Awesome modern room redesign – Thank God I Hired a Designer video

Awesome modern room redesign – Thank God I Hired a Designer video

ADRIAN: My name’s Adrian. I’m a triathlete. And I live on the Upper West
Side of Manhattan. When we came in and purchased
the house, there was always a question that we wanted to do
significant refurbishments. The focus was really to get
something that had a good skeleton, something that had
that bare bones, and that we could do something with and
actually create in our image. When I look back at the entire
process, I really do thank God that we hired a designer. We’d looked at a lot on Museum
Mile, and some other buildings slightly further north on
Central Park West, and didn’t really have the right feel for
what we were going for. WEST CHIN: First time I walked
in the apartment, the apartment looked like
it hasn’t been renovated in 40, 50 years. It had a lot of nostalgic,
Upper West Side feel that probably your grandmother
wouldn’t even want to live in. ADRIAN: It also had some very
unusual large mirrors in there, which made it
feel a little more ballroom-ish, I suppose. All the moulding in the
apartment is actually very, very similar to the
original moulding. However, we’re not living 100
years ago, so we wanted to take some of those
characteristics, and then also modernize them. WEST CHIN: He wanted something
kind of cool, sexy, and clean, but still modern, and warm like
the Upper West Side in Central Park. ADRIAN: What we were really
after was somewhere where we could entertain, being able to
have a couple of friends over. Also, take advantage of the
fireplace, and sit down a little bit and relax was really
a major focus for us. WEST CHIN: This apartment, like
most apartments that we work in New York City, there
never seems to be enough space for all the functional
uses of a family. ADRIAN: So within the room,
underneath the stereo, and the other side of the dining room
table, there’s actually a lot of storage space. One thing in this room that I
actually love is the B & O. Stereo in here. I love the design aesthetic of
that, so we wanted to actually really make that a
design feature. WEST CHIN: Part of what we did
is we took a dining room and created storage in this
curved ceiling. So that it housed the
entertainment, which is the music system. ADRIAN: Then underneath the
window, we also incorporated the bench system there so we
could take advantage of that seat so we can actually
essentially read and such forth there. WEST CHIN: It doubles up as
storage underneath, and also a place for the heat
to come out. ADRIAN: Also, the other area,
which is then the fireplace. The fireplace does
currently work. It’s a wood fireplace. From a childhood perspective,
when I think about this room, I actually spent a lot of my
time riding a skateboard and sort of riding ramp
and such forth. And I feel like a little bit
of that back story has actually fed its way into
that curved wall. WEST CHIN: It gives it a
slightly more intimate feeling when you’re eating, and it lets
you know that this room, though it only feels like one,
has two separate areas. But you don’t walk in and say,
oh, there’s storage here, there’s storage there, this
room’s overly used. It’s well balanced, and
everything’s kind of in its proper place, and
sort of hidden. And becomes more than an
architectural statement, rather than a functional
statement, though the apartment is very functional. ADRIAN: We consider people who
are going to be doing complete refurbishments are probably
working fairly long hours at work, and such forth. So having West, sort of his two
cents in that process is very, very important, because
he was also dedicating time, which sort of freed
up our time, also. WEST CHIN: The worst thing a
client can do is take a lot of money, spend it on an apartment,
move in, and say, oh, I wish I hired an architect
to help me through this process because I don’t
like living here now. But an architect and decorator
can really make that process really smooth, and to be honest,
you get the most for your money. ADRIAN: In the selection of West
versus other architects and designers in the area,
his portfolio was a key consideration there. So before we even started
working together, we knew that we had a very, very similar
design aesthetic. Really, I am very, very thankful
that we hired the designer that we did because
there’s no way in which we could have done this project
either at all, on time, or on budget, or any other variation
of those things. My name’s Adrian. Thank God that we hired
a designer. FEMALE SPEAKER: Are you a
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  1. This space looks more like a lounge rather than a home, the esthetic is very cold and univiting, perhaps a nice piece of art, some candles a least a cushion or two would soften it up.

  2. A voice from the future says" and what do you think these people were thinking have you ever seen anything as ugly as this ramp thing on the ceiling. God and I thought black and white were awful Brown and white are just as bad. What an eyesore"

  3. Ew. Yuppy trash. I like some of the designer's previous work – it works well with those settings, but it doesn't work here.

  4. How much do designer usually charge? I know there's the whole expense on the actual furniture that comes in, but the amount that goes to the designer for the ideas and time?…

  5. … i´m an triathlet …
    yeah, it is very important to know, that you live in an expensive area, have a lot of money to hire a designer AND being a triathlet.
    i´m proud of you.

  6. The designer at his first first appearance in the video looked like he was saying 'Yes, thank your God. I'm awesome. Yeah.' *flips hair

  7. I wish my hair was like the designers'.  I'd go about with it hanging down over one eye maybe and then on occasion I could run both my hands through my hair so that people could see my widows peak.  Then it would all fall back down over half my face.  I'd feel so sexy and fulfilled in my work as well.Why are all these videos so old?

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