AutoCAD vs Revit

AutoCAD vs Revit

Hello guys, I’m Anil Suthar Structural Engineer from Jodhpur, Rajasthan and creator of Revit 2017 course on fieldReady website today I am going to compare Revit and AutoCAD software step by step, and at the end of the video We’ll get a clear idea which software is for engineers and which software is for draftsman So let’s get started drawing architectural plans or design sheets in Revit is twice as fast as compared to AutoCAD This speed comes from the tools that Revit offers to draw walls doors windows and various other items In AutoCAD we have to draw walls using line and offset tools Which takes a hell lot of time? Adding to this as we draw the plan in Revit It automatically draws the 3d model of this plan for us this automatic 3d modeling of the house is a great feature of Revit Whereas in AutoCAD we have to draw the 3d model from our own hand which takes a hell lot of time Do check out our Revit course on fieldReady website to get a more info on how professionals use Revit for design work. Link will be in the description box below coming to the second point Revit can automatically draw sectional views for us We just have to tell the Revit of which place we want the sectional view then it draws that section automatically for us But whereas in AutoCAD we have to draw sectional views by hand one line after another Drawing sections in AutoCAD is cumbersome and takes hell out of time of an engineer Coming to the third point every view of Revit like front North-south 3d are interconnected that means if we move this door in 3d view then Revit will automatically move that door in all plan sectional views of the project we do not have to worry about Making changes in the remaining views this saves a hell lot of time of an engineer whereas in AutoCAD There is no such link between views if you make changes to one view then we have to update the remaining views as well coming To the fourth point Revit is a BIM software so performing automatic accurate estimation of items like steel wall plaster Paint and many more is quite an easy task in the Revit Calculating estimate of items through hand consumes a hell lot of time of an engineer and many times the estimate results are not so accurate. Talking of the AutoCAD there is no such estimation feature from these points we can clearly make out that Revit software is for engineers and AutoCAD is more towards Draftsman as it does not include automation tools like Revit does Learn how professionals use Revit to make plans design sheets and estimation click on the link given in the description box below See you in the next video

14 thoughts on “AutoCAD vs Revit

  1. Are we able to create such section that you have shown in your video?
    I mean structural beams and architectural components at the same time??

  2. Is there any difference in plan of autocad and revit
    If not then why autocad is used widely for planning

  3. Even it is harder to make plan using CAD as compare to revit after that CAD is used widely
    Sir plzz tell me reason

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