34 thoughts on “At Home in Malibu with Nathan Turner & Eric Hughes

  1. Love the Beach location and they know how to entertain for it, Bravo to them both!!! He should do a book on Beach Entertaining.

  2. Very,,,very nice beach house ocean view and super great food….fantastic simply ,but elegant organized….simply perfect 👌

  3. Merci, Susanna.  Please include Stacey and me next time for lunch.  www.missmurrydesign.com in Sausalito, CA

  4. What a nice simple table for those wonderful fun friendly moments. It is so simple to be happy.

  5. Stop…tell me I didn't hear the words…it's so quiet here because where we are there is NO PUBLIC ACCESS! And this is something to be proud of and rather "smugly flaunt!" Oh for shame! Risking sounding like a rather radical revolutionary, I am absolutely appalled. I live in northern California and care vigorously to keep our beautiful coast line and beaches open and ACCESSIBLE to all who care to experience it's natural wonders. Please Nathan and Eric (although I love your actual design sensibilities) do not come across as self-serving elitists. I'm old enough to be your mother and I'm not too proud of you boys!

  6. Okay, that was fun. 😆😎 What a great day and Thank You for bringing us along. What delightful and generous hosts they are! 😊
    Gorgeous home and what a dreamy location

  7. So happy I’ve stumbled upon this channel. I love love love every house I’ve seen and truth be told I want to know every person that is featured.

  8. Love her videos. But I don't like when she cuts the conversion. Two people talking at the same time hard is hard to follow

  9. Eric did such a fabulous job with Andy Cohen's NYC apt. You should visit him along with Eric to tour & talk details.

  10. What a cute couple. I think I would get bored living in a beach house ~for a week it's OK….

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