Audi S5 Sportback 2018 New Facelift In Depth Review Interior Exterior 2018

Audi S5 Sportback 2018 New Facelift In Depth Review Interior Exterior 2018

[Music] they have wrong years brand-new Audi s5 Sportback the Audi s5 has are different from bumper more aggressive wear a bumper with diffuser different rims and different seats and this video I will show all the details Oh [Applause] [Music] and we are now in the beautiful interior of the Audi s5 the car produces 350 force power it produces 500 Newton meters of torque and that the Quattro all-wheel drive system of course zero to six two and 4.7 seconds which is really really good top speed is 250 kilometers per hour that’s 155 miles per hour it has an 8-speed automatic transmission the engine is a three liter v6 petrol engine of course the fuel capacity is 58 liters the fuel economy is 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers combined at the front you have the mean aggressive looking new matrix LED headlights you can buy it with dynamic turn signals at the front which is extra beautiful s5 front grille and front bumper specially made that extra chrome looks beautiful at the site you have the 19-inch rims you can buy it with three choices this one is the five spoke the Bang and Olufsen 3d surround sound system is a must F it comes standard with the Audi sound system it has the s5 logo at the side the specially made mats over finished mirror caps again special for the s5 that’s of course the bond around sunroof you can tilt it and slide it backwards if you want it’s a five-door very practical and good-looking sports car in my opinion quad exhaust at the back LED turn signals LED 3d lights at the back beautiful-looking rear diffuser which is also brand-new quad exhaust with a great sound lovely looking car the car weighs thousand six hundred and thirty five kilograms the trunk space is 480 litres many folders it’s down a thousand three hundred liters it is also the optional extended LED interior Lightning pack multicolored it has also the adaptive a sport suspension with damping control it is XR but well worth money and if you buy the optional dynamic steering it has one of the best steering capabilities it has prey in the stores just like the coupe special gloss I love the car boat ramp storage areas special s5 seats looks beautiful in this color combination in my opinion dark headliner armrests and back it has a three zone climate control and this is a dash of the new s5 Sportback outie 5000 cockpit and my plus system flat-bottom steering you a slight Blind Spot Assist bone rank so if this is the space left and one meter an eighty three lovely shapes to the seeds looks very sporty you have to cop overs on the back let’s torch area my head is not touching the roof and one meter 983 it has ambient lighting in the back to the bangles and sound system as logos integrate then the seats funnel and solve how differ to a cockpit it has a wireless charging point here let’s extra USB aux input and a storage area be useful as Lulu the gear lever is also resting point for your wrist so you can control the MMI plus system this is for if key volume adjustments and music adjustments electron can’t break outer wall so the car doesn’t roll back when you release the brake this button is for park down for the drive up for a first and it has a Tiptronic function extra buttons added and cycling use you can also write the address down on this this also let off at night two cupholders push button ignition keyless entry drive select which is also new these are the car modes available efficient offered automatic dynamic and individual so you can set it up separately for yourself start stop you can turn it off ESP self-parking system parking sensors you can turn the screen off this is the camera view front view corner view birth view over at view so I read this as a rear view corner fuel rear very cool system I like this part of this camera system and the corner view of course beautiful system always look out heated seat three settings for the driver and passenger thoughts ass test buttons automatic mode eco mode fan speed [Applause] three zoom rare lovely carbon trend by the way this is the main menu of the cars car settings the dynamic the drive select sound settings for the Bang & Olufsen sound system 3d sound radio the media system it supports carplay and android phone settings Bluetooth connectivity navigation this is the map 3d amazing for you amazing very cool done by Audi Audi connect out the smartphone interface these are the normal settings view the false stitched leather steering wheel flat bottom design with the s logos it has of course the shift paddles behind the steering wheel voice activation and I love this I would refer to a cockpit and this gauge is special for the s5 for the S models you can see the S logo different views available this is so nice done by Audi it’s amazing look at this system very very cool Don I did that test drive with the brand new Audi a3 convertible with the Audi virtual cockpit you can find that on my channel of course it has the head of display you can turn it on or off with this bottom here if it was mine I will I will leave it on all the time not change these lights in the interior as a rest button microphones LED lights in the interior

59 thoughts on “Audi S5 Sportback 2018 New Facelift In Depth Review Interior Exterior 2018

  1. Alaatin61, Out of all the cars you've reviewed if you had to choose 1, which would it be and why? great video btw, always tastefully done!

  2. Abi Audi'nin yeni çıkardığı arabaya mı sevineyim Senin video atmana mı sevineyim Bilemedim 💗💗

  3. Almanlar BMW ve Mercedes' i satmak için AUDI yi binmek için yaparlarmış galiba doğru, teşekkürler Alaatin61 yine güzel tanıtım

  4. Hi Alaatin61, I like your older video have the moment you open the door with your hand, It can hear the opening and closing door sound. I hope your new video will have this. Thanks 🙂

  5. Audi is out of their minds. The 2018 S4 produces same amount of HP and 0-60 in S4 is 4.4 secs as compared to 4.7 secs in the S5. S4 is lighter, cheaper too. So, why should one buy the new S5 instead of upcoming Audi S4 !

  6. Since the sportback does not have a rear deck like the coupe, where has Audi moved the rear deck speakers to?

  7. ses sisteninden hiç bahsetmiyorsun bang olufsenden de biraz bahsedermisin hani modelden modele wat gücü kalite gücü değişiyomu ve kalitesi nasıl bi test etsen daha iyi olur müziik severler için ve sistem sevenler için şimdiden bi cevap verirsen teşekkürler

  8. I just don't understand why a car like this even the s model does not have power tilt/telescopic steering wheel. That is not good. Also the A5 should have power sunroof! These are the areas that audi is behind benz and bmw, otherwise the interior design and quality of material is better than bmw or benz!

  9. Hey Alaatin! Long time no speak. I've ordered one of these cars, after watching your review. You've improved so much over the years – keep it up! Felt like my own personal review.

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