“Ask PROfessional” #0

“Ask PROfessional” #0

hello everyone and welcome back to my
channel today we will do something new I’m starting a new show is calling ask
professional our guest today special guest is one of the most popular
architects blogger “arch_more” or “the modmin” and that’s why I invited him today to my
channel to ask you some question hello Hamada and before we all start may
you introduce yourself to my audience hello
so my name is Hamada I’m director and a co-founder of “the modmin” that means I
manage content creation on “the modmin’s” YouTube channel and as well I do work on
“the modmin’s” future projects and some of the current projects that we’re
working on we open a dialogue free your opinion about the architecture in
nowadays what do you think about that architecture nowadays you know like we
are in in a certain position where we have a lot of new tools a lot of things
that that have literally changed the industry if you know what I’m saying
so by having things like such as BIM and all these new technologies and tools
it’s not just that I mean architecture is still design you know you talk about
you know problem solutions and creating you know structure solutions actually
made architecture very different than how it’s ever been so with with that in
mind you know like as you can see you know with all these new architecture
days coming around you know with all these new buildings that we see nowadays
the style has changed and and I think computer or digitalization of
architecture has have a big influence on that as we know, your Instagram is
specialized on the architect’s sketches right so what do you think is it sketch
is still important nowadays or is something old thing I think
sketching is important it’s just that the quality of sketching I think that
everyone sort of misunderstood is that you really have to come up with amazing
drawings in order for that like I mean it’s called sketching right
sketching is just coming up with a rough drawing in order for you to communicate
right so when I sit down with a client I usually you know do sketching do I
sketch for them my idea just to communicate and explain to them what
they what I’m actually planning on doing because that’s how they would understand
you when you talk to someone there is not an architect usually you need some
sort of visual communication right whether you actually sketch for them
something whether you show them a picture of like an example or something
of that right sometimes it’s a combination of both you know like I was
like oh I’m I’m actually thinking of doing this idea and then I go ahead and
grab a pen and just start sketching but it doesn’t have to be the greatest
sketch I’m not saying you should do a masterpiece you know in your sketch
sketching just something really rough but it’s it’s very fresh it’s very fast
it just to communicate your idea and make the client understand it better
Are you an architect or you’re engineer and where did you study so I studied my
foundation and architecture part one in architecture and part two in
the architecture here in Cyberjaya in Malaysia so I think you know of course that means
I’m an architect I mean opium Alicia I’m actually not a
professional architect yet I just barely got my part to recognition however I do
practice occasionally it’s just that now my name actually ends up on on the
project paper so but that’s okay I practice under very good architects I
studied here in Cyberjaya at a university called Limkokwing University
great University actually you know this particular university you know I was
really really lucky to have certain lectures who were really really good you
know we had people from the industry although I think I would like to mention
few names like mr. Adianta Aziz AR is actually now a consul on
the board of architects and in Malaysia here all these people they actually are
in into the industry they’re not just academics they do academics but however
they also practice architecture which i think is very very important because
they do inspire you from real world situations you know it’s like where they
were practicing they had this and that and I think that’s that’s really really
good as I know you have been starting your Instagram in school years so how
you get this Idea? when I started the Instagram that has actually
I I just started to design things you know back in 2012-2013 and I wanted to
publish them and I did I I just published few things and it got exposure
some people were sharing it I found out like the few pages that actually shared
it and things that I was like that’s interesting you know it’s it’s quite
nice and I wanted it to be shared on other platforms and for example I did
approach Archdaily and I give them my project and they said hey I still have
the reply on facebook they said “oh it’s quite nice can we publish it”
because it doesn’t fall under our scope of publishing like they they publish
real projects that’s what they do right which is quite nice because now we get
published on our daily few times so it was like there was a need for creating a
certain platform that published you know work whether it’s like done by a student
or done by someone they just art right so I started few page I did a page where
like it was just about rendering another page was about you know about about
photography architecture photography I did one was about modeling and I did one
about sketching I think that’s the one that sort of got a lot of attention and
the reason for that because it’s always fresh you know you’re always sketching
or is just like ideas that are in the first stage right not all of ideas keep
going all the way until becoming into production and things that I think
people do need that sort of stream of inspiration on their daily life and it’s
sort of stuck since then okay so we all think about technology and already
mostly about baam as you know I have channel about this software tell me
which program architects should know nowadays maybe especially in your area I
mean in Malaysia I would say you definitely, need to learn a software
there is BIM capable at least you know that’s what the industry is
requiring out a it’s not yet required I still have friends dues that still
actually practice with AutoCAD which I think it’s amazing you know like how
could you still you know either sometimes what you do in Revit in one
day could take a team of 20 people one week to actually finish it especially
when it comes to changing things which happens all the time right no software
but BIM, I would say that’s definitely something that you need to
learn then you have some a big project can you
tell us what is that well okay um I do have a big project coming up with “The Modmin” I would say okay I don’t want to give up a lot of details however what I
could say is we were because we we took some time out as you can see from
YouTube we took a break a really long break and it was all just to work on
that project we basically wanted to find a way to enable us to maintain our
channel and at the same time we wanted to establish something that would
promote free education we wanted something that because I think a lot a
lot of people are taking advantage of having you know having internet access
and being able to you know to to gain your education skills from internet I
think there are of course a lot of companies that do provide courses which
are amazing however is that I don’t think someone has and this yet to
understand that it’s quite different it’s not like you know going to school
watching a video online is something days very different than watching
someone I mean if you would record me giving a four hour lecture I I doubt
many people are gonna watch that entire video right however when you make a
video for youtube it’s it’s very very different it’s very light is very
informative it’s very fast because someone is looking through that content
and just wants to find a solution to something so again with all that in mind
we’re creating some sort of a new solution that is going to help everyone
gain their education online all right that’s all I could say about it but it’s
coming really really soon before we all start to blitz time I want to ask you
the last question any suggestions for our friends definitely do a lot of
research don’t rely on a certain outline like oh this is what I need to learn
there is no limit to what you learn always being you know like on the
lookout what are the new technologies what comes up you know in the news
always watching you see how how you know people have been designing just don’t
don’t be always open about architecture okay that sure you need to know a lot of
a lot of things and it’s not just a lot of things about architecture you know
for example now I technically I run an a tech company at the moment is
on architecture practice but at the same time is because you need to learn about
everything in order for you to be a it a great architect so and now we will
start the bliss time a short question short answer just just for second
whoa and the first question is architecture or engineer architect a of
course ok the next one is Revit or ArchiCAD okay Revit But let me say just
why Revit, because of one thing or a desk look at the community
that Autodesk has I mean if you take a look at the market the market you know
has been saturated with AutoCAD AutoCAD like the greatest you know the most
popular architecture software you know since I was born I’ve seen AutoCAD right
so having another software from the same company and at the same time the
community you know behind that software it’s very very important before learning
any new software that you have a community that will support you once you
need something you know from that particular software that that’s why I
would say Revit internship or competition internship
because you need to learn from others and it’s not now I mean competition you
do work with others and all but internship you most likely will work
with professionals and you get to learn from people are that are in the industry, Vray or Lumion it always depends on post-production at
the end of the day right I mean lumen Lumion has been getting really really good you
can get like really great results and some of the clients don’t really care
about you know we think being very photorealistic I mean it only sometimes
the only when it comes to like interior design and things like that you know
well these things are very important however showing the shape of the
building and you know with post-production everything could be
could be achieved right Salary or experience that’s a tough one okay
because experience is very important however you should always get paid
always make sure you get paid it’s your responsibility to get paid and it’s your
responsibility to not spoil the market don’t do work for free always get paid
for what you work for and gain experience of course ok that’s it
thank you her mother for these all questions for your answers
this was really great and I think all viewers will so appreciate you for your
answers I do want to say something before we finish or all right man no
thanks thank you so much for having me I’d love to do more of these in the
future with you and good luck with your channel you’ve been doing a lot of great
things Thank You Man and see you next time I hope

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