Audi 2019 A8 Defined: Lighting

Audi 2019 A8 Defined: Lighting

I think every designer has his own imagination
of what the future should look like. Light is very special. My name is Cesar Montana Roura, I’m the
head of the light design department at Audi. Audi is light. Audi is definitely light. And for us it’s very important to see that
the light signature, our day running light Is actually a signature not just for Audi
it’s also for each one of the Audi’s. And of course also the A8. So if you’re introducing the new generation of laser light,
on this car you will see a laser light signature. So you see this X, and this is a symbol for precision,
for focused light, for strength and far reaching light. An X will be recognizable for everybody,
when you see it, this is a laser light. OLED light is a very special light for designers.
It’s very precise, it’s very thin and we have to imagine that the emitting surface
of light, it’s 200 times thinner then the human hair. We dream about this light, not making only
one surface or in 2D but bending it, brining it into 3D. And of corse who knows from
there on where it will go. We introduced dynamic light so the light is
moving and is also changing the character. Imagine when you approach the car,
the car welcomes you almost like an orchestra director So you call for attention and then you open
bringing this music out, and all this light movement. This happens in the front of course on the A8
but also in the back, and the back is very special It’s extremely emotional, it’s got these very long
lines with the finest, extremely precise line of light that catches the bodies, more emphasizing the exterior.
And there you can see the light running from the center to the outside through each one of the segments
showing the precision of the new technology I think as designers we always talk about the eyes of
the car. So we tend to design the cars a bit like a face. You know the physiognomy of a kid has big eyes, the
eyes are much bigger then many other parts of the face. And as you grow up it tends to change this proportion,
the eyes are more closed, a bit more focused. And of course we wanted to show this more focused eye
on the A8, and this is why it has this very penetrating look about it, it’s really staring at you
very clearly but very decisively We took the best technology that we had, LED light, laser
light and OLED and we placed it beautifully in this car. Audi is light. Audi is definitely light, it’s a beautiful thing.

86 thoughts on “Audi 2019 A8 Defined: Lighting

  1. that's nice but matrix lights are banned in the USA. Canada just legalized them a few months ago thanks to CETA. Americans are behind the Africans in terms of regulations

  2. Audi makes the mistake to change the front light style in every new model! No recognition effect like Mercedes-Benz or BMW…

  3. Looking forward to the day they start focusing on developing sustainable cars. Until then we will have to deal with this nonsense till all resources are depleted..

  4. Audi lighting is best out of the German cars! Thank you August Audi for these beautiful cars, true works of art

  5. Beautiful lighting, but I’m curious how OLED’s disadvantages such as dimming over time is compensated for. As for the life span are the OLED panels replaced individually or as a whole such as an entire taillight?

  6. Honestly, I think Audi makes the most extravagant and compelling car headlights and taillights out of any other car in the industry.

  7. No matter how much you love Benz's comfort and luxury or Bmw's handling Audi just always seems to make extremely phenomenal headlights and tail lights

  8. Complete agree that is beautiful design. Audi is such a pace-setter. In a few years one will be able to program their lightshow based on personality I'm sure. Curious what the replacement costs for the new age tail-lite assembly will be when a Costco shopping cart cracks into you.

  9. I strongly say no factory makes light better than Audi. They are insane. Love their light especially the signal light on A4 and I have seen Q5 has them too when I drive behind it is magnificent light it …it like some decorative light for house or something cause most cars on road now the factory or designer did not focus or worry about cause all people knows when lights up you turn then it off couple seconds later. But Audi is exception. I owned 2000 A4 …. still work and run smoothly, and I may upgrade in future I have watched brand new Q8 2019 first arrival to the US market. Q8 is big step for Audi to compete with anyone especially their German bro GLE350 or X7, X8….

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