14 thoughts on “Australian Zen Tiny Home | Tiny House Design Ideas

  1. I actually know the owners of this tiny house! Old friends of mine! They love it and live in it with their two dogs, in Byron Bay.

  2. I love how much space this place seemed to have in the living room and especially the kitchen!!!!! The only thing that bothers me is the loft. I absolutely hate lofts and how little space there is, head room wise. I was so surprised to see an option for sitting or sleeping in the raised window seat!! Also I'm really with the outside shower. Though the inside bathroom is small, it has a main shower with the toilet.

  3. Hi good video but I think would benefit from some more wideview shots especially in the bathroom area and also from some dimensions? Cheers for sharing though – a very beautiful space!

  4. Hi i am interesting to buy one of this model , could you please give me to contact this person who built it ? tks a lot .

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