Autodesk Homestyler — Share Your Design (2010)

Autodesk Homestyler — Share Your Design (2010)

After I’ve finished creating, furnishing,
refining, and landscaping my design I’m ready to share it. No matter how I choose to do this, I don’t
have to worry that my design will be modified. All Homestyler designs have a unique URL,
or web address. If someone I share my design with modifies and saves it, they’ll be saving
a copy to their own design gallery. By logging into Homestyler with my Facebook
account credentials, I can quickly post a design to my wall. When my Facebook friends
click my post, Homestyler will open to that design. You can also embed your Homestyler design
on a website. Click Embed, copy the code, and paste it into
the source for your page.
Here’s a preview of my design in an HTML page. Visitors can interact with the 2D and 3D views
and examine content choices but can not modify or save the design. Click Print to get a hard copy of your design.
You can enter a custom header or footer for your 2D or 3D printout, include the grid and
dimensions for 2D or, in 3D print any rotated view as it’s displayed on your screen. To view a list of all items included in your
design, click the button next to the Print button.
For items like flooring, countertops, and paint Homestyler provides rough area estimates.
When you see products from Homestyler partners, you can click the website link to open the
manufacturer’s product page in a new window to get more information. Click Export to save a design as a JPEG image,
a 2D or 3D DWG file, or a 3D RVT file. DWG and RVT files can be delivered to architects
or design professionals from which your layout can be professionally detailed and documented
– the next step to bringing your Homestyler design to life. Click the Help link in the top right corner
to access Homestyler’s help videos. Click Submit Feedback to access the Homestyler
community support site where you can give and get suggestions and let us know what you

6 thoughts on “Autodesk Homestyler — Share Your Design (2010)

  1. Is there a way to save my (2D) design in a high resolution? The Export Function only produces jpgs with a resolution of 612×612 making it really blurry if you zoom in on a larger design.

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