At Home With… Sera Hersham-Loftus

At Home With… Sera Hersham-Loftus

My name is Sera Hersham – I’m an interior decorator. The apartment you see me in today is all my own interior decorating. It feels like I live in a kind of candlelit dream. This is my – I kind of call it my studio –
but it’s also a place that I can have friends over and especially in London in
the winter you know it gets really cold, so I have open fires in all the rooms. This is one of my favorite pieces. This
is an original 1970s peacock chair and I like to think that it was from the film „Emmanuelle“. My father passed away a few months ago
and he left me his art collection. He was an art dealer. I moved to this flat like a year and a half ago and I never really felt so at home here but the minute I hung his art collection which is mainly Russian artists I suddenly felt like so at home. So this is my Boudoir – my bedroom. The wallpaper that you see is Chinese. I
found a tiny scrap vintage Chinese wallpaper and I was able to replicate it
into one of my wallpapers now and it’s just exquisite. I mean just look at all those gorgeous scenes. Talking about my collection of clothes,
collections is probably a too small word for it but I’ve been collecting these
vintage clothes since I was young and I mean I get so inspired by just
picking up this. This was actually my great-grandmother’s like my one and only
piece from her but just look at that color and then you know I would
just look at all these beautiful, beautiful textures and colors. I mean I
can just design a whole room just around that. I’m the sort of person that I
don’t really have a plan. I’ll find something and I’ll create something around it. So it’s a very organic process Well guys it was really lovely having
you here today. I love showing you my apartment. Thank you very much. I’m
going to take my key back now and hope to see you guys again. Bye!

100 thoughts on “At Home With… Sera Hersham-Loftus

  1. I like it. It’s nice to see real taste instead of the same modern design everyone has these days. This apartment makes you feel like you’re in a time capsule

  2. OMG! I want to live with you! 😄 it’s exactly what I love, so warm, cozy, exotic, welcoming and unique!

  3. My favourite part was when she called herself an interior decorator rather than an interior designer, thank u, take note pls Pinterest bloggers

  4. Her home is so beautiful and elegant, yet still has a very warm, and cozy feel to it. Love the slight bohemian feel as well. I also really love the dark atmosphere of her flat. It's a world of difference from the typical interior design layouts that I've seen.

  5. With carpets added and central heating, a simulated log fire, it would evolve into another level of splendor for me. Ok so I do not like cleaning out fireplaces nor hauling in wood and plank wood floors are an arty affectation when one just cannot afford carpets. Just be honest. Love it just the same.

  6. Just came from watching heather debrows home design.. and I would choose this cozy home over heathers “hotel business corporate ice cold.. home?

  7. Oh my stars and garters, this is truly magical, I would love to swan around there all day, painting, sipping tea with Parisian music in the background!

  8. She gets paid to create this horror of clutter and glitz?! . OMGm "I really don't have a plan".. I would agree with that. House of horrors.

  9. I must admit she has a style of he own! While some of the accents like the peacock chair are truly beautiful, I think theres too much going on and the place looks extremely busy for the eyes. The beautiful Chinese wallpaper is over adorned with frames and pictures which fails to reflect its true beauty. The colour tones are very non cohesive as well and seems to be randomly thrown at everywhere ! Just my personal opinion.

  10. Well, I think the art collection left by her father, and her grandmother's shrug would be the most meaningful items to treasure. ☮️

  11. Beautiful home, and the kind of place you would feel comfortable sharing a glass of wine or a meal, lots of interesting things to stimulate. Also, many of the AD vids coo about how much light they have, light needs dark for balance, this home has lots of lovely shaded areas.

  12. In anyone else's hands, this space would be cold, dark, and intimidating. That was certainly my first impression upon looking at all the dark crevices in the home. But there's so much more to it once you settle in and that's owing to the love and care she's put into it, along with the personality to make it truly hers. Brava.

  13. What a lovely cozy home ! This is definitely a woman's flat……the rooms seem to make you feel as if you were in a great big hug. I love it ! Thank you for sharing !!

  14. First one of these that actually left me breathless. This is so m t taste! Where can I see more decor like this?

  15. It's nice to know that clutter is still alive and well in some places. Coco Channel would have approved of this home.

  16. Umm I feel like we really didn’t see much of her apartment lol we saw a couple of pieces of pretty clothes 😂🤗💗

  17. I thought she had a lot of clutter and it was all from flea markets it's on old clutter.. and what's up with the black gloves on her hand?


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