Audi Q5 2017 New In Depth Review Interior Exterior

Audi Q5 2017 New In Depth Review Interior Exterior

hey everyone here is the second generation new Audi q5 ethylene with the Quattro of it right system there are petrol engines available and there’s a TDI engine available this one is a 2-liter TFSI with 252 horsepower and the Quattro all-wheel drive system the Audi q5 has been one of the German brand’s best-selling models since it launched back in 2008 this one has the deluxe 3 zone electronical climate control 3 zone adjustable it has the advanced key with electric hands-free boot opening system it has keyless go system power operated tailgate tow bars extra this color is called the monsoon grey metallic it has the keyless go function so the key is in my pocket when I touch the door handle it locks and then I grab the door handle again it unlocks very cool feature it has the beautiful s line interior with the Quattro badge and dash and s-line logos and seats these extras are made makes the car very special in my opinion you can also buy it with the privacy shades in the back the q5 is now 90 kilograms lighter than the previous model with the same engine it produces 252 horsepower and 370 Newton meters of torque it has a Quattro all-wheel drive system as I said earlier zero to six two and 6.3 seconds and the top speed is 237 cones per hour that’s about 150 miles per hour that’s really good the engine is a 2 liter 4 cylinder in-line petrol engine TFSI there’s a 7-speed automatic transmission dual clutch with shift paddles behind the steering view the car weighs thousand six hundred and ninety-five kilograms at the front you can see the angular daytime running lights with the LED matrix headlights with automatic high-beam and corner lights integrated fog lights in the lights very good-looking S Line front bumper with extra chrome in the grille and in the fog light area I love the chrome bits and the lower bumper it has the optional 20-inch rims ninety nine or 20-inch wheels available for this one the chrome part continues at the sides which is very cool it has the S line badge on the sides Blind Spot Assist it has the reshaped LED tail lights which looked far better in my opinion now it does do exhaust with the chrome diffuser matte chrome matte silver diffuser you can also buy it on Amazon the tailgate is automatic you can also open it with your foot the trunk space is 550 liters way folder is it’s down its thousand five hundred and fifty meters that’s really good the fuel capacity is 70 liters the fuel consumption is 6 point 9 liters per 100 kilometers combined on the highway 6.1 in the city eight point four four liters it has two 3560 18-inch rims the turning circle is eleven point seven meters it has more trunk space it has more leg space in the back you can buy the Audi q5 with LED headlights with LED rear taillights and dynamic clear indicators or you can go for the optional LD matrix LED headlights with LED rear taillights and the dynamic front and three indicators this one is the ambient lighting underneath the door panels the storage area is great back in the back end in the front and this is the beautiful interior of the Audi q5 almost the same as the Audi q7 which I also like it as the Audi virtual cockpit eight point three inch MMI plus navigation screen pedals automatic three zone climate control dark headliner and this is the space left and bomba to an eighty three couples integrated the optional MMI plus system is now eight point three inches back with a touchpad and a rotary button that allows handwriting esters and this is the driver seat of the Audi q5 lovely ass line steering wheel fit with flat bottom design as line logos and the seats lock unlock and this is for the blind spot this lights up when you a sport car or someone is in your blind spot you can also write it folding mirrors which is extra trunk lift the store cherry ask right back I really like the driver seat of the Audi q5 especially the steering view with shift paddles behind it and this the interior of the brand new Audi q5 the Deadland Sport Package lovely ass line steering new flat bottom design it has the Audi virtual cockpit with different views available mmm I plus notification system blind spot assessed in the mirrors very soft leather for Dharma’s to usb/aux and a storage area it has a wireless charging point for the first time you can slide this like this for the cup holders here and cup holders this car is also the ambient lighting and I’ll just go on rest there’s a parking sensors all function you can put your key air storage area on or for the navigation system this is a automatic transmission get the refuge camera this will pork the control for the MMI plus system with the touchpad you can also write the address down on this post what an ignition of course keyless entry little storage area LED lit up the drive select as we know of OD models you can choose on this q5 you can choose also off-road mode normally you have these five but with the Audi q5 you have the off-road possibility spot stop ESP parking sensors cell design you can also buy it with the automatic parking system it has heated seats three settings for driver and passenger thoughts as the bottles three zone climate control to Matic lovely bright gauges this is the navigation system map you can write it down on this it has the phone settings Bluetooth connectivity core play Android a digital eyes much everything you need media systems this is the main menu of the car settings language Turkish it has the site menus as we know OD models now display brightness factory settings you can buy it with the ambient lighting it says shift paddles let up also at night very cool feature voice activation navigation they press the store you can directly go to this setting it’s a shortcut few formats for the eldest we throw cockpit starting with the trip computer the different pages like this driver assistance systems and then you get the presets the safety systems again the media system the Bluetooth connectivity the navigation system to fuse our are available like this I like this system a lot you can buy it with the head of display automatic lights fog lights cruise control with adaptive cruise control here down here you can buy the depth cruise control 300 kilometers per hour is the speed limit on this which is also new bright gauges this is the Blind Spot Assist you can also buy it with the panoramic sunroof it has the SOS button touch sensitive LED lights very cool feature I would buy it with the phone election because I like it a lot

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  1. Great review Alaatin! I need your opinion this: my dad and I are considering two options, the new G30 530i and the new Audi Q5 2.0 TFSI. We're in a real dilemma as to which car would suit our needs. We want a car thats comfortable on long journeys as well as a sporty powerful drive feel. Let me know which one you'd pick.

  2. Alaatin61 – thanks for the great video. Q.: Does the new Q5 have "real" exhaust outlets in the back, or is it "faked"? Another new Q5 video I watched showed faked exhaust outlets with chrome surrounds, with the exhaust actually coming out underneath the vehicle somewhere out of sight.

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