely created a new benchmark or reality you square it on Sonya half not like this is insane so maybe I hope even have to add industry like money this is a new benchmark and this is the time we need a say in scales using my ad Singapore in hand close to the whole team standing together for pulling something like this you scalpel I was really proud of everybody that helped and everybody that was involved in this project and so present I didn’t I mean things up it was like super efficiently and they you come it is short period my baguette so I think that’s something to be super proud so guys I hope you enjoyed our behind the scenes there’s a lot more look amazing projects amazing behind-the-scenes science part s is their jazz daily stories is there so please do check out our Instagram as well every day we are making stories every day is shorting opera whereas Monday I think that’s insane so please do check it out any a try to give us feedback on this and everything that we do we look forward to hearing from you and do look forward to our projects sorry you guys subscribe jati sabaha ribbony ocarina dedicate our new bedroom capito pitamah Kuakini altar table row hanafuda f no / u r cos faster body possesses a ground ball the Seelye Asian Paints Royale health shield Leslie Cabot Rocko beat America who Nancy pretty subsonic eatin a scary Carly Nero given us an avatar by beneath new girl a meadow given honest dirty separa pony Akane no técnica de New Mexico portable pizza with tomato Bonanza theme Idaho a me up hook her up to Parivaar Kostas sovereignty but is not a carnival they slightly a steam vents real pencil justly garbage the Papa Tom Araya Coonan say presents a Makita known as curry god I need a given out sir our company Oh Carly Nero given Alice Sutton Asafa vajrapani our calendar technically tournaments a convict abhidhamma fukken a halter type hi Ramon Tommy Alfred a flopper you are purse was the fatty acids Alejandra Bernie this again Asian Paints toriel health shield justly Kirby throw could be Tamara Eagle Hunan shape reticence a moth-eaten – curry Carl I need Oh chip announcer over the by penny off no Karen I need Oh keep anonymous

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  1. Video shooting ta babal xa hai.ajha catchy script, vayo vane ta jhan babal babal. Yo script chahi kasle lekhne garxa?vannale afai lekhnu parxa ki ??

  2. Wow yr! Jabo add ko laginii yati tulo transformation..
    Thaxa first ma ta maile yo indian add vanerathe k.scene paxadi hudo raixa K Vanera open gare ani begining ko tyo scene tyo setup tehako actorharu ani specially ta tyo cute baby lai dektha ta wow yr what a set up in indian add yr vanera hererayaa.but😯 eventually ,Mr. Anil sayab entry marera "SO SANNAI DEKAICAI HAMLE…."vandata.. HUMM😲Aae nepali bolexata yr vanera herdai gaya herdai gaya ani last ma bujeki nepali add ani nepali po raixa..peri tala here Jazz production..I was like dumbo maile tetini dekina..

    So, overall,I love it k..

    And keep going director nd team member….your hard work and dedication will bring a GREAT TRANSFORMATION❤❤.
    Good luck

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