100 thoughts on “ATTRACTION Official Teaser Trailer (2017) Russia Sci-Fi Action Movie HD

  1. At first I thought the movie stuff based on the title .Today went to this movie. The film very much. I was pleased with.Would recommend.

  2. just a great movie! eat it! russians can do blockbusters! There is a plot and there is a lesson for all humans!

  3. что это за песня играет на 1:15???))) спасибо заранее:333

  4. Just watched it.. AND THIS BEATS ANY HOLLYWOOD BULLSHIT. It had HEART. it wasn't just dull or cgi madness. or meaningless.. like independence day or so.. it had a real.. message.. !!!! 100 thumbs up. i was touched at the end.. love > immortality… so dear dumb humankind. get it together ye? …
    Love to all of you out there who have a soul and some taste. Don't give up.

  5. Thank god Russians started making cool movies! One of the best movies I watched. One huge difference is that this movie has soul, unlike Hollywood crap.

  6. Absolutely great movie!! Special effects were outstanding, the spacecraft was perfect (as described in Ezekiel), and I couldn't understand one word of what was being said but it was so well written and acted that I didn't need the words!!
    Also, I am so sick of the alien as the bad guy and/or slimy mass of ooze.
    This was exactly what I've been hoping to see in an alien movie: refreshing !!!

  7. On a different note, does anyone know of a GOOD English subtitle?
    I got me the movie… in Russian… no subs?
    Kind of VERY annoying.
    And that's an understatement if there ever was one…

    Amazing movie, but if you cannot understand Russian and got HORRIBLE subs…

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  9. As a fan of Sci-Fi who's watched LOTS of movies, I can say: this movie is fucking good ! Hollywood is no longer making such movies

  10. How many people did the aliens kill, and even then the Russian government still doesn’t want to even touch the aliens. But the random anarchists and civilians want to kill the aliens. WTF. This movie is the complete opposite of what it should be, although this does make it different. And it’s in russia

  11. Just watched it . Don't waste your time ! Such a crap movie ! this is actually worst than Japanese and Chinese movies that are plain stupid – there's 2hours I won't get back

  12. Real big world out there… Outside the repeated and washed up Hollywood shit you see day in and day out..

    CGI here was 100%.. Trailer was just right..

  13. I saw the movie it is not like independe day, its really a shitty movie with only 5 minutes of good action. Horrible, boring and stupid!!! dont waste your money!!! Saludos from Peru!

  14. very sad to find out that the trailer shows pretty much everything watchable about the movie (yes, including about 80% of the money shots) and the rest is basically a teenage love story of the extra predictable type.

    but the weirdness of some of the russian angles (hint: military good! regular people bad!) at least adds a little dose of unintentional comedy.

    rotten tomatoes rating of 40 still seems way too generous. its a B movie, and a bad one at that.

  15. Nice VFX but the story is shait.. whenever you focus your main story around a teenager girl the story sucks! I thought only US would do shit plots…

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