Audi e-tron Defined: Lighting

Audi e-tron Defined: Lighting

For us it’s very important to start thinking,
how to visualize the shapes the design of silence. My name is Cesar Muntada, I’m head of the exterior light design department. If you want to design silence actually one of the
elements that was more obvious to us was the equalizers. And you just see the music, you see these lines going up and down. So you can actually see sound. So we did a long horizontal line on the top for a signature,
and then a collection of lines that goes horizontal to the lower part and this is actually visualizing this power going
up and down, those are the eyes of the car. The Audi e-tron is our first fully electrical vehicle and everybody who was involved in this project had this kind of feeling to do something special, something new like entering a new world. My name is Philipp Wunsch, I am responsible for the serious
development of the lighting components in the Audi e-tron. The rear lamps of the Audi e-tron are also very special
because its the first time where we have this e-tron signature and then combined with more then 100 LED’s inside to get this
continuous taillight, which is completely animated and very precise. I remember we designed these long lines and this collection of lines on the side, very reduced, very simple with a slight change of direction and think, is this going to be enough? And then in the moment we all said,
“can you hear it, can you see it?” Less was more. This is a very special car for us for Audi. I think in the Audi e-tron the whole team achieved in the end headlamps and taillights which are pretty exciting influence by the latest design and included also the latest technology. Now we have The e-tron that means its some kind of mother of all e-trons We know Audi with words like Quattro and now we will know it with words like e-tron It’s something completely fresh, completely new.

17 thoughts on “Audi e-tron Defined: Lighting

  1. You know that scene in Thor Ragnarok where Banner and the Valkyrie keep saying, "Don't I know you from somewhere"…Just got that feeling with this clip. Must be a cut from the first marketing videos released when the e-tron was first unveiled.

  2. nice looking but hard to fix if ever. Complete repkacement and with current Audi price trend it would be no less than $3,000 for rear light assembly.
    Remember this tweet

  3. Sometimes I feel liked these designers do something random, and then make up some completely unusual story for their inspiration.

  4. Front is rather boring, but I really like the rear section!!!
    When I compare the Q8s rear and e-trons, the Q8 looks rather bulky and aggressive and the e-tron looks elegant and stylish, though it's only my opinion.

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